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Top 18 Affordable Zoominfo Alternatives

Top 18 Affordable ZoomInfo Alternatives With Features in 2024

ZoomInfo has been a leader in business info for a long time. It helps them to identify and connect with their ideal prospects efficiently, making it a valuable tool for lead generation and sales prospecting efforts. But, ZoomInfo is getting pricey, so people are finding cheaper ways to get good business info.

Are you also looking for affordable replacements for ZoomInfo? 

Great news! You found the right place. We have the perfect options that work as well as ZoomInfo but cost much less. 

Whether you’re in sales or recruiting, we’ve got you covered.

Say bye to ZoomInfo’s high prices. Welcome the affordable efficiency. Take a look at these top 18 AFFORDABLE ZoomInfo alternatives reshaping business intelligence in 2024. Check them out and save money! 

Reasons to Consider an Alternative for ZoomInfo

❌Cost Effectiveness: ZoomInfo’s price is too high for small businesses. ZoomInfo’s basic subscription starts at $15000 per month, which people find too high. This makes it less appealing for those looking for cost-effective options.

❌Data Accuracy: While ZoomInfo boasts a vast database, concerns about data accuracy persist. Some users found ZoomInfo’s data to be inaccurate, even though it claims 95% accuracy. 

Contacts in ZoomInfo are scored based on predicted accuracy, indicating a likelihood percentage. The scoring system doesn’t ensure complete accuracy. Contacts with high scores may still have errors. 

❌Ease of Use:  Users say ZoomInfo is hard to learn, needing a lot of time and effort to get good at it. Using ZoomInfo might get easier with practice, but starting can be overwhelming.

ZoomInfo users often lack enough training or resources to use the tool. Without guidance, users might not use ZoomInfo to its fullest. This can lead to frustration and inefficiency. 

❌Customer Support: ZoomInfo’s customer support uses email and lacks phone or live chat options. This can cause delays in solving issues and frustrate customers who need quick help.

❌Transparent Pricing: ZoomInfo’s website must provide clear and transparent pricing information for its services. Customers must contact the sales team or sign up for a demo to get pricing details. This can lead to uncertainty and frustration for those seeking upfront cost information. 

❌Integration Capabilities: ZoomInfo offers limited integration capabilities compared to other platforms. ZoomInfo integrates with Salesforce. However, the integration might not be as smooth as the alternatives. This can hinder users who use different CRM systems.

Users might worry about data transfer between ZoomInfo and their CRM systems because of integration limits. This could affect data accuracy, completeness, and timeliness. It might lead to inconsistencies in customer information and communication.

❌Scalability:  ZoomInfo’s scalability is limited by its infrastructure. It might face challenges handling large volumes of requests or data tasks. This can cause performance issues during peak times or with extensive datasets.

Users may experience delays or slowdowns due to scalability limitations. This happens when accessing ZoomInfo’s services. It’s particularly noticeable when conducting mass data queries or integrating with high-demand applications.

Top 18 ZoomInfo Alternatives

Comparison Table: 

ZoomInfo AlternativesFeaturesStarting PriceAvailability of free trial 
GrowMeOrganic (Recommended)Email Extraction
⚡Facilitates B2B and B2C email discovery
⚡Sales Automation
⚡Have databases of 15M+ verified B2B email contacts
⚡Allows personalized email campaigns with automated follow-up
⚡Offers Unlimited Credits
$39/mo Yes (for 14 days)
LeadFeeder⚡CRM integration
⚡Email Integration
⚡Sales Tracking
⚡Opportunity Management
LeadFuze⚡B2B database verification in real-time.
⚡Automatic list-building functionality.
⚡Integration with existing tools.
⚡Sales, marketing, and recruiting support.
Lead411⚡Sales engagement tools including email, SMS, automated phone dialer, and tracking capabilities
⚡Data export functionality for easy integration with other tools or systems
D&B Hoovers⚡Empowers sales teams with deep insights into company and contact data 
⚡Enhances lead generation and deal closing with deep B2B intelligence for sales, marketing, and revenue operations teams
Seamless.ai ⚡Access to over 800 million contacts for sales and marketing purposes
⚡Ensures real-time data accuracy, leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms
Pipedrive⚡Fit your unique sales process for ultimate efficiency.
⚡Grab leads instantly with your web forms.
⚡Track & nurture relationships with detailed contact records.


GrowMeOrganic-Top 10 Alternatives of Hunter.io

GrowMeOrganic offers one of the premier LinkedIn email finder Chrome extensions that can be a Chrome LinkedIn email finder add-on. With this add-on, you can extract email, telephone numbers, industry websites, job titles, and other data from LinkedIn with one click. 

LinkedIn Email Finder

It is first-rate clean and 100% secure to apply with LinkedIn. Even with limitless search credit, GrowMeOrganic guarantees that you may seek and export as many authentic emails as you need from LinkedIn.

GrowMeOrganic.com is a thorough cold email outreach platform that aids in campaign automation and boosts open and reply rates. You can use custom fields, A/B testing, and dynamic content to tailor your emails.

You can effortlessly categorize your contacts, create drip campaigns, and monitor your performance indicators using GrowMeOrganic. The tool also offers an AI-powered assistant that may assist you in quickly creating great emails. Additionally, it enables you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and send emails in bulk.

GrowMeOrganic is an excellent solution for streamlining your cold email outreach. With its extensive feature set, you can find and verify email addresses, optimize your procedures, and ensure that your campaigns are as successful as possible.

Extract Emails from LinkedIn | LinkedIn Email Finder

Compare GrowMeOrganic with different famous LinkedIn Email Finders:

LinkedIn Email Finder Comparison

Features include:

  1. Unlimited search and export credits, no strings attached.
  2. Single-click on bulk export LinkedIn email finder chrome extension
  3. human-like conduct and quality exercise implementation
  4. It provides detailed company information on thousands of companies, including the number of employees, industries, and search features.
  5. offers cold email response services, email list acquisition, and knowledge base and tutorial videos.
  6. An automated call for support Virtual Assistant Support Services
  7. Schedule a demo call with the team.

Users Allowed15Unlimited
Contact exports/month2kUnlimitedUnlimited
Search/Month15M+ Company search 575M+ People search15M+ Company search 575M+ People search15M+ Company search 575M+ People search
Emails sent/month5kUnlimitedUnlimited
Images, Attachments & Link Tracking
Prospects/monthConnect with 200UnlimitedUnlimited


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- Leadfeeder

No matter the niche, Leadfeeder is one of the top ZoomInfo alternatives for finding qualified leads. Although it isn’t a contact database per se, it aids in identifying businesses that are visiting your website. Additionally, learning how they found you and their areas of interest will help you expand your pipeline as a whole.

What is more, then?


  • Leadfeeder converts unidentified web traffic into real-world business and person names.
  • To assist you in nurturing such leads, it retrieves intent information on website users.
  • Leadfeeder Discover improves personalization for visitors to your website.


  • You can evaluate the quality of your website’s content using this substitute for ZoomInfo.
  • An awe-inspiring user interface.


The ZoomInfo alternative’s price may seem high given the few functions it offers.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- LeadFuze

One of the greatest substitutes for ZoomInfo is the sales prospecting tool LeadFuze. This growth acceleration tool ensures that all users will receive new and pertinent leads, whether they are salespeople, marketers, or recruiters.

What makes it an even better tool is as follows:


  • Leads that meet your criteria are immediately added to your list by Fuzebot, LeadFuze’s AI assistant.
  • Additionally, the bot can automatically start outreach initiatives.
  • the choice to connect to more than 1,000 tools using Zapier.
  • The software provides precise information on leads, such as their employment history, abilities, level of schooling, and more.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- Lead411

Lead411 is a leading provider of verified leads that are challenging to find elsewhere. Customers can create B2B email lists with Lead411, including B2B direct dials, that are not only precise but also driven by growth purposes. One of the greatest ZoomInfo alternatives on the market, they assert a deliverability rate of 96% that results in a rapid ROI.


  • The clever Sales Trigger, one of Lead411’s greatest features, alerts users to triggers like job changes, promotions, rival product launches, etc. This can be a terrific strategy to seize an opportunity.
  • The Reach Status Dashboard of our ZoomInfo substitute continuously updates users on their progress.

DNB Hoovers

Top Zoominfo Alternatives:-DNB Hovers

Among the top ZoomInfo competitors, DNB Hoovers is a potent B2B prospecting tool that aids in business expansion and increases return on investment.

Companies can discover and target the complete acquisition market using this platform. This ZoomInfo substitute is used by Rackspace and Morningstar Inc. to enhance decision-making.


  • The data and rev-ops teams work together to aggregate data, clean it up, and develop smart insights that serve as a basis for decision-making.
  • This ZoomInfo substitute provides access to 170+ million international businesses for more precise targeting.
  • Increase sales productivity by customizing the dashboard, obtaining dynamic lead lists, and determining buyer intent.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- Seamless.AI

Seamless. Over 200k sales, marketing, and recruiting teams use AI as one of the top ZoomInfo alternatives to increase revenue and capture their entire addressable market. It has made lead generation easier for leading B2B companies like Slack, Amazon, and Facebook.


  • This ZoomInfo substitute’s AI engine maintains your database so that you never miss a conversion chance.
  • Create your ideal contact persona to generate more quality leads and earn more money.
  • A real-time people search can help you gain direct access to important decision-makers so you can strengthen your pipeline and boost ROI.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- Pipedrive

A sales CRM alternative to ZoomInfo is Pipedrive, which was created for salespeople. This tool is used by 95,000 businesses worldwide and is available in 179 nations.

This three-step sales intelligence tool assists in managing your pipeline for greater conversions by sales teams. Pipedrive is used by businesses like Festo, Amazon, and Vimeo to improve their sales cycle.


  • An alternative to ZoomInfo is Pipedrive, which enables you to design a sales pipeline that best fits your lead’s path.
  • For individualized targeting and improved nurturing, you can segment the leads and create lists.
  • With one of the top ZoomInfo alternatives, you may obtain income and sales volume estimates based on your current sales pipeline.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- LinkedIn Sales Navigator

When it comes to ZoomInfo alternatives that aid firms in growing by focusing on the correct prospects, LinkedIn Sales Navigator tops the list. The program provides real-time updates for your prospects, such as changes in employment. It makes use of the strength of a network that is shared to strengthen customer relationships in business and expand the sales funnel.


  • With one of the most accessible ZoomInfo substitutes, companies can send InMail messages to more than 500 million LinkedIn members to increase sales prospecting and conversions.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables firms to access content without downloading it thanks to its intelligent linking presentations.
  • The feature provides you with a full view of all visitors to your profile.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- Lusha

Over 120,000 businesses from all over the world utilize the ZoomInfo substitute, Lusha. Big companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Salesforce are among their clients.


  • A 100 million business profiles, 60 million email addresses, and 15 million company profiles database are included with Lusha.
  • The software enables users to search for prospects on LinkedIn, Gmail, and any B2B website.
  • Top CRMs like HubSpot, Zoho, Outlook, and others are integrated with it.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- Overloop

One of the best ZoomInfo alternatives is Overloop, a platform for sales automation that offers reliable data.

It enhances conversions for your company and helps your outbound sales force be more productive. Companies like Zillow, Livestorm, and Rackspace already use this platform to automate outbound sales.


  • Customers have access to a drag-and-drop visual interface using this ZoomInfo substitute, which enables salespeople to fully comprehend the sales pipeline.
  • The ability to precisely predict revenue helps with decision-making and increases turnover.
  • You can conduct outbound operations with cold emails by using an email finder to obtain the emails of your leads.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- Sisense

Simply put, Sisense is a necessary addition to our list of ZoomInfo options. Sisense is considered to be one of the most reliable platforms available when it comes to data sets.

Sisense is trusted by more than 2,000 leading firms to provide revolutionary business insights, and for good reason.


  • a stunning dashboard that allows customers to instantly visualize all of their data and is updated in real-time.
  • Any data source can be prepared, visualized, and analyzed by users with little to no technical knowledge.
  • The platform’s simple drag-and-drop features make navigating it a snap.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- DiscoverOrg

One of the well-known ZoomInfo alternatives is DiscoverOrg, a ZoomInfo company, that assists companies in creating focused sales lists that complement their marketing and sales objectives.

This ZoomInfo substitute helps eminent businesses like LG, Panasonic, and GitHub generate leads.


  • This ZoomInfo substitute provides prospects with timely insights that customize conversation and raise engagement.
  • Integrations with top CRM programs like HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, and SugarCRM ensure that the lead information is accurate and up-to-date thanks to the validation tool.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- Gong

Your sales and leadership team’s total visibility into the sales pipeline, deals, and market changes is provided by this alternative to ZoomInfo.

To develop insights that support your decisions, the tool analyses consumer encounters. This ZoomInfo substitute helps top companies like LinkedIn, Infor, Zillow, and Monday.com increase sales.


  • This ZoomInfo substitute gives you “at-risk” potential customers so you can figure out how to seal these deals.
  • In contrast to other ZoomInfo options, businesses can create strategic efforts that boost sales and profits.
  • Real discussions with your sales team might provide insightful information that can increase the transaction completion rate.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- MatterMark

As one of the best ZoomInfo alternatives, Mattermark helps companies find and follow the world’s fastest-growing industries.

Faster business conversions and more intelligent targeting are made possible by this lead intelligence solution. These alternative companies to ZoomInfo include Fuel, Highland, and FundersClub.


  • This ZoomInfo substitute uses machine learning to provide perceptions into the expansion and efficiency of the company.
  • The application assists in monitoring more than 300 million private enterprises.
  • Customers are able to categorize, track, and characterize their leads using specific fields like revenue and geography.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- Demandbase

Demandbase, a popular alternative to the ZoomInfo tool, offers account analytics that supports GTM plans for businesses.

The technology identifies chances earlier and aids conversion more quickly. This ZoomInfo substitute is used by a few B2B companies, including Adobe, Siemens, Microsoft, JLL, and VISA.


  • Lead generation and targeted sales boosted by machine learning-driven account identification
  • Demandbase provides timely insights into 104+ million growing enterprises with finely curated content.
  • Utilizing the customer’s intent, involvement level, and technological preferences, assists in turning every discussion into an opportunity.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- Salesintel

One of the best ZoomInfo alternatives is SalesIntel, which enables companies to find, target, and convert the ideal clients.

With reliable data, businesses can build a sales pipeline and close more agreements. Top B2B companies utilize this platform to get information on their target market, like VanillaSoft and Attribution.


  • For your business, the search feature includes filters like technographic, filmographic, and others that can help.
  • Businesses can visit the chosen company’s LinkedIn profile or website using real-time prospecting.
  • Businesses may monitor anonymous website users and convert them into qualified leads.


Top Zoominfo Alternatives:- Clearbit

The Clearbit data activation platform, a great ZoomInfo substitute, gives companies a behind-the-scenes look at the market and the clients.

It aids businesses in creating a tailored experience across intentions. Asana, Hubspot, and Intercom are just a few of the strong clients for whom this ZoomInfo substitute is home.


  • One of the most important features of Clearbit is that it combines the data from your GTM systems with its market perspective to provide you with a 360-degree view of your customer. Alternatives to ZoomInfo
  • Using the various company traits and website intent signals, businesses may target the right audiences.
  • Businesses can use this ZoomInfo substitute to sync data with their CRM for improved insights and decision-making.


ZoomInfo has great features. However, its affordability and scalability might not suit all businesses. To optimize lead generation, businesses should consider pricing transparency. They should also think about integration capabilities and scalability.

Using these alternatives ensures budget-friendly options. It also opens doors to innovation, helping you stand out.

If you’re looking for a perfect option, don’t forget to check out GrowMeOrganic. It might be your perfect match. With its unlimited access to 15M+ Company Databases, and 575M+ verified professional B2B emails, you can find, sort, and reach your ideal prospect within a few seconds.

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