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How to check validity of an email address using APIs: Why Email validation is important?

How to validate your Emails using APIs: Why Email validation is important?

Email is the most popular method of communication at present. According to Statista, almost 300 billion emails were sent and received daily last year. Therefore, it’s no surprise email marketing has surpassed all other types of digital marketing.

In addition to its ubiquity, email marketing also pays. According to DMA data, email marketing generates a return on investment of $42.

Despite this, with so many emails being sent out from service providers, you are competing for attention. So your content not only has to stand out, but you also need to make sure your subscribers are receiving it.

In this article, we’ll look at how email validation – and email validation APIs – can improve your email marketing campaign activities. Landing in the inbox is not always a guarantee. It is for this reason that data quality is so important.

What does Email Validation Entail?

Email Validation

An email validation tool helps ensure the quality of your email list by checking if an address is deliverable and safe to use, as well as whether keeping it on your list will not harm it.

It’s not uncommon for people to change their email addresses – some more frequently than others. Someone who signed up for your newsletter may have used their work email address or college email address. It’s unlikely that they would unsubscribe if they haven’t used that address for some time. You can expect a bounce the next time you email that recipient. 

By using an email verification and validation service, you can prevent bounces, but that’s not all. There are other types of risky contacts that good email list cleaning services detect and weed out as well.

To remove all problematic email addresses, the first step is to use a bulk email verifier (Mailifier Review). Upload your list to a reliable validation platform. Within a short period, the system will identify and isolate the bad addresses.

Email lists degrade every day. 73% of your database will be out-of-date in a year. Regularly cleaning it in bulk is a solution, but the best way to save time is to validate new subscribers’ emails as they sign up.

Email Validation API – what is it?

You probably use at least one API every day whether you realize it or not. API stands for Application Programming Interface. Are there any email sign-up forms on your website? You could use an API for that. You can implement an email validation API in conjunction with your email signup form.  

By using an email validation API you can keep out all risky and bad email addresses right off the bat. An API rejects people who sign up with potentially harmful email addresses when they are on your site.

An email validation API helps you avoid what kind of risky email addresses?

Error in spelling

Some people sign up by accident because they don’t realize what has happened. A letter is transposed or a number is added in. A few APIs will even suggest corrections to the user so they can input the correct email address. For example, did you mean “Main” instead of “Min”?


Websites create these self-destructing email addresses that function for a short time before disappearing. It is possible that people only use them to sign up for the freebies you’re offering, but they are not interested in being added to your mailing list. You should not add such an address to your email list.


Some people automatically mark emails as spam, even when they have signed up for them. They may have forgotten or they may have been malicious. You never know if it will be marked as spam if you have abused email addresses on your list. Mail delivery is adversely affected by spam complaints.    

Based on Roles

A group of people usually monitors these email addresses (such as office@ or contact@). If you email someone based on their role, you are unlikely to engage them. In addition, these mailboxes tend to receive a lot of emails; they are frequently full and bounce.

Email Validation API: Getting Started

If you’ve been building your list for a while, you have probably used an email verification service at least once. The following are two ways in which email verifiers can keep your list healthy:

  • You can clean your email list in bulk and
  • instantly check new subscribers.
What Is Email Verification And Check If An Email Is Valid- Use Email Verifier
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Creating an API on your forms should be straightforward if you already have an account with an email validator. You will be asked for your email validation API key. This is a piece of code that you will embed on your website. Check that the API is active with your team afterward.

If you can confirm that, the software verifies every new subscription in real time. The beauty of email verification APIs is that they work just like bulk email verifiers, but instantly. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to deal with those bad email addresses.

Email Validation APIs: Benefits

It is easy to understand why you would not want to remove email addresses from your list. Why would you want to take away rather than add? In any case, it would be a mistake to assume that most of your emails getting through are “good enough.” It would be like tossing ’em up against the wall and seeing what sticks.

Your email list is not affected. How come? You run the risk that your email won’t reach the inbox of everyone on the list because of bad email addresses. Sign-ups who are waiting for your emails will never receive them.

The reason for this is that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are always working on ways to block senders that do not follow best practices. ISPs will know that you’re not a legitimate sender if you keep bad addresses on your list. In other words, they treat you like spam even though you do not send spam.

To avoid bad data spoiling their lists, thousands of companies implement email validation APIs on their registration and signup forms. Here is a closer look at why you should consider installing one yourself.

Ensures your list is healthy

Even though your list is huge, you may think it doesn’t matter that you’re getting bounces. You need to strive to have a list of real people because they’re the ones you should be marketing to. By keeping fake addresses off of your list, an email validation API keeps your list in top shape.

Improves the placement of emails in the inbox

By keeping your email list neat, you’re taking steps to protect your sending reputation. You will therefore be more likely to see your emails in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Enhances Email Engagement

It’s all about engagement. To generate activity, your emails should not only be read, but also clicked, forwarded, and forwarded again. You’ll see your engagement rates rise as more of your emails are delivered to inboxes.  

Boosts conversion rates

The conversion rate is the percentage of people who act upon the call to action that you want them to complete. This indicates how successful your email campaign was. An email validation API helps boost conversions by keeping your list fresh and enhancing your inbox placement.

20 percent of emails are spam. That may seem hard to believe. Your emails are the product of considerable thought, expense, and effort, so you can’t afford to use email validation APIs.

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