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Email Address Verifier- How to verify an Email Address without sending an email easily?

How to verify an Email Address without sending an email easily?

Your email list has expanded significantly, and it’s vital to verify the validity of every email address on it. With the presence of skilled spammers, marketers need to be able to differentiate between legitimate and fake emails.

Whether it’s a new prospect or an existing client, a valid email is essential for effective communication. Occasionally, spam traps or simple typos in an email address can affect engagement. 

Below are five straightforward methods to verify an email address that anyone can follow to maintain a clean contact list.

Email Address Verifier- How to verify an Email Address without sending an email easily? 1

What Is Email Verification?

Email verification is super important as it confirms that your email addresses are legit and connects you to real people or valid accounts. If you’ve got an email list that hasn’t been verified, check it comprehensively for higher accuracy. 

If you don’t verify email addresses, it can really mess with your sender’s reputation and make your emails more likely to bounce. This could lead to your messages being marked as spam or even ending up on blocklists, which is not good for your reputation.

Email VerificationEmail Validation
Email verification checks whether an email address exists and is active.Email validation is the final result of this verification process.
Email verification involves multiple steps like syntax, domain, catch-all, and MX record checks.Email validation provides the status based on these checks.
Email verification performs checks but does not directly provide status indicators.Email validation assigns statuses like “valid” (green), “invalid” (red), “unverifiable” (yellow), or “not found” (grey).
Email verification focuses on the technical existence and activity of an email address.Email validation can include additional checks. Verifying extra information about the lead or the source of the email are a few.

Why do you need to verify an email address?

Tell me something, what’s the point of sending thousands of emails to unverified emails, where you wouldn’t be getting any kind of response? Plus, a large number of those emails will bounce back, which will lead to most of the emails coming from your inbox being spam. It’s a waste of your time and a huge risk to your mail server’s reputation!                 

And if by any chance your IP address develops a bad reputation, it can be delisted by Gmail and other significant email services. So, to potentially verify an email address list, you need an email verification service and eliminate invalid email addresses. 

The main reason behind the necessity of email address verification is:

1. Email Deliverability Check

There’s a high percentage chance that plenty of the emails will bounce back, if not verified. Verifying an email address may seem like an additional step, but this can provide you with a great response rate.

When a large percentage of your emails bounce back, you won’t be able to reach the potential audience’s inbox any further because your email’s deliverability rate will suffer. But with an email verification service, you can enhance your delivery rate and eliminate any chance of a bounce.

2. Better outreach metrics                                     

By verifying an email address list, you’ll have a proper valid email address list that will provide you with a better response. This way, you will have all the statistics and data which would be easy for you to analyze for your email campaign.  So in case, you have a low rate, you can easily identify the poor angle and improve it further, as you’d know there isn’t any problem with the list of emails.                                                

3. Improve reputation score 

For email deliverability, every email account has its distinct sender reputation score, which helps them reach the audience’s inboxes. That’s why businesses with a digital marketing strategy focus on improving their sender reputation score. 

With an unverified email address list, you’ll be marked as spam, which would appear very poorly on popular email platforms such as Gmail and others, as they will straightforwardly reject your email or send it to the spam folder. Your reputation score can easily be affected due to spam traps, email engagement, unsubscribes, spam complaints, and many more. But the easy part for you here is that all of these can be avoided when you verify an email address list. This becomes a solid reason for you to verify your email list and improve your sender reputation score.

Top Methods To Verify An Email Address 

Having a clean email list helps you efficiently set up your campaigns and prevent low click-through rates and high email bounce rates. Ensure the emails reach your target recipients’ inboxes and maintain your sender reputation with effective verification methods. 

#Method 1: Manually verify email addresses

The first method that comes to anyone’s mind is the manual checking of each email. This is done by using the free “email checker” or “email verified” tools offered by Google. These tools will quickly check and tell you whether an email address is valid or not. For this, just visit any free email-verifying website and enter the email address that you want to verify. The result will be shown in milliseconds. 

This is the first approach for anyone looking to verify an email address manually, without sending an email. After all, it’s free of cost! But on a broad scale, this method is no good. That’s when email verification tools sweep in. 

#Method 2: Send A Test Email To The Address

Sending a test email is among the most straightforward tactics. It is ideal for marketers with a small email list. If you receive fewer new emails each month, this works. 

An email bounces back when sent to an invalid or fake address. You may receive one of the following messages upon it –

  • Message Not Delivered: There was an issue sending your message to someone@xyz.com. Check the details below or try resending in a few minutes.
  • Address Not Found: The message to someone@xyz.com wasn’t delivered because the address was not found. Check for extra spaces or typos and try again.

Remember, some email service providers use a catch-all address for invalid emails. If you send an email to one of these, it will be delivered, but not to the right person. This means you won’t get a reply and will not know the reason.

#Method 2: Through Password Recovery

It often happens that the email services say your email address is not found when you are trying to recover an old email. 

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are three popular email service providers. They use a simple email address checker for account recovery. This tool helps people recover passwords and ensures the address is entered correctly.

You can use this checker when you get an email from @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, or @outlook.com. Just visit the relevant recovery page and enter the address you want to verify:

This method can be time-consuming, especially for marketers managing large lists and adding new addresses regularly.

#Method 3: Searching It On Google

This method can’t confirm if an email address is fake, but it can verify if it’s real. It works because most people today have an online presence, either through personal websites or social media. 

Search engines like Google and Bing regularly review online content. So, you can usually find real email addresses with a quick search. Fake ones won’t show up and you will get your answer.

Email Address Verifier- How to verify an Email Address without sending an email easily? 4

#Method 4: Performing IP Address Lookup

You can also perform an IP address lookup to verify an email address. It is simple and non-technical. Every email has the IP address of the server it came from. It is usually hidden in the source code. To find it, view the message source and look for “received from.”

Copy this IP address and paste it into an online IP lookup tool like What Is My IP Address. You’ll see the internet service provider (ISP), organization, and IP location in seconds. If the IP is from an unexpected country, it might be fake.

This method shows the address’s origin. However, it doesn’t indicate if it’s from a trustworthy domain. 

#Method 5: Using An Email Verifier

Fake email messages are a big problem nowadays. This has resulted in the popularity of email checkers or verifiers, which can confirm email addresses easily. Free verifiers usually have a monthly limit on how many addresses you can check. You’ll have to subscribe to a service if you need to check more. These tools vary, but most are simple to use.

GrowMeOrganic’s “Email List Verify” is an affordable and efficient solution. It performs verification on multiple levels like format mail server responses, domain info, etc. The tool also offers a bulk email verification feature. Here are quick steps to verify an email address in bulk –

  • Upload the list you got from LinkedIn using GrowMeOrganic’s email finder tool in a .csv or .txt format.
  • You’ll be asked to confirm before continuing. Give approval to proceed.
  • Once the process finishes, it’ll remove all the invalid email addresses from the list.
  • Now, you can easily download the filtered list and verify its accuracy.

How Does An Email Verification Tool Work?

A multi-step process is followed to verify an email address. Each email verification tool performs based on the developer’s set algorithms. Here are some popular techniques used to validate an email – 

Syntax & Formatting Check

While writing an email copy, one often uses tools to correct grammar and sentence structures. A verification tool does the same with your email address. A syntax and formatting check identifies and corrects errors in the email address.

Syntax and formatting check algorithms ensure emails follow standard formatting:

  • They include a local part, an at-symbol (@), and a domain name with a dot-symbol (.).
  • The local part can’t exceed 64 characters.
  • Dots (.) and the at-symbol (@) are correctly placed.
  • Special characters (? “ # $ % & ` * + – _ . / | \ ^ {} ~) are allowed in the local part, except at the beginning or end.
  • Preventing the use of non-alphanumeric characters in the domain.
  • No email in all lowercase or uppercase.
  • Avoiding misspelt or a non-existent domain name.

Reviews Address Type

Not all email verifiers check this, but it’s essential to see if an email address is for work or personal use. It’s best to reach out to professional email addresses, not personal ones. Some email verifiers identify webmail addresses (such as @gmail.com or @outlook.com) and label them as “Webmail.”

Checks MX Record

A MX record identifies a mail server that accepts emails on behalf of a certain domain. You can find out if a domain can send or receive emails by checking its DNS records. It can’t get your emails if it doesn’t have an MX (mail exchanger) record pointing to an email server. 

Email verifiers use this to check if an email address is valid. The email address is marked invalid if the domain isn’t linked to an email server.

Checking MX records is a crucial part of verifying emails. While there are technical aspects involved, an MX record check ensures accurate results.

SMTP Authentication

Here is the final verification step that involves connecting to the recipient’s email server. It is a way of asking whether the server will accept emails or not. SMTP authentication or SMTP tickling reaches the recipient’s server to assess its reaction upon receiving an email. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. If the email server says it’s okay with emails to that address, it’s marked as valid.
  2. If the server says no, the address is marked as invalid.
  3. Sometimes, servers say yes to everything, whether the address exists or not. It is called “accept-all.”

That’s how we figure out if an email address is real or not!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re sending newsletters or reaching out to new contacts, verify the email addresses on your list regularly. Using an email verification tool can automate this task. It will keep your list clean and ensure your messages reach real people. This helps you make the most of your marketing budget and increase campaign success chances.

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