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[UNLIMITED] How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023?

How to Extract UNLIMITED Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2022?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium upgrade for LinkedIn, built specifically for businesses to have more power when discovering leads; a sales management tool that allows you to tap into your expansive network of connections and land better deals. It’s built to help you and your sales team sell more, and at the end of the working day… that’s all that matters.

Cold email outreach is one of the best ways still to expand your connections or start new ones, and if done effectively, can be a great way for companies to reach prospects. Users spend a lot of time scanning their inboxes. This is in itself a reason to make cold emails a high priority for business owners.

Your email list defines the value and worth of your business, hence, it becomes so very important to build a good email list. 

Here in this article, we will show you how to extract emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, both in bulk and from individual profiles by using the GrowMeOrganic chrome extension.

Extract emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator without an email finder tool

First, let’s take a look at how we can extract contact info from LinkedIn Sales Navigator without using any tool.

-> Open up any profile from your connections

Note: You can only open profiles from your 1st-degree connections (people you are connected with) to extract their email addresses and other contact info. To extract from 2nd and 3rd-degree connections, you will require an email finder tool.

LinkedIn Profile 1st-degree connection

-> Check the contact info section

Here, you will see all the contact info that the profile has made available to their connections (only if the profile has made it available to view their contact info).

This process is rather slow and does not allow email extraction in bulk. Moreover, it will not show the contact info of your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections, unless they have made it public, which is very rare.

Statistics for 1st-Degree LinkedIn Connections 

  • 30% of profiles have emails
  • 55% of emails are personal emails
  • 45% are professional emails
  • 5% of profiles have phone numbers

These stats are decent, but then again, they only apply to the profiles that are already connected with you. 

So what do you do when you want to extract contact info and connect with the people you are not connected with (i.e your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections)? Because, when you want to find prospects on LinkedIn, you obviously want to target all the possibilities that you can and not just your 1st-degree connections.

Now, we will show you how you can use the GrowMeOrganic Chrome extension and extract unlimited emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator of not just your 1st-degree but 2nd and 3rd-degree connections too.

Extracting Unlimited Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator for 2nd and 3rd-Degree Connections with GrowMeOrganic Chrome Extension

Finding valuable contact info for your 2nd and 3rd-degree LinkedIn connections (people you are not connected with) is as rare as winning the lottery.

Very few people would make their email addresses public.

Here you can see, that useful contact info like an email address or phone number isn’t available for this connection.

2nd-degree LinkedIn Connection

Statistics for 2nd and 3rd-Degree LinkedIn Connections 

  • 5% of profiles will have emails
  • 0.5% of profiles will have phone numbers
  • 60% of emails are personal emails
  • 40% are professional emails

These stats are extremely low.

Now, let’s have a look at how we can extract unlimited emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator regardless of what type of connection you have with their profile.

-> Download the GrowMeOrganic Chrome Extension

Login to GrowMeOrganic or start your 14-day free trial.

Once, you are on your GrowMeOrganic dashboard, click on “Click here” under the “Automate LinkedIn” section.

GrowMeOrganic dashboard

Now, click on “Download the extension“.

[UNLIMITED] How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023? 1

You can now create a new list and add the prospect’s contact information in it from LinkedIn.

[UNLIMITED] How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023? 2

Once you have downloaded the chrome extension, you will be able to see the GrowMeOrganic icon when you open your LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

[UNLIMITED] How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023? 3

For those of you visual learners out there, here’s a quick video walkthrough on how to download the chrome extension.

Once you have the extension installed, there are mainly 2 ways in which you can build your email list

Let’s have a look at each of them one by one.

Method 1: Extracting Emails and Phone Numbers from Individual Profiles

Let’s say you are surfing LinkedIn and you come across someone who might be a perfect fit for your business. You can use the GrowMeOrganic chrome extension and just open up his profile in LinkedIn or Sales Navigator and retrieve useful contact information about your potential client.

-> Open up your prospect’s profile on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator and click on “Find phone + email”

[UNLIMITED] How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023? 4

-> Click on “Unlock profile information” in the window appearing on the right side 

extract emails from LinkedIn sales navigator

-> You now have access to the prospect’s contact information

[UNLIMITED] How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023? 5

You can add this to your list and export it to a CSV file from your GrowMeOrganic dashboard.

While this way of extracting is valuable, it can get time taking and inefficient. Use this to quickly extract the contact information of a few LinkedIn Profiles.

But let’s say you want to do prospecting on LinkedIn, you obviously want to extract profiles in bulk.

Let’s take a look at how we can achieve that.

Method 2: Extract Emails and Phone Numbers from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in Bulk

You know your Ideal Client Profile (ICP), and you know how to make them tick but only if there was a way to get their contact information, more specifically their email address, you are confident in escalating your growth.

We will show you how you can reach the right people for your business and build your very valuable email list with GrowMeOrganic.

Let’s say you want to target all the Sales Reps on LinkedIn. 

-> Search for your target person (Sales Reps in this case) on Sales Navigator

-> Click on “Email Extractor”

[UNLIMITED] How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023? 6

-> Click on “Extract emails from this search”

[UNLIMITED] How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023? 7

This will start Extracting emails of sales reps in bulk from pages 1-100. 

Remember, there is no extraction limit, i.e. you can extract unlimited emails from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator per month. Utilize this to your best advantage and build n number of valuable email lists for your sales funnels.

You can now save these leads in our in-built CRM (Customer relationship management) in your GrowMeOrganic dashboard and export the contact info as a CSV file.

If you are concerned about moderation issues by Linkedin, it regularly takes pauses that prevent the site from crawling excessively, so the process is extremely safe and reliable.

Now, from your GrowMeOrganic dashboard, you can view the data or save the contacts in the form of a CSV file.

[UNLIMITED] How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023? 8

Your final result will look something like this

[UNLIMITED] How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023? 9

You have successfully created an email list from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Now since we are using Sales Navigator, we have the advantage to search for highly targeted prospects. 

Let’s say you want to target Chief Marketing Officers in the United States of small IT companies with an employee count of 10-50 and who have 3-5 years of experience.

Just add those filters to your Sales Navigator, run the search and follow the same steps as shown above.

Add those leads to a list and export them as a CSV file and boom, you have another email list of highly targeted prospects.

[UNLIMITED] How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2023? 10

Again, there is no extraction limit. You can extract unlimited LinkedIn profiles and their business email addresses from Sales Navigator and build your email lists.

Clean Up Your Email List for Deliverability

Before starting your cold outreach campaign, ensure you validate your emails so it doesn’t hurt your email reputation.

Sending out emails to invalid ones will hurt your email reputation and may result in a higher email bounce rate.

Many bounces are flagged by the email provider, who alerts you that you are a potential spammer because spammers usually do not give a hoot about their email list quality. When your sender’s reputation gets damaged, your emails will go to the SPAM folder or won’t be delivered at all.

Here is a detailed tutorial (8 mins) as to why you need to clean up your email list and how to do it to improve your email deliverability.

This also raises the question of whether you should consider scraping emails from LinkedIn instead of using an email extractor tool like GrowMeOrganic.

Scraping emails is fine but it has some major drawbacks

1. Outdated Emails

People on average, change jobs every 12 months. This results in the emails provided in the LinkedIn contact info section, as invalid or outdated.

As time passes, the chances of the LinkedIn Contact info being outdated or the info not being from the right company increases.

Scraping outdated emails will hurt your email deliverability and can cause your emails to land in spam.

2. Personal or Unverified Emails

When extracting emails in bulk, you want their business email addresses which will add value to your list, not their personal or unverified emails.

Extracting personal emails will annoy your prospects and will result in a loss of potential clients.

Prospecting using personal email addresses is not GDPR-compliant.

If you prospect EU citizens using personal emails, you expose your business to a fine that can go up to 4% of your annual global turnover.


All in all, to say that cold email outreach is dead would be a lie. While it might not be the most popular method, cold email outreach can still be an effective way to connect with potential customers. There are a few things to keep in mind when sending these emails, including making sure that your message is concise and to the point, and that you personalize your message for each individual recipient. You also need to make sure to create a strong call to action, so that recipients know what they need to do in order to take advantage of your offer.

Let us know if you have any questions or doubts, we’d be happy to answer every one of them.

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