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Email Drip Campaigns

Send unlimited automated, highly personalized and engaging emails with GrowMeOrganic Email Campaigns.

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No more credit limits!

Unlike other email marketing tools, GrowMeOrganic offers unlimited credit on all our features ensuring the deliverability and robustness.
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Send Unlimited Emails

Outreach to as many prospects you want by sending unlimited emails and follow-ups to your contacts.​

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Import Unlimited Contacts

Create and manage multiple lists, import unlimited contacts in GrowMeOrganic CRM.​

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Add Unlimited accounts

Connect unlimited email accounts including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or SMTP with GrowMeOrganic

Send automated & personalized follow ups

No more missed opportunities. Email them at the right time with automated follow-up emails based on the user’s behavior.

Automatically send the next email if your prospect opens your email, click the link inside it, replies to your email or reaches the conversion page (e.g. sign-up page, thank you page etc.)

Automatically move the prospect from one list to another (e.g. Cold leads ➡ Page Visitors) based upon user behavior.

Set an appropriate delay for your next follow-up email, if prospect doesn’t interact with the first email.  

Schedule the days and time intervals for when you want your emails to be sent.

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Identify engaging users

Identify the people who’ve shown the most interest in your emails by assigning points to your leads based on their behavior. 

Connect you favorite email provider

GrowMeOrganic can connect and send and receive emails from any email account provided including Gmail, GSuite, Yahoo or any email SMTP server like Amazon SES.
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Warm up your emails and never land in spam again.​

We exchange emails from your account with our pool of customers and mark them as important to increase your email reputation. (Know More)
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Most frequent questions and answers
Yes, you can use our CRM to send bulk and personalized emails to the leads. Please, take a look at the complete guide to use the CRM
If you have extracted emails using GrowMeOrganic, then you can directly transfer the contacts to a new list by clicking “Transfer data to campaign

You can upload the contacts manually through a CSV file.
Sending the same message thousands of times in the fastest way to end up in SPAM folders.

Our Content Spinning feature allows you to create variations on the message in the same template.
Example: {Hi | Hey | Hello}
There’s an automatic email warm-up system in GrowMeOrganic. We exchange emails from your inbox with other customers of GrowMeOrganic to increase your domain reputation.

If your email goes into spam of our customer’s inbox, we automatically put it back to primary inbox to make email providers (e.g.- Gmail) think that it is an important domain.
Yes. Once you’re logged in on a paid plan, you can connect GrowMeOrganic with any app using Zapier or Integromat.

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