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GrowMeOrganic is an all one lead generation and sales automation platform for growth hackers, founders, marketing executives and digital agencies. Using our platform, you can extract emails from B2B platforms like LinkedIn & B2C platforms like Google Maps, send unlimited drip campaigns and a lot more.

Here, we provide a great opportunity for writers, all across the globe, to write for our global platform and reach out to a vast audience base.

If you are interested in writing for GrowMeOrganic, pitch us your blog post title or idea along with your brief introduction. 

First, send us your ideas for a blog and if we approve, you can get started with the blog.


Any topic related to following categories:

  • Email Marketing
  • Growth hacking
  • Saas / Technology
  • Lead Generation
  • Email outreach
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Automation software

Submission guidelines

Content-Type: The content that you submit needs to have in-depth research based on the above niches. 

Word count: Try to keep the article to 1000 or above words. 

Target Audience: Here, we target business owners, entrepreneurs and the B2B SaaS industry. 

Style/Tone of Article: Make sure you keep the tone of the article easy-to-understand and informative. Try to cover query points of audiences. It needs to be free from any grammar or writing mistakes. 

Unique and exclusive content: The content needs to be absolutely unique, and free from plagiarism. It shouldn’t be duplicated, otherwise, it will be rejected. 

Link: If your article gets selected, we allow 1 Do-Follow link of any corresponding blog post from your website. Make sure, the link should be informative and does not imply any explicit or promotional content. 

(We do not allow links to Gambling/Direct Sales/Product pages/Casinos or Endorsement). 

Image: For the article, we approve only royalty-free images, so use them to avoid copyright issues. Also, insert a featured image with your article, along with the source of the image. 

Author bio: Along with your article, send an author’s bio as well, of a maximum of 150 words. Include a picture and link to your blog, website or social media profile. 

On an alternative note, we accept the email address that you used for creating a gravatar account in Google Docs. 

Outline: Before getting started with the article, send us a short brief to get approval. 

Approval time: After your submission, we take 2-3 business days to approve the content and update you via email.

Guest Post Submission Form

Important Note

Make sure you submit the final draft of your article with an author’s bio and email address. Along with this, attach at least two images in the email. 

After your submission, we run the article through a strict editorial process to ensure that it follows the guidelines mentioned above and meets the standard of GrowMeOrganic.

We withhold the right to revise and make the essential changes (including blog title or content) ourselves, to meet the requirements of the audience.