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Business Email Lookup Tool – Tips and Tricks

Business Email Lookup Tool – Tips and Tricks!

Cold email outreach requires finding someone’s email address. You will have to contact them via Twitter or LinkedIn if you do not have it. This will result in lower response and answer rates.

The email lookup tool assists in finding the leads you need to expand your business. The tool pulls email addresses from multiple sources, including social media profiles of individuals and companies, networking sites, and data aggregators, to obtain relevant email addresses for targeted sales leads.

Inputs such as company, title, location, website, and phone number can be used to gather the email addresses of prospects. You can, however, reach out to someone directly with their email address and the right email tracking app, find out whether or not their email arrived in their inbox, and contact them directly. Find out how to find emails from these Email Lookup Tools.

How does an Email Lookup Tool work?

With the help of a domain name or company, an individual or business can find emails online from various platforms using an email lookup tool. Processes like these are usually quick and straightforward.

By contrast, reverse email lookup services gather information about a person solely by using their email address. To find out where the email address has been used previously and establish links with the user, it searches databases and online sources.

When should you use an email lookup tool?

A search tool for email addresses serves three primary purposes:

– If you work for a marketing or sales organization, you need to check that the email address you acquired is valid. To prevent your email marketing newsletter from bouncing, it is important to verify that you are dealing with real people as soon as possible.

– The reason behind background checks is that companies, contractors, and business contacts often need more information before hiring, contracting, or doing business with a certain individual.

Reverse email searches are used by small and large businesses to learn more about their users for purposes of fraud prevention, risk assessment, and cybersecurity.

Check your email online with these best tools

To make it easy for you to source and approach candidates, we scoured the internet and found the most popular email lookup tools. Take a look!



With GrowMeOrganic, you can extract B2B & B2C emails from a variety of verticals and use them to automate sales. A built-in CRM enables you to send drip campaigns unlimited times. Its pricing is more affordable than other similar tools, but it still offers unlimited credits for all of its features.

GrowMeOrganic Key Features

  • Create an email list for target customers by automatically drawing emails from websites and LinkedIn search results.
  • Lead enrichment for B2B and business: It lets users search for leads without having to log into LinkedIn. These companies allow you to download email addresses and other contact information and emails from all their employees.
  • With the Google Map Scraper, you can download information about local businesses from any Google Maps region you choose.
  • Website scrapers are used to retrieve emails, phone numbers, and social media links from a list of websites.
  • A system for finding an email address by using a person’s full name and last name, and their organization’s website. 
  • A CRM that comes with a drip campaign feature will allow you to send unlimited cold email drip campaigns and newsletters. 


With Rocket Reach, you can find emails easily and accurately.

At least 85% of your prospects will receive emails and social links from Rocket Reach. To ensure that emails don’t bounce, they are all SMTP validated. To ensure the most accuracy, emails are generated in real time. Get everything you need to know about 250 million professionals around the world, including their email, social media, and phone numbers. The database at RocketReach is comprehensive.


Rocket Reach maintains a database of over 6 million companies that can help find almost anyone through its state-of-the-art tools. By using an email lookup tool to search this database for email addresses, phone numbers, and other profile information, you can find and/or verify the contact details of your prospects. It’s even possible to track down phone numbers. Prospecting by hand will be a thing of the past. RocketReach offers 170 custom lookups for just $49/month.



Vocus.io is an extension for Chrome. You can search for someone’s email address by typing their name. If you enter the domain of a company, the extension will generate a list of possible email addresses.

Joined with its email confirmation device, it can rapidly trim down the choices to the right ones. This apparatus likewise has different elements, similar to email planning, mechanized updates, and CRM mix. Vocus.io doesn’t uphold mass pursuits right now however is fantastic at the designated look. The 30-day free preliminary incorporates 3 prospecting credits every day. The Basic arrangement is $5/month and it incorporates 20 prospecting credits every day and 100 email approvals each day.



Hunter software is a stage used to observe email addresses in seconds for your business. List the individual or job-based email addresses. Keep up with email designs in the association and check email addresses. Create leads and check with the last disclosure dates.

Send cold email campaigns to customize and plan subsequent meet-ups. Little, medium-sized, and large organizations utilize the product. To utilize the instrument, you enter an organization’s URL and Hunter will return a rundown of messages that have a place with that organization. There is a free arrangement accessible for 100 “demands” (email look). Paid plans start at $39/month for 1,000 solicitations.


Hiretual is an email prospecting application that pulls data from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This chrome augmentation observes email locations and gets extra data, for example, an individual’s remuneration reach and status level.

Hiretual is a Chrome extension intended to assist you with observing email addresses, however since it’s upgraded for recruiting and obtaining, you’ll likewise have the option to look into additional data like insight, remuneration reach, and level of position.


This apparatus has an implicit AI partner to robotize a portion of the less difficult components of your work. The assistance incorporates Gmail and Outlook. There is free preliminary access that offers 10 ventures per week and superior access offering 200 looks for $89 each month.

Pick the right email query device 

As you’ve seen, many email query benefits will entice you to attempt their item. All things considered, before settling on your decision, contemplate the accompanying elements: 

Characterize your objectives, and at the same time consider your organization’s size and targets. Waitlist query instruments, remembering what you need to accomplish. These objectives will provide you with guidance. 

When you choose your heading, consider the sort of email query administration you need to settle on. Email research alone can be sufficient once in a while however sometimes, you may require an organization profile or need augmentation of in-program instruments. 

In case you are new, you ought to have a free preliminary to perceive how the instruments and administrations work. Many organizations offer a one-month free preliminary, they utilize a freemium plan of action. They offer you these free preliminaries for specific periods after that they will charge cash to offer types of assistance.

Discover an ideal fit for your necessities and pick your arrangement likewise. Cautiously contrast your arrangement and different choices of the administrations advertised

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