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Email marketing focuses on email engagement and making subscribers interact with your email campaigns. It is always important to improve your results. 

According to worldstream research, email campaigns are the most effective strategies with a 4.29% conversion rate that is higher than the average conversion rates of direct marketing campaigns, paid search, and social media. 

Also, marketers gain around $38 for every $1 spent. That is why email marketing is the most effective way to create a stronger connection with customers, resulting in increased customer engagement and loyalty.

But the very first step for every successful email marketing campaign is that your recipients should open your emails. So, the open rate should be higher but achieving that is not always easy.

That is why in this article you will be able to know 10 tips that can help you improve your email marketing engagement.

Create a Catchy Subject Line That Adds Value

The foremost important thing before drafting any email is to create a subject line that should be impressive and immediately hooks the reader and captures their attention. It should render value to the readers according to their interests with personalization that looks friendly, clear, and concise. 

Keep 70/30 Content Ratio

If you over complicate your emails, your readers may lose interest. So, you should always prefer to keep a 70/30 content ratio. This means that 70% helpful content and 30% promotional content.

Your email should be able to add value to the reader’s life through the following-

  • Communicate as clearly and concisely as possible.
  • Never use fancy graphics and images which may only frustrate them.
  • Ensure the text is clean with bullet points or numbering, breaking up paragraphs with bold headlines. 

Be Creative and Tell A Story

Ensure your emails are sent at the proper time informing them about current events. Tell your readers in detail about the schedule with relevant holidays to keep them updated. It will help you in personalizing the email by narrating a creative story that hooks up the reader till the end. 

Create Segments and Design Emails Accordingly 

If your business has multiple target audiences with different variants or niches then you cannot just send one standard email to all your customers. So, always segment your customers based on their interests, demand, and needs. Then craft emails that are likely to resonate with each specific segment.

Avoid Using @noreply Email Addresses

Never use @noreply as it often makes your messages look impersonal. Recipients can feel that the email is auto-generated and created by a bot even if it has some personalized touches, such as addressing the email to the receiver by their first name.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

According to Litmus, 43.5% of emails are read by users on mobile devices. This means that there is always a need to optimize your business emails for mobile.

Following are the tips for optimizing emails for mobile devices-

  • Create shorter subject lines.
  • Use pre-header text with 12 font sizes.
  • Keep the most relevant information on top of your email. 
  • Preview your emails on different screens such as tablets or cellphones before submitting them. 

Update Email List Regularly

Email addresses often get changed due to a new job title, company, etc. So, businesses should regularly review and update their email list. This will ensure that they are still not sending emails to addresses that are no longer valid.

Also, email bounces can enlist company email addresses as spam by email marketing tools.

Ensure the following to update your email list-

  • Remove unsubscribed and previously bounced email addresses.
  • Remove individuals that have not engaged or opened your emails in over a year.
  • Never use the list that you haven’t communicated with within the past year.
  • Avoid emailing individuals who have unsubscribed from your emails. This will avoid violating any CASL and GDPR rules and regulations.

Design an Easy To Unsubscribe Email

Design an Easy To Unsubscribe Email

Customers can sometimes lose interest in accepting emails. There could be several reasons for it. So, make it easier for them to unsubscribe. This will benefit you in the long run as some customers may return in the future and they will be more receptive to subscribing again. 

They should know that the option to leave at any time is a simple process. By complicating the unsubscribing process, a customer eventually makes a spam complaint and will never return.

Use CTA (Call-To-Action)

Never assume that your email recipients are aware of what action you want them to take. You must add a call to action in the email. A CTA could learn more about a product offer, download a free eBook, opting in to receive a promotion or a free trial.

So, keep your CTA clear and precise but still catchy and memorable with a clickable link or a button. 

Let Prospects Email You

The easiest way to get into potential customers’ inboxes and reduce the chances of being marked as spam is to offer the recipient an option to reply to your email.

You can do so by asking a question. For instance,  what questions do they have about your brand or products, what are the most significant criteria that they think can help resolve? Their replies will ensure that your email address is automatically added to their contacts. This will also tell them that they are interested in your products and services and want to interact with you through emails. 

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