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  • Linkedin Prospecting
  • Cold Email Software
  • Find B2B Companies
  • Employees Email Finder
  • Find Local Businesses

Find verified B2B contact details in bulk ✅

Use our Intelligent database & technology to navigate through 575M+ verified professional contacts and companies. Unlock key companies’ data and prospects in bulk with a quickness that’s almost unfair.
Here’s what you get:

Connect with other professionals in automation

Grow your network by connecting with professionals from any industryjob profile or country with a personalized note in auto-pilot.

Here’s what you get:

Send automated & personalized follow-ups 🚀

No more missed opportunities. Email them at the right time with automated follow-up emails based on the user’s behavior.
Email Drip Campaign

Identify engaging users with Lead Scoring

Identify the people who’ve shown the most interest in your emails by assigning points to your leads based on their behavior.

Connect you favorite email provider

Connect and send and receive emails from any email account provided including Gmail, GSuite, Yahoo or any email SMTP server like Amazon SES.


Export Businesses from any Industry 🏢

Use our database of 15M+ Companies to find just the companies you need by industry, company size, location, name and more.
Here’s what you get:

Find contacts of employees from any company 💼

Connect with Key Decision Makers or other employees by their job title from any company. Find emails and phone numbers of all the employees from the company’s website.

Here’s what you get:

Find Local Businesses from Google My Business 🌎

Extract emails, phone number & social media handle from Google My Business (filtered by any keyword, region, city and country)
Here’s what you get:
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GrowMeOrganic is the only one I know that you can scrape leads out of LinkedIn all day. It allows you to scrape leads all freaking day, thousands of people. It's the only one which can do it like that.
Ben Arritt
Founder & Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) @ SWANFactor
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One of the scraping tools we like to use is GrowMeOrganic. One of the reasons is they have unlimited export or scraping functionality, so you can scrape as much data as you want.
Mitch Lougheed
Co-Founder @ Remote-Synergy
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The platform itself has unbelievable amount of options that are just not available on any other company that I've been using. I tried Lusha, Apollo, Snov.io loads of others and they're just so restricted and limited. But with GMO, for the power of the price you pay everything is unlimited.
James Vinicombe
Founder & CEO @ Palantir Business Group

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The Ultimate Cold Email Checklist to avoid SPAM ✅
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More Accurate. Unlimited Credits

Save more than $1000/Month on expensive prospecting & outreach platforms


Multiple Subscriptions, Super Costly 😩


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All in One, Unlimited Credits⚡

Supercharge your Cold Email Outreach 🚀

Prospecting tools for everyone.

Sales 📧

GrowMeOrganic simplifies the sales process so you can find qualified leads, follow up, and convert better.

Lead Generation 💸

Your business will reach new potential clients easier than ever before. See exactly what your potential clients are looking for and reach them the minute they land on your page.

Recruiters 💼

Whether it's a new candidate or a new position that you are looking for, GrowMeOrganic tools will help you find them.

Business Dev 👨‍💼

GrowMeOrganic helps you find people that matter for your business, including investors, influencers, first clients, and team members.

Outreach 🔎

Streamline your marketing by finding bloggers, journalists, influencers, and website owners, all within a single platform.

Seamless Integration with API/Webhooks

Connect GrowMeOrganic with your favorite software using Zapier, Pabbly, or Make.

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Unlimited Credits, Yet Affordable

Having unlimited credits means you pay less than $0.01/lead. Could it be more affordable?

Go annual for the best savings



Great for occasional prospecting

$ 49 / month


For unlimited credits

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$ 99 / month


For unlimited seats

$ 199 / month


Great for occasional prospecting

$ 39 / month


For unlimited credits

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$ 79 / month


For unlimited seats

$ 159 / month

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What data do I get?

Work email
Private email
Mobile number
Direct dial
21 Firmographics
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the Free plan?

First of all, I'd like you to know that it takes 30 seconds to sign-up for the free trial (No credit card required).

You'll get 14 days of free access with an average of 200 credits for all features. (from extracting emails of your potential customers to running your drip email campaign).
Free Trial Info

You can see your credit limits and usage by hovering over the top-right menu icon on your dashboard.

What's the accuracy of the retrieved emails?

We update our database on a regular basis. However, we do not completely rely on our database. We have a combination of database and topology check technology to verify email on a real-time basis.

How does GrowMeOrganic compete with other similar tools in the market?

Unlike other players in the market, GrowMeOrganic offers all the features you need on a single platform with unlimited credits.

Click here to see a detailed comparison of GrowMeOrganic vs other companies

GrowMeOrganic Pricing Comparison

Can I find key decision maker's email with GrowMeOrganic?

Yes! GrowMeOrganic gives you the full capability of finding key decision-maker emails in the platform with the following features:

1. Find employees emails from a list of company domains

2. Download companies filtered by any country, industry and size

3. Convert the name of the companies to their domains (website)

4. Bulk search and unlimited credits available.

All of the emails found in GrowMeOrganic are already pre-verified and ready for your outreach campaigns.

Interested in watching a video to see how it worksClick here

Can I really extract unlimited emails from LinkedIn searches?

Although it's hard to believe. But the answer is YES.

We have answered some specific frequently asked questions about LinkedIn email extractor

You may also watch a detailed video (10 min. duration) on how it works?

Can I use all the features in any plan?

All our tools are unlocked on all plans (with unlimited credits on Growth/Pro Plan). It includes:

1. LinkedIn Email Extractor - Extract unlimited emails from LinkedIn/Sales Navigator

2. Key Decision Maker's Email - Get unlimited access to 30M+ companies & 575M+ verified B2B emails

3. Email Finder Find verified email of someone from their name and company domain (Bulk)

4. Google My Business Extractor Export B2C businesses contact listed on Google My Businesses from any region 

5. Email Drip Campaign Send emails with automated follow-up based upon the recipient's activity.

Can I book a demo call?

You can book a demo call with us.

p.s. You'll get a detailed video for every single feature once you sign up for the free trial & you may also find videos on our YouTube Channel

How do you offer support if I get stuck somewhere?

We have a best in class support, we can help you in the following ways:

1. Help Desk (Sign Up Required) - Contains a detailed article on every single feature with screenshots.

2. YouTube Videos - We're constantly uploading videos on every single feature & the use case of GrowMeOrganic.

3. In-App Chat Support (Sign Up Required) - We have dedicated chat support for all our logged-in users.

4. Founder's Email - Reach out to the founder directly through his personal email anantgupta@growmeorganic.com

5. Live Chat - Drop your questions here in the chat and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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