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An Email List that isn’t growing: How to fix the issue and Grow your email list easily!

An Email List that isn't growing: How to fix the issue and Grow your email list easily!

We’re all aware that it keeps getting harder to grow your email list. Now let’s review the situation. You will find opt-in forms on most websites you visit. Everyone has something to offer. You’ve probably got a million unread emails in your inbox from bloggers you don’t even remember.

It makes sense that if your subscriber feels this way, it might be because you’re making one or more of these mistakes. You may think these mistakes aren’t that big a deal, but they could cost you more money than you think.

The good news is you only have to spend a few minutes fixing them. We’ve found 3 reasons why your email list may not be growing, and how to fix them and grow your email list in 10 simple ways.

Why Your Email List Isn’t Growing: Reasons

grow your email list

  • It’s most common for a lead magnet to miss the mark. We often see lead magnets that are too complex and are therefore not deemed desirable by potential clients. Getting feedback on your lead magnet or simplifying what you’re offering may be necessary if no one is downloading it.
  • In addition to not being visible enough to your audience, another common reason may be that your email list isn’t growing fast enough. It takes consistent and continuous efforts to promote your business; however, there are tools and systems available to make this process easier.
  • Last but not least, a reason that your email list may not be growing is that you are not reaching enough people. You may have to partner with other business owners to accomplish this. In addition, you might consider paying for marketing to help increase your reach.

Grow your email list: 10 Important Tips

Lead magnets (freebies) that are relevant and easy to use

Giving away a free lead magnet in exchange for someone’s email address is one of the best ways to grow your email list.

The reason it is effective is that it draws the right type of individual to your business, which leads to qualified leads.

You could offer a PDF checklist or guide as a lead magnet. Alternatively, you can make a video series, offer a health check, or even make a quiz.

In some cases, a free trial or voucher could also be more appropriate as a lead magnet, depending on your type of service business.

Regardless of the format you choose, the content needs to be valuable to your ideal clients and easy to consume quickly and easily.

The success of a lead magnet depends on a few factors. Here are some suggestions:

  • The content should be simple to consume and easy to implement.
  • Creating an eye-catching headline will increase clicks.
  • Distraction-free landing pages and forms.
  • Include a description of the market you are trying to reach

Create a pop-up form and place it on your website

Many people don’t like pop-up forms on websites, but the fact is, they work! It would be a good idea to add a 45-second delay before the pop-up appears on your website.

In addition, you should add an ‘exit intent’ pop-up that appears when someone is about to leave your site.

Socialize your lead magnet

It’s easy to overlook promoting your lead magnet. You should use an auto-scheduler to post links to your freebies on social media promptly.

Ensure that you share different graphics and images in your posts. Please test different captions for this one to see which works best. Last but not least, make sure to include links within your social media profiles so that your free lead magnet can be found easily.

Upgrade your blog’s content

Similar to lead magnets, content upgrades contain valuable information relevant to your blog post in the form of a downloadable PDF file.

Say, for example, that your blog post was about creating social media content plans, and you had a free 30-day content calendar or some social media caption prompts you are willing to offer as a freebie via a link to your blog.

To receive the content you offer as a value-add to a blog, your subscribers will need to provide their email addresses.

Organize a competition

Another effective way to grow your email list is to run a competition that requires someone to sign up for your list.

If you want to attract more entries, choose a prize that would be of great value to your audience. Alternatively, you could partner with another business owner to hold the contest together.

Therefore, you can reach two audiences (theirs and yours) and split the cost of a larger prize to encourage more entries. Furthermore, you need to have a competition mechanic that encourages people to sign up for both of your email lists.

Livestream on Facebook or Instagram

Be sure to include regular social media postings in your promotional schedule so that your audience can hear from you. Promote your lead magnet or email list at the end of the live video and ask viewers to subscribe.

Through social media and email, you can promote the time and date of the live video in advance and afterwards. To reach a wider audience online, you can also run paid ads on this live video post.

Set up a free challenge

Setup and implementation of this option may require a bit more time. With a free challenge, you can help grow your email list quite a bit.

What are the challenges your clients are facing today and what would you be able to assist them with? It is best to break down each step into smaller pieces that can be completed over a few days or weeks.

You could, for instance, run a 3-day or 5-day challenge that helps your clients solve a small problem by completing a little bit every day. To ensure your leads don’t get overwhelmed, your challenge needs to be achievable (otherwise they’ll drop out or fail to show).

Organize a Webinar or an event in person

Your email list can also be grown by asking for registrations for webinars or events.

To collect names and email addresses, you can set up a simple form in your email autoresponder if you are new to the business. If the event is in person, you could use Eventbrite or Zoom Webinar if it’s a webinar or a registration tool like Demio if it’s an event.

Paid advertising on Facebook/Instagram

You should consider paid advertising (for your lead magnet) if you can’t wait for organic marketing strategies to work. If you can’t wait for organic marketing strategies to work, then set up some paid ads.

You should spend some time researching your audience if you haven’t run paid ads before so that you can get your targeting right. After that, test your ads to ensure they work before scaling them up or investing more money in them.

It takes a solid marketing strategy and testing what works to be successful with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Talk about your lead magnet during podcast interviews

You have the opportunity to get your brand out there to a whole new audience if you get invited to be interviewed on a podcast. Not only that, you can promote your lead magnet and collect more email addresses from potential leads.

Having relevant lead magnets for your podcast pitches is a good idea when you have a few topics you specialize in.

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