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LinkedIn Email Finder

LinkedIn Email Finder: 30 Best Email Finder for 2024 (Free+Paid)

Are you spending too much time and effort on manually extracting email addresses from LinkedIn?

How can LinkedIn Email Finder tools make your outreach strategy better and reduce your email bounce rates?

If you are searching for these answers then we caught you!

LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for professional networking, job hunting, and business development. With over 700 million users, the growth opportunities are endless.

When you talk to people on LinkedIn, the hard part is turning them into potential customers. Just connecting with anyone won’t work. You need to find the right people to talk to, or your messages won’t be very useful.

With the new LinkedIn policies restricting continuous communication with potential leads, It has become a bigger challenge to acquire them.

So how do we tap into this vast network effectively?

The answer lies in LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome extensions. These tools allow you to easily find emails from LinkedIn profiles and connect with the right decision-makers, influencers, and potential clients.

In this article, we are exploring the top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder tools, their essential features, and how you can use each to its maximum potential.

Top Features to Look for in a LinkedIn Email Finder

Not all LinkedIn Email Finder tools are the same. Here are the must-have features to look for:

✅ Accuracy: The accuracy of the email addresses is a crucial factor.

✅ Ease of use: The finder should be easy to use.

✅ Email verification: The finder should extract verified emails.

✅ Affordable prices: The finder should have affordable prices for reasonable credits.

✅ Search features: The finder should have various search features, such as:

  • Domain Search
  • Bulk domain search
  • Emails sorted by names
  • Company profile search

What is a LinkedIn Email Finder?

LinkedIn email finders (also known as LinkedIn email extractors) are software tools that help you find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. They are frequently available as Chrome extensions or web apps. 

Using the appropriate LinkedIn email extractor for sales and marketing outreach, you can identify prospects, qualify them, and build a quality email list. We have compiled a comparison table of email extractors on LinkedIn with their key features to help you make your choice.

LinkedIn has over 772 million members, making it the leading location for finding clients and making business connections. Nevertheless, there are nuances. This platform allows you to easily send a message to an individual, but generating leads in bulk can be challenging. You cannot always connect with potential leads on LinkedIn because of its restrictions.

Why Do You Need LinkedIn Email Finder Tool?

You need a email extractor tool because it simplifies the process of finding email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles. This is important for businesses to expand their outreach, and connect with potential clients.

It’s like having a shortcut to access valuable contact information, saving the time and effort of manually scraping emails from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Email Finder’s Comparison Table

LinkedIn Email ExtractorsStarting PricingAvailable FormatsEmail Verifier
GrowMeOrganic (Recommended)$39/mo (Unlimited plans available)Chrome Extension, Web App
Skrapp.io$49/mo for 1000 creditChrome Extension, Web App
Snov.io$39/mo for 1000 creditsChrome Extension, Web App
AeroLeads$49/mo for 1000 creditsChrome Extension, Web App
Wiza$50/moChrome Extension, Web App
GetProspect$49/moChrome ExtensionSeparate paid service
Adapt.io$49/moChrome Extension, Web App
Apollo$49/moChrome Extension, Web App
Lead Leaper$39/moChrome Extension

30 Best LinkedIn Email Finder Tools

1. GrowMeOrganic (Recommended)

GrowMeorganic offers a Chrome extension to extract emails from LinkedIn. From LinkedIn search results, Automation can extract contact information such as emails, websites, job profiles, phone numbers, etc. on your behalf.

It is one of the only email finders in the market that gives you the flexibility to search for an unlimited amount of LinkedIn prospects with no limits or restrictions.

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (1. GrowMeOrganic)

Unlike other LinkedIn email finders in the market, GrowMeOrganic is the best email finder for LinkedIn that offers unlimited search and export credits. With GrowMeOrganic, you get access to 575 million+ verified emails of professionals from more than 30 million companies across the globe.

Extract Emails from LinkedIn | LinkedIn Email Finder

It is super easy and 100% safe to use with LinkedIn. Even with unlimited search credit, GrowMeOrganic ensures that you can search and export as many verified emails as you want from LinkedIn.

See a comparison of GrowMeOrganic with other popular LinkedIn Email Finders:

LinkedIn Email Finder Comparison

Features include:

  1. Unlimited search and export credits, no strings attached
  2. Single-click bulk export LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension
  3. Human-like behavior and best practice implementation
  4. Works on LinkedIn Free & LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  5. Detailed company information, including employee sizes, and industries, as well as advanced search filters.
  6. Offers cold outreach automation platform
  7. Dedicated chat support (inside the app), a knowledge base, and tutorial videos
  8. Extracts Business Phone numbers as well

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Search/Month15M+ Companies search 575M+ People search15M+ Companies search 575M+ People search15M+ Companies search 575M+ People search
Users Allowed15Unlimited
Contact exports/month2kUnlimitedUnlimited
Emails sent/month5kUnlimitedUnlimited
Prospects/monthConnect with 200UnlimitedUnlimited
Images, Attachments & Link Tracking

2. Hunter.io

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (2. Hunter.io)

In terms of locating business email addresses, Hunter.io is probably one of the most popular solutions. The Hunter.io website claims to index over 100 million business email addresses.

Features include:

  • Using Hunter.io, you can enrich a contact based solely on its domain name and find anyone email addresses of your existing contacts.
  • As you find email addresses, Hunter offers an add-on for Google Sheets so you can download and organize them automatically.
  • If there are no results, there will be no charge for the search or verification credit.
  • Search for specific domains, email addresses, or names using Hunter.io’s Chrome extension, and API, or upload a list of domains, email addresses, or names.

Can there be anything better?

After you find a pro email address via Hunter.io, you need to verify it. According to Hunter.io, the email address has a specific confidence rate when searching for it. If you check the email address with their solution, it may be invalid.

Consequently, you must verify the validity of your purchased email addresses a second time. The data provided may not always be up-to-date, so this step is crucial. Also, Hunter doesn’t offer a LinkedIn email finder.

Hunter.io retrieves and stores data. Contact databases for businesses expire at a rate of 33% every year. Increasingly, businesses are undergoing rapid and frequent changes.

Are you aware of the source and storage of all this data?

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Images, Attachments & Link TrackingX
Domain Search DownloadsXX
Additional FeaturesNot AvailableAllows domain Search full results and exports  Campaigns premium features  Priority support   

3. Snov.io

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (3. Snov.io)

With Snov.io, you can enrich and verify your email.

By scraping over 260 million email addresses and personal and professional contacts, Snov.io enriches your contact and lead lists.

Features Include- 

  • Snov.io allows you to find anyone’s email addresses with a LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension. The domain name or simply the name of a company can provide you with all the available addresses of the company, without any specific targeting.
  • It is possible to increase engagement by automating outreach and nurturing.
  • You can gain valuable information about your growth by researching your competitors and leads.
  • Track your email openings and how many times they were opened with an email tracker.

Can there be anything better?

B2B data has an obsolescence rate of over 33% at present. 

It is extremely crucial to update. In addition to GDPR implications, stored data cannot be updated in real-time. Are you aware of the source of this data? Does its owner authorize its resale?

A non-valid email will not be updated by Snov.io even if it is checked by the program.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Suitable ForStartups and solopreneursSmall sales and marketing teamsCompanies that want to expand their outreachEstablished sales teamsAgencies and Enterprises
Unique Recipients 5000100003000050000100000
Unlimited UsersIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

4. Lusha

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (4. Lusha.com)

With Lusha’s extension on LinkedIn, you can find a person’s email address, business phone number, and personal phone number in just one click.

According to the company’s website, Lusha has a database of 100 million business profiles, 60 million email addresses, and 50 million phone numbers.

Features Include- 

  • Your CRM automatically syncs new and existing contacts so you can manage them easily.
  • Besides finding emails, Lusha also finds phone numbers. Millions of people are listed by phone number and email address in the solution.
  • The Lusha prospecting platform or Chrome extension can help you find email contacts. To build targeted prospect lists, you can search by name and company, or apply filters like location or company size.
  • The Lusha extension lets you get contact details on LinkedIn profiles instantly by visiting their profiles, clicking on Lusha, and clicking on the extension. In addition, Lusha’s API allows you to enhance your existing data.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Credits/Month5100300Custom Plan
Find Email Addresses IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Search Phone NumbersIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Export ContactsNot IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
ProspectingNot IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Bulk Data Enrichment Not IncludedNot IncludedIncludedIncluded
Hubspot, Zoho & Pipedrive integrationsNot IncludedNot IncludedIncludedIncluded
Salesforce, Salesloft & Outreach integrationsNot IncludedNot IncludedNot IncludedIncluded
Team Management, Dedicated Success Manager, and API successNot IncludedNot IncludedNot IncludedIncluded

5. RocketReach

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (5. RocketReach)

With RocketReach, you can find and verify business email addresses. In addition, there are 1.8 billion profiles of individuals in the solution, which boasts 450 million pieces of business data from 17 million companies.

Features Include:

  • Easy-to-use B2B data enrichment tool for marketing and sales teams.
  • Obtain direct dial phone numbers and email addresses of consumer and professional contacts.
  • Integrate Compose with your inbox to send emails.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • Neither a free plan nor an accuracy guarantee is offered.
  • API access is not available until you reach the highest tier, unlike FindEmails.com.
  • There are no integrations or bulk lookups included in the starter plan.
  • Plans for multi-user teams and enterprises have not been published.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Cost per Month*$49$99$249 Contact salesContact sales
Number of Users111Up to 5Custom
Salesforce IntegrationXX
API AccessXX
Email Addresses ✔
Emails Plus Mobile & Direct Phone NumbersX

6. SellHack

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (6. SellHack)

Using SellHack’s LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension or native Prospect List Builder, you can quickly find email addresses. You can generate high-quality email leads through SellHack’s 12-step email verification process in real-time. 

Features Include- 

  • Email addresses can be found at the cheapest price.
  • Installing and using the LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome extension to find email addresses is simple.
  • 100% bounce protection – you only pay for valid emails.
  • Credits can be purchased if you run out.
  • Verification of the email addresses of contact lists.
  • The free trial includes 10 credits.
  • Contacts can be organized using the Prospect List Builder included with each plan.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • There is no rollover of unused credits from month to month.
  • Free plans are not available.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Cost per Month*$3$15$30$60
Plugin TypeBasicBasicEnhancedAdvanced
Monthly Searches1003501,0002,500
Save Results
Email Verifier
Email Campaigns
Export ResultsX
Concurrent SearchesXX
Salesforce IntegrationXXX
Prospect List Builder

7. UpLead

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (7, Uplead)

As one of the best email finders, UpLead stands out for its accuracy guarantee. Even among the best LinkedIn email finders, this company offers 95% accuracy, and if they make a mistake, they will refund your credits.  

Features Include- 

  • You get 5 search credits with a 7-day free trial.
  • If your credits run out, you can purchase more.
  • Direct dialing from mobile devices.
  • There is a guarantee of 95% accuracy.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • There is no free plan.
  • Compared to GrowMeOrganic, the cost per lead is much higher.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Cost per Month*$74$149$299
Monthly Searches1704001,000
Cost per Each Additional Credit60 cents50 cents40 cents
Number of Users11Up to 5
Verified Emails & Phone Numbers
Full API AccessXX
Data EnrichmentX
Advanced Search FiltersX
Mobile Direct Dials
Intent DataXX
CRM Integration

8. FindEmails.com

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (8. findemails.com)

If you’re looking to build large contact lists easily and at an affordable price, FindEmails.com offers the best email finder for you. You may also enrich your existing contact list once the emails are found by using advanced techniques, such as mail server testing. 

Features Include- 

  • Cheapest bulk email address price among all providers on this list.
  • Techniques for verifying emails with advanced technology.
  • Send press releases to journalist emails.
  • Zapier offers hundreds of integrations.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • Neither a free trial nor a free plan is available.
  • UpLead and Hunter.io do not guarantee accuracy.
  • There is no rollover of unused credits to the next month.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Cost per Month$29$49$99
Monthly Searches1,0002,50010,000
API Key & Support
Bulk Import & Export
Phone & Email Support

9. FindThatLead

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (9. findthatlead)

There is no better free email finding and verification package than FindThatLead’s. With 50 free find and 100 free verify credit offers each month, it is the most generous of the free email address finders.  

Besides removing duplicates, FindThatLead also performs direct server validation to eliminate invalid servers, role-based emails, and spam-trap honeypots eliminate typos, and cross-checks data with two sources.

Features Include- 

  • Lifetime membership is generous and free.
  • There is no need to commit for a long period.
  • Whether you need to find emails, verify emails, or both, you can choose from a variety of plans.
  • Zapier integrates with 500+ applications, including Pipedrive, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Salesforce.
  • Paid plans offer some of the lowest per-email costs.
  • With the Chrome extension, you can easily find email addresses on social media channels.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • Unlike UpLeads, there is no accuracy guarantee.
  • API access is restricted to $149/month plans.
  • Until the highest two tiers, the number of users is very limited.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Cost per Month$0$29$79$149$249+*
Find Credits502501,0003,0005,000+*
Verify Credits1007505,000Not specifiedNot specified
Number of Users112UnlimitedUnlimited
Bulk FindX
Transfer CreditsXX
Social Networks SupportX

10. ContactOut

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (10. contectout)

HR professionals and recruiters find email addresses easily with ContactOut. LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite or Pro, Sales Navigator, and GitHub all offer ways for you to source qualified candidates. Use the LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome extension to search the enormous ContactOut database of over 1.2 billion email records. 

Features Include- 

  • Employers and recruiters will find features tailored to their needs.
  • Monthly free plan for finding 50 contacts (only on LinkedIn).
  • Use premade templates to send one or more emails to candidates from your inbox.
  • Triple-verified database of over 1.2 billion emails.
  • GitHub and LinkedIn are supported by the Chrome extension.
  • Software that tracks applicants can be exported.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • An annual prepayment discount is available only to Professional plan subscribers.
  • There is no guarantee of accuracy.
  • Enterprise subscribers only have access to APIs.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Cost per Month$0$79*$199Contact sales / 20% volume discount
Contacts per Month50300600Custom
ATS IntegrationXXLimitedFull
Work Emails, Personal Emails & Mobile Numbers
LinkedIn & GitHub
Salesforce IntegrationX
LinkedIn Recruiter Pro (& all Versions of LinkedIn)XX
Personal Emails, Phone & MoreXX

11. AeroLeads

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (11. aeroleads)

By using AeroLeads, you can manage contact information and prospect more efficiently. In addition to names, titles, corporate emails, company names, company sizes, social media profiles, and business phone numbers, it’s affordable. This is a good place to start for small businesses in the B2B space – particularly those whose target audience includes startups.  

Features Include- 

  • Emails cost approximately 5 cents each.
  • CRM integrations for data export and native CRM for contact management.
  • You can try it for free for 7 days.
  • LinkedIn lead generation at a lower cost than Lusha.
  • There are over 425 million records with email addresses and phone numbers in this database.
  • Records with the highest confidence scores are of the highest quality.
  • LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome Extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • There is no free plan.
  • To sign up, you must use a business email address.
  • If your upload contains bad formatting, there is no accuracy guarantee or credit back.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Cost per Month$49$149$499Custom
Total Credits2,0008,00030,000Custom
Number of Users15UnlimitedUnlimited
SupportEmailChat and emailChat, email, and phoneChat, email, and phone
Email, Full Name, Company, Phone, URL & Job Title
Import & Export via Comma-separated Values (CSV) Files

12. Skrapp.io

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (12. skrapp.io)

Skrapps.io helps you find the contact information of companies, whether through their website, social media accounts, or using in-app tools. Skrapps.io’s LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension works with both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Features Include- 

  • An email simulator built on a top management information system.
  • Linkedin Email Finder Chrome Extension creates an email address in just seconds.
  • Email marketing is free for 150 emails and 1 user per month.
  • This is helpful for B2C sales and email marketing campaigns.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • Its data is less accurate as compared to other email extractors.
  • UX is difficult to understand by users.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Credits/Month5100300Custom Plan
Get emails every month100050002000050000
Multiple users25815

13. SalesQL

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (13. salesQL)

SalesQL helps you to find contacts on LinkedIn. You can search for emails, phone numbers, and other contact information on your network with the LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension.

SalesQL is an automated tool that helps you find contact information for your leads. You simply enter the name of the person you’re looking for, and SalesQL will search through all your contacts and return any matches. If there are multiple results, SalesQL will help you sort them out and choose the best match.

Features Include- 

  • User-friendly interface for a LinkedIn email finder
  • A high accuracy rate
  • Multiple emails are provided for testing, rather than just one
  • Loads quickly

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • Email validation should be improved.
  • Emails are outdated in some cases.
  • All manual processes, no automation or crawling.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Get in touch with the ManagerIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Multiple usersOther Products Not IncludedOther Products Not IncludedMaximum 3Maximum 15
Personal & Business EmailsIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
App integrationsOther Products Not IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Personal & Company TelephonesOther Products Not IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

14. Wiza

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (14. Wiza)

You can also scrape verified LinkedIn emails with Wiza, another LinkedIn email finder. Similar to Apollo.io, it alerts you when a contact’s job changes. By using Wiza’s LinkedIn email finder and extractor, you won’t have to pay a large monthly fee.

Features Include- 

  • The LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension for Wiza is available for free. Within 30 seconds, you can start scraping LinkedIn profiles without any issues.
  • Wiza’s LinkedIn Prospecting feature turns any LinkedIn search into an instant prospect list. According to Wiza, its real-time data is 97% accurate.
  • With Wiza’s LinkedIn email finder and extractor tool, you can get a larger view of your future clients. All of them can be easily reached with more than 30 data points.
  • Wiza’s sales navigator is extremely user-friendly. Using its LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension, you can scan any webpage for contacts. LinkedIn provides a variety of filters for you to choose from.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • Scan results can be improved.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

As well as a free pay-as-you-go plan, Wiza offers three pricing plans.

  • Micro Plan: $30 per month
  • The Pro Plan costs a $300 verified email plan for $50/mo including credit rollover.
  • The Plus Plan costs $100 a month

15. Apollo.io

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (15. Apollo.io)

Apollo.io extracts LinkedIn emails and generates B2B leads. Through LinkedIn profiles, you can find emails and phone numbers with the LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension. Through Apollo.io, you can find the right customer base from a single platform with a database of over 220 million contacts and 30 million companies. 

Features Include- 

  • Streamline CRM integration into Salesforce, and Hubspot, or download data as CSV.
  • Business profiles and leads can be saved.
  • Connections to multiple Gmail accounts.
  • A contact’s job change or promotion is updated in real-time by Apollo. Discovering new sales opportunities is possible with this feature.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • There is no integration with Zapier.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Apollo.io offers a free LinkedIn email finder with limited features. Its paid versions offer better features.

  • A basic plan costs $49 per month.
  • The Professional Plan costs $99 per month.
  • For details on a custom plan, please contact sales.

16. Voila Norbert

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (16. Voila Norbert)

The Voila Norbert Chrome LinkedIn email finder extension integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn to help you find emails. With Norbert, you can find 1000 leads per month for only $49, and it’s known for being the most accurate email finder in the industry. 

Features Include- 

  • Voila Norbert uses smart technology to verify every email, ensuring you get high deliverability rates.
  • Voilanorbert’s Chrome LinkedIn email finder extension allows you to extract contact details from anywhere, anytime.
  • Boost Voilanorbert’s performance by integrating it with your existing tools. Increase the deliverability rate by syncing your extracted contacts and email addresses.
  • Customer support is excellent at Voila Norbert. Its support team is readily accessible at any point in time, and its email support is also highly praised by its users.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • It often finds emails that are no longer valid or don’t find any.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Voila Norbert offers 4 paid plans as well as a free trial.

  • The Valet Plan costs $49 a month.
  • The Butler Plan costs $99 per month.
  • The Advisor Plan costs $249 per month.
  • A monthly fee of $499 is charged for the counselor plan.

17. GetProspect

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (17. GetProspect)

With Getprospect, you can easily find email addresses on LinkedIn. With a slick user interface, 100 emails a month are free, and 1000 emails per month for $49 are available as a paid option. 

Features Include- 

  • Offers LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension
  • Email verification for free
  • Detection of duplicates
  • Integration API for other tools
  • Find bulk emails

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • The accuracy rate is generally 70-80%.
  • Negative customer service.
  • Archiving and exporting to companies is difficult.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-


18. LeadLeaper

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (18. LeadLeaper)

LeadLeaper provides verified business email addresses from LinkedIn searches through its LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension and extractor. CRMs like Salesforce can be integrated with it. There are other tools on our list that are more advanced, but this one is an affordable option. Click the LeadLeaper icon on the LinkedIn profile of the person whose email address you want to find.

Features Include- 

  • The tool is continuously updated by the product team.
  • Email and link tracking are effective.
  • You can quickly pull down multiple LinkedIn profiles with this LinkedIn email finder
  • Client behavior such as open rate, link clicked, and time opened can be tracked.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • Email messaging is not tracked, only the title.
  • Subscription plans do not offer an annual discount
  • On LinkedIn Sales Navigator, leads are captured one by one instead of the entire page, which makes it time-consuming.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Price: 100 credits per month for a free plan. A monthly subscription of 3,000 credits starts at $39/mo.  

19. Seamless.AI

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (19. Seamless.ai)

A real-time LinkedIn email finder and extractor tool. As a lead generation system, Seamless.AI claims to be the best for enhancing sales. One click is all it takes to get real-time data in seamless.ai. The LinkedIn Email Finder tool will provide you with the best quality data to enhance your marketing campaign as almost 70% of data goes bad every year. You can easily scrape contacts from any website using its extremely useful Chrome extension. Seamless also offers a free trial.

Features Include- 

  • You can access real-time data through it.
  • Filters make it easy to find companies.
  • With one click, you can scrape a website’s contact details.
  • A free trial is available.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • There is room for improvement in the user interface.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

  • The Basic Plan costs $14/month per user.
  • The Pro Plan is $99 per user per month.
  • For enterprise plans, details are available from the vendor.

20. GetEmail

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (20. GetEmail.io)

With GetEmail, you can find the business or personal email addresses of your leads based on their first name, last name, and domain. This is done by recreating the most likely email pattern.

Features Include- 

A LinkedIn profile can be used to find a person’s email, including their professional and personal email for free using GetEmail’s Chrome extension. GetEmail validates the provided emails.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

In GetEmail, email addresses are found and validated based on a pattern: the rate of emails found and validated is quite low.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

  • Monthly credits of 300 start at $55.86.
  • An email search or verification costs one credit.
  • Free GetEmail plan
  • Each month, you will receive 10 credits.

21. SocieteInfo

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (21. SocieteInfo)

Our database contains over 11 million B2B contacts, including 4 million generic email addresses (contact@, support@, etc.) and 1 million switchboard numbers.

To generate prospecting files, Societeinfo offers a search engine.

Features Include- 

Company data (email, phone, LinkedIn profile…) is better enriched with SociétéInfo than contact data (email, phone, etc…).

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

The company and the individual do not enrich themselves simultaneously. To have a complete contact/company record, you have to do things twice. 

Every year, 33% of the contact data in a database becomes obsolete. As a result, enriching databases cannot guarantee the freshness and updating of data (e.g., a change in position or company).

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

  • 300 credits*/month starting at 29€/month

Credits correspond to one personal contact or the enrichment of contact information. Two credits are required to enrich a company’s data.

SociétéInfo offers a free plan:

  • There are 25 credits available per month.

22. People Data Labs

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (22. People Data Labs)

With People Data Labs’ API, you can enrich your contact list with various solutions and workflows.

Features Include- 

Data is retrieved from the database and not searched in real-time by People Data Labs API calls.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

People Data Labs is only available via API, so setting it up can be challenging for non-technical people.

A web app, extension, or sandbox of searched data is not available with People Data Labs.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

  • Starting at $249: 1,000 API calls to the Contact Enrichment API and 100 API calls to the Enterprise Enrichment API

A free plan is available from People Data Labs:

  • No free plan, but a 100-call, 1,000-call trial for contact enrichment APIs.

23. Reply.io

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (23. reply.io)

Their email finder tool is specifically designed for sales and recruitment professionals who need to quickly and easily find email addresses on LinkedIn. In addition, Emails.reply.io also offers email verification. Get your emails automatically verified to ensure you have the correct email before sending your message. With this feature, you can avoid bouncebacks and increase your email deliverability.

Features Include- 

  • The software is very user-friendly; creating campaigns, tracking results, and getting in-depth analytics is simple.
  • It also has an email verifier that can automatically verify with its advanced algorithm.
  • Outreach automation can help with automatically sending messages via LinkedIn messages, personal emails, and calls. 
  • A free 14-day trial is available.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

The Chrome Extension needs to be improved. Slow and needs to locate all required contacts.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Pricing (per month)$60 $90Talk to sales
Number of users1 user1 userTalk to sales
Number of mailboxes1 Mailbox2 Mailbox4 mailbox
Multichannel SequencesX

24. Kendoemailapp

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (24. kendoemailapp)

Kendoemailapp is a comprehensive B2B prospecting suite that helps you find and validate the right contacts for your business.

With their easy-to-use Chrome extension, you can find personal and business email addresses with just one click. Kendoemailapp also offers bulk email search, making it easy to build a verified email list. With email verification, you can be sure that the email addresses you find are accurate and up-to-date. 

Features Include- 

  • Very usable while Lead Capturing
  • Easily Data can be Imported/Exported.
  • Prospecting Tools

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • The information provided by users limits the database.
  • If highly niched email addresses are required, they cannot offer them.
  • The main issue when using the tool is the need for more credits.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Pricing (per month)$17$34$54$129
Credits (per month)600 credits1500 credits3000 credits10000 credits
Domain Search30075015005000
Email Finder limits600 emails1500 emails3000 emails10000 emails
Number of users131030

25. Overloop

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (25. overloop)

Overloop is a powerful CRM explicitly designed for outbound sales teams. It helps you streamline your sales process with features like cold email campaigns, email finder, and sales automation. With Overloop, you can find email addresses via LinkedIn, thanks to its LinkedIn extension and LinkedIn email finder online capabilities. And, with its convenient Chrome extension, finding emails has always been challenging.

Features Include- 

  • Contact information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts can be saved and found.
  • Marketing activities such as promotions, customer outreach, and branding should be planned, tracked, and evaluated.
  • Within the software, create, design, and visually represent processes.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • It needs quality improvement when it comes to features.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

  • Overloop has 1 pricing edition that costs $99. A 14-day free trial of Overloop is also available.
  • Their Email Finder credits plan includes 250 credits per month per user. You can buy more credit packs if you need them.

26. Longlist.io

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (26. LongList.io)

With the Longlist.io Chrome extension, you can find contact details of prospective candidates and clients, send personalized emails, and automatically generate follow-ups. Longlist.io offers mini-CRM-like reporting and pipeline management, making it a complete recruitment software solution. With their duplication check feature, you can be sure you’re not reaching out to the same candidate or client multiple times.

Features Include- 

  • Checking twice before contacting them.
  • Send personalized emails and auto-responders.
  • Notes from your call should be added to the extension itself.

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • It doesn’t have any other features other than a LinkedIn email finder and CRM system. 

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Pricing (per month)$0$29$59
Email Finder & Verification
Bulk CampaignsXX

27. Sales Simplify 

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (27. Sales Simplify)

Sales Simplify is an all-in-one platform; you can communicate across channels, manage your sales processes, automate tasks, and accelerate your sales cycle. In addition, sales Simplify is explicitly designed for salespeople; Sales Simplify allows you to track sales, events, meetings, schedule follow-ups, and more in one place.

Our B2B email finder and lead extractor make it easy to find any email on LinkedIn, including email ids from LinkedIn.

Features Include- 

  • Data Extraction from LinkedIn
  • Lead Notifications
  • Online Forms
  • Lead Nurturing

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • It isn’t easy to implement the business model.
  • More customizations are requested many times in the features. 

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Pricing (per month)$0$39$59 
Deals Pipeline1310
Workflow AutomationX
Contact Database200100000Unlimited

28. Prospectss.com

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (28. Prospectss.com)

Prospectss.com is a powerful marketing and sales tool designed to help businesses grow revenue and strengthen their relationships with prospects. With its innovative email extractor, you can easily find email addresses from LinkedIn and download every profile that matches your search criteria.

The LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension makes it easy to automate your LinkedIn search visits and connections, freeing up your time and boosting productivity.  But remember, if you open many tabs or already have many extensions loaded, you may notice that your Сhrome is slow.

Features Include:- 

  • It has a free version available.
  • Contact Database
  • Lead Capturing
  • Leads Segmentation

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • No Pipeline Management tool is available, which is the most important factor for any marketing and sales tools. 
  • No Prospecting Tool is available. 

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

Pricing (per month)$49$99$139$249
Credits (per month)2500 credits10000 credits15000 credits30000 credits
Number of users13510
API AccessXX

29. SignalHire

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (29. SignalHire)

SignalHire’s LinkedIn email chrome extractor helps you find your correct email addresses in seconds, saving you time and effort.

Find email via LinkedIn with ease using SignalHire. Their email verification system ensures the accuracy of the email addresses you collect, giving you a competitive edge in your outreach efforts.

Features Include- 

  • Email Address Extraction
  • Data Verification
  • Phone Number Extraction
  • Web Data Extraction
  • They have a free plan, with 5 credits per month

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • Lack of CRM
  • There are expensive and limited credits available.

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

  • Starting at $39/month:- 350 credits/month, team management, email sync, bulk email verification, and a browser extension. 

30. Anymailfinder

Top 30 LinkedIn Email Finder in 2023 (30. Anymailfinder)

Anymailfinder helps businesses find business emails with ease. Whether you’re a recruitment agency, lead generation company, sales team, email marketer, or startup, Anymailfinder is designed to meet your email verification needs. With features like b2b email finding, LinkedIn email extraction, and more, finding the correct email has always been challenging.

Their advanced email verification tool helps you find real, server-verified emails for people at any company. Save time and improve your email outreach success with our easy-to-use platform. 

Features Include- 

  • Catch-all Server Detection
  • Domain Check
  • Bulk Email Verification
  • Single Email Verification
  • They have a free trial, 20 emails per month

Shortfall/Can there be anything better?

  • Lack of CRM

Pricing and Monthly Credits-

  • Starting at $49/month:- 1000 verified emails per month
  • Then at $99/month:- 5000 verified emails per month
  • Then at $149/month:- 10000 verified emails per month
  • Then at $299/month:- 30000 verified emails per month

And there are many more plans, and you can look at them on their website. 

Benefits of having LinkedIn Email Finder Tool

LinkedIn Email Finder: 30 Best Email Finder for 2024 (Free+Paid) 5

LinkedIn email finder has various benefits for business. It can not only extract emails from LinkedIn but also help you boost your sales and optimize your email marketing strategies. 

Reduced Email Bounce Rates

Email bounce rates are nothing but the emails fail to reach the right recipients. Using an email finder tool to extract emails from LinkedIn can help you reduce email bounce rates. When you extract emails from LinkedIn profiles, you ensure the addresses obtained are accurate and valid. This is important because sending emails to incorrect or inactive addresses often leads to bounces. 

By using an email finder tool, you can verify and validate the extracted email addresses, increasing the chances of successful email delivery.

Enhanced Email Deliverability

LinkedIn email extractor tool ensures that the email addresses you collect are accurate and verified. Thus increasing the chance of your emails reaching recipients’ inboxes rather than getting lost in spam folders or needing to be delivered.

Enhanced email deliverability not only improves your chances of effective communication but also:

  • Strengthens your sender’s reputation
  • Fosters better communication
  • Help in reliable email outreach strategy

It’s like having a navigation system for your emails, guiding them safely to their destinations in this competitive market.

Email List Cleanup

Using an email finder tool to extract emails from LinkedIn can also aid in email list cleanup. It helps businesses ensure the accuracy and quality of their contact lists by providing up-to-date and verified email addresses. 

This means you can remove outdated or incorrect email entries. This will reduce the risk of sending messages to non-existent or irrelevant email addresses. 

A clean email list enhances your email marketing campaigns’ effectiveness as it:

  • Increases open rates
  • Engagement
  • Maintains your sender’s reputation

All these contribute to more successful and efficient communication with your audience.

Targeted and Personalized Outreach

Using an email finder tool to extract emails from LinkedIn offers the advantage of targeted and personalized outreach. This personalization not only boosts engagement but also enhances email deliverability. 

When your emails are relevant to the recipients there are chances of:

  • More emails to be open, read, and respond
  • Higher response rates 
  • Successful conversions

Cost Savings

By automating the process of collecting accurate contact information, businesses save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual research. 

This efficiency not only saves money but also ensures that your marketing and outreach campaigns are:

  • More effective
  • Generating higher returns on investment
  • Maximizing the value of every communication

Data Enrichment and Segmentation

Optimizing the email finder tool to exact emails from LinkedIn will provide you with email addresses and additional information about your contacts. These contact details, allow businesses to understand their audience better. 

This enriched data can then be used to segment your contacts into more targeted groups based on various criteria like industry, location, or job role. 

Data Enrichment and Segmentation will in turn boost engagement and conversion rates. 

Turn your Connections into Valuable Leads!

We hope that this article has provided you with enough information for you to make an informed decision.

Choosing the perfect LinkedIn email finder depends on individual needs. To be completely candid, any of the above providers is a good choice to start off your journey.

But if you need an affordable all-in-one option that provides unlimited credits, with a free CRM, a wide range of tools, multiple features, great customer support, and a good reputation, GrowMeOrganic might be the perfect choice for you.

Find unlimited verified professionals’ contact information and send them personalized cold emails with automated follow-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q 1. Is there an extension for finding emails on LinkedIn?

Yes, there are several browser extensions and tools designed to help you find the email addresses of LinkedIn users. These tools typically work by extracting publicly available information from profiles.

Among the top LinkedIn Email Finders, we have

  1. GrowMeorganic (Unlimited credits)
  2. Hunter.io
  3. Snov.io
  4. Lusha
  5. RocketReach

Q 2. How do I pull emails from LinkedIn?

Extensions or tools like GrowMeOrganic or Skrapp can help you find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.

  • Open LinkedIn/ Sales Navigator
  • Search for your targeted persona with appropriate filters(eg: CMO in marketing companies in the USA)
  • Run the extraction tool
  • Export the data as CSV to your favorite CRM

Q 3. How to find someone’s email address from LinkedIn?

Using email finder tools or Chrome extensions can help you find publicly available email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles. Keep in mind that these tools might not always provide accurate or up-to-date information.

Q 4. How can you find your email address and phone number in your LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn profiles typically don’t publicly display email addresses and phone numbers, unless you’re connected with that person, for privacy reasons.

Alternatively, you can use an email finder tool like GrowMeOrganic to find email addresses as well as phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles either in bulk or from individual profiles and export them to your CRM.

Q 5. How do I extract contact details from LinkedIn?

Using third-party email finder tools, you might be able to extract contact details like email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.

With GrowMeOrganic, you can go to individual profiles and unlock their contact information with a single click or extract potential leads in bulk.

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