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30 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools in 2024

LinkedIn is among the most popular social media platforms, with millions of users. It offers a higher conversion rate for B2B leads than other platforms. Around 1.6 billion people visit LinkedIn each month. Therefore, using LinkedIn for prospecting does not become optional but necessary for effective lead generation and sales.

LinkedIn automation tools help send connection requests, follow-ups, and other manual tasks in an automation mode. These tools optimize your LinkedIn activities for a more effective reach. 

Automate Linkedin Messages and Connections.

We have listed 30 popular LinkedIn automation tools to upgrade your outreach efforts and generate higher revenue. 

30 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools [ Free and Paid ]

LinkedIn Automation ToolsStarting PriceKey FeatureFree Version
GrowMeOrganic (Recommended)$49/monthBulk Export & Unlimited CreditsYes
Lempod$3.99/per userLinkedIn EngagementYes
Expandi$99/monthOutreach CampaignsYes
LaGrowthMachine60€/monthMulti-Channel AutomationYes
Evaboot$29Exports Clean DataYes
Taplio$65/monthPersonal Chat AssistantYes
TexAu$29/month Over 180+ AutomationYes
Phantombuster$69/monthAutomated Lead GenerationYes
LinkedIn Helper$15/monthSmart MessagingYes
Lemlist$39/monthMultichannel OutreachYes
Skylead$100/monthSmart SequencesYes
Dux-Soup$14.99/monthDrip CampaignsYes
MeetAlfred$59/monthBuilt-in CRMYes
Salesflow$99/monthAI-Driven Lead ManagementYes
Zopto$197/monthOmnichannel OutreachNo
SocialPilot$30/monthPosts SchedulingYes
Crystal$49/monthCustomer Data and InsightsYes
LinkedFusion$65.95/monthAI-Based LinkedIn AutomationNo
LeadConnect$25.95/monthBlacklist FunctionalityYes
UpLead$99/month95% Accuracy RateYes
LinkedRadar$19.9/monthAuto Connect ToolsYes
LiProspect$89/monthHumanized AlgorithmYes
Dripify$59/monthDrip CampaignsYes
WeConnect$49/monthMessage GroupsYes
LinkedIn Sales Navigator$99/monthAdvanced SearchYes
LeadFuze147/monthAccount-Based SearchesYes
Octopus CRM$9.99/monthPersonal CRMYes
Waalaxy€112/monthHuman Chat SupportYes
Wiza$4999% Email DeliverabilityYes
Apollo.io$59/monthLead ScoresYes


G2 Rating – 4.7 / 5

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (1) GrowMeOrganic

Save valuable time by automating LinkedIn prospecting with GrowMeOrganic. Use our Chrome extension to send automated connection requests and messages to LinkedIn leads. 

Find verified information about B2B prospects using GrowMeOrganic’s vast B2B contact database and latest technology. Get contact numbers, email addresses, and company details of B2B professionals for an effective reach. 

You can easily export LinkedIn data from individual profiles or search results via CSV or XLS files. GrowMeOrganic also lets you export data in bulk for higher efficiency.

GrowMeOrganic LinkedIn Email Extractor Chrome Extension

Extract thousands of emails from LinkedIn at once with a click using our tool. Besides, its unlimited credits features let you extract unlimited data from your target LinkedIn profiles. 

GrowMeOrganic allows you to connect with prospects on autopilot. With personalization options, you can build more connections and reach more.

Start 14-Days Free Trial and streamline your workflow now!

Features –

  • Connection Requests – GrowMeOrganic helps send connection requests to many prospects on automation. It is done based on location, industry, job title, etc., for enhanced targeting.
  • Automated Follow-Ups – With GrowMeOrganic, you don’t need to follow up with your leads manually. You can do it automatically, making the process faster and more precise.
  • LinkedIn Messaging – Our tool allows you to send automated messages to new and existing LinkedIn prospects. The messages can be personalized, increasing the conversion chances. 
  • Bulk Exporting – GrowMeOrganic allows you to export LinkedIn data in bulk for a faster sales process. The data can be exported in CSV or XLS files easily with a click. 
  • Chrome Extension – Our Chrome extension simplifies data extraction. Add the extension and open it on LinkedIn to access key prospect details instantly.
  • Unlimited Credits – Our unlimited credits feature allows you to export unlimited LinkedIn contacts, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted data extraction process.
  • Verified B2B Data—GrowMeOrganic provides verified data for greater accuracy. The data is verified in real time to reduce errors. 

GrowMeOrganic Reviews

Pricing – 

  • The Starter plan costs $49/month for 1 LinkedIn account.
  • The Growth plan costs $99/month for 5 LinkedIn accounts.
  • The Pro plan costs $199/month for unlimited LinkedIn accounts.


Lempod is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you engage with relevant prospects. It can increase your LinkedIn reach by 10 times. It uses AI to assist you with recruiting, personal branding, and marketing on LinkedIn.

With over 80,000 users, it assures more views and enhanced engagement on your LinkedIn account. 

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (2)

Features –

  • Helps automatically like and comment on LinkedIn posts.
  • Uses AI to generate LinkedIn comments.
  • Can track views and comments on posts. 
  • Lets you join over 1000 distinct engagement groups.

Pricing – 

  • The Private Business Pod costs $3.99 per user.
  • The Marketplace plan costs $9.99 per pod. 


G2 Rating – 4 / 5

Expandi is a powerful LinkedIn automation tool for sales professionals. Its scraping and auto-warmup features boost your LinkedIn engagement and outreach campaigns. Expandi lets you personalize and automate your LinkedIn engagement, enhancing outreach.

Increase your low connection rates and avoid manual outreach processes with Expandi. 

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (3)

Features –

  • Offers over 11 distinct LinkedIn outreach campaigns.
  • Scrape leads on LinkedIn automatically and export them to CSV files.
  • Personalize your messages by adding images and GIFs. 
  • Has 9 distinct actions like endorsing skills or liking posts between the cold messages. 

Pricing – 

  • The Business plan costs $99/month for 10+ campaign types and different scraping techniques.
  • The Agency plan has custom pricing. 


G2 Rating – 4.8 / 5

LaGrowthMachine helps you respond effectively to your prospects during outreach campaigns and send effective messages with a human touch on LinkedIn. 

Over 10,000 users, including AGICAP and Shapr, trust LaGrowth. Automate your LinkedIn activities with LaGrowth to maximize your conversion chances.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (4)

Features –

  • Has a multi-channel automation approach using LinkedIn, Twitter, and emails.
  • Automatically sends connection requests and messages on LinkedIn.
  • Has pre-built campaign templates.
  • Uses unique strategies to safeguard your account from automation detection.

Pricing – 

  • The Basic plan costs 60€/month for a multichannel approach, LinkedIn voice, and more.
  • The Pro plan costs 120€/month for AI assistance, Zapier integrations, and more.
  • The Ultimate plan costs 180€/month for unlimited campaigns and custom workflows. 


G2 Rating – 4.6 / 5

Evaboot is a popular LinkedIn automation tool for exporting leads, finding emails, and scaling prospecting efforts. Uber and Airtable are among its trusted customers. With Evaboot, you can get clean data and save valuable time.

It is a safe option, considering it does not let your account go beyond LinkedIn limitations

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (5)

Features –

  • Export extracted data from LinkedIn to CSV files.
  • Cleans data automatically, saving time.
  • Provides filters like job titles and company size to provide the right results.
  • It is GDPR-compliant for enhanced safety.

Pricing – 

  • Its monthly plan starts at $29 for 500 credits. 


G2 Rating – 4.5 / 5

Taplio is an all-in-one LinkedIn software that can help increase your reach. It uses AI to write effective LinkedIn posts. You can also schedule carousels and posts with it and save everyday time. 

Taplio offers various features to grow and convert your LinkedIn networks. Use its analytics to understand what works for you and what does not.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (6)

Features – 

  • Has a personal chat assistant to enhance LinkedIn content.
  • Lets you schedule posts with unique text and images.
  • Has access to more than 3M leads on LinkedIn.
  • Offers a Chrome extension for faster workflow. 

Pricing – 

  • The Starter plan costs $65/month for advanced content scheduling and analytics.
  • The Standard plan costs $99/month for AI-based content and more.
  • The Pro plan costs $199/month for a lead database and higher limits on all features. 


G2 Rating – 4.3 / 5

Several SaaS and sales agencies use TexAu for faster lead generation and automation. Its prospector finds leads matching your target job titles for more accuracy. From distinct automation features to seamless CRM integrations, TexAu assists in many ways.

Create complex workflow in a simplified way with TexAu and increase your business growth by 10 times.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (7)

Features –

  • Offers over 180 automations for more than 10 platforms including LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Integrates with popular CRMs and over 1000 tools for cold outreach.
  • Has a drag-and-drop feature to create complex workflows.
  • Allows data enrichment to reach prospects easily. 

Pricing – 

  • The Cloud Starter plan costs $29/month for 5 automation at one time for 1.5 hours.
  • The Cloud Growth plan costs $79/month for 10 automation at one time for 4 hours.
  • The Cloud Agency plan costs $199/month for 25 automation at one time for 10 hours. 


G2 Rating – 4.2 / 5

Phantombuster is among the top LinkedIn automation tools to get more leads with less effort. You can automate your data connection and outreach campaigns with it. 

Phantombuster provides valuable leads in minutes and lets you import them to your CRM. Extract leads, enrich data, and launch outreach campaigns seamlessly with Phantombuster.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (8)

Features –

  • Offers over 100+ automations and pre-built workflows.
  • Uses AI to organize the extracted leads.
  • Has live monitoring to assess performance in real time.
  • Sends personalized LinkedIn messages automatically.

Pricing – 

  • The Starter plan costs $69/month for 10k AI credits.
  • The Pro plan costs $159/month for 30k AI credits.
  • The Team plan costs $439/month for 90k AI credits.

LinkedIn Helper

G2 Rating – 4.5 / 5

LinkedIn Helper finds potential clients and transforms them into loyal customers. It is among the safest LinkedIn automation tools as it does not embed its code within the LinkedIn pages. You can automatically invite 2nd and 3rd-level LinkedIn contacts with LinkedIn Helper.

It works with both LinkedIn basic and premium versions and efficiently manages your LinkedIn connections. 

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (9)

Features –

  • Offers 31 features like smart messaging and lead warmups.
  • Has auto-responder for new connections and drip campaigning.
  • Lets you set working schedules based on distinct time zones.
  • Provides 24*7 customer support.

Pricing – 

  • The Standard plan costs $15/month for lead generation and personalized outreach.
  • The Pro plan costs $45/month for bulk engagement and enhanced data exporting.


G2 Rating – 4.4 / 5

Lemlist is an all-one tool for LinkedIn prospecting, multi-channel outreach, and cold calling. It combines LinkedIn, email, and phone calls for a comprehensive outreach strategy. 

With Lemlist, you can also set reminders for manual tasks like commenting on a specific post. Automate customized steps like sending LinkedIn vocals for effective outreach.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (10)

Features –

  • Automatically sends connection requests on LinkedIn.
  • Allows contacting people automatically who accepted connection requests.
  • Lets you add voice messages for higher replies.
  • Helps add custom videos for a personalized approach.

Pricing – 

  • The Email Starter plan costs $39/month for unlimited campaigns and customizable emails.
  • The Email Pro costs $69/month for email warmups and image personalization.
  • The Multichannel Expert costs $99/month for advanced campaigns.
  • The Outreach Scale costs $159/month for a dedicated account manager and all other features. 


G2 Rating – 4.2 / 5

Skylead is cold email software and a LinkedIn automation tool that offers multi-channel outreach. It helps personalize LinkedIn prospecting with custom images for a higher response rate.

Nurture leads effectively with Skylead and uses its statistics for campaign optimization. 

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (11)

Features –

  • Has a country-based IP with pre-set limits to reach leads.
  • Leads can be imported from 10 sources, including LinkedIn search results and LinkedIn posts.
  • Allows creating smart sequences to reach leads quickly in less time.
  • Skylead’s Smart Inbox manages all LinkedIn messages and emails.

Pricing – 

  • The All-in-one plan costs $100/month for cloud-based LinkedIn automation and more.
  • The White label plan has custom pricing and features. 


G2 Rating – 4.3 / 5

Discover qualified leads on LinkedIn daily with Dux-Soup. It will help keep your sales pipeline full and enhance business growth. You can create scalable outreach campaigns on LinkedIn with Dux-Soup.

This LinkedIn automation tool works on native LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter accounts easily. 

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (12)

Features –

  • Helps follow, view, and endorse LinkedIn profiles automatically.
  • Offers reliable integrations like Zapier and Hubspot to send target leads to your CRM.
  • Has a sales pipeline dashboard to send multi-touch drip campaigns.
  • Exports LinkedIn data to CSV.

Pricing – 

  • The Pro Dux plan costs $14.99/month for sending connection requests and messages.
  • The Turbo Dux costs $55/month for scaling lead generation.
  • The Cloud Dux costs $99/month for fully automated drip campaigns.


G2 Rating – 2.4 / 5

MeetAlfred assists in sending hundreds of personalized follow-ups on LinkedIn, Twitter, and email daily. Despite operating on auto-pilot mode, Meetalfred mimics human-like behavior, increasing conversion chances.

Personalize at scale and improve sales efficiency with MeetAlfred. 

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (13)

Features –

  • Sends customized messages based on a prospect’s location or industry.
  • Has built-in LinkedIn CRM to manage and categorize leads. 
  • Allows assigning roles and responsibilities to team members.
  • Integrates with over 3000 tools and applications like Outlook.

Pricing – 

  • The Individual plan costs $59/month for cloud-based automation.
  • The Business plan costs $99/month for teams seeking efficiency.
  • The Agency plan is for larger teams and has custom pricing.


G2 Rating – 4.3 / 5

Sales teams, agencies, and start-ups trust Saleflow for its safe and effective LinkedIn automation and outreach features. This tool helps produce quality leads and grow your LinkedIn audience. Salesflow is an easy-to-use platform that assists 1000+ users globally.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (14)

Features –

  • It has an intuitive interface.
  • Offers 4 distinct LinkedIn campaigns.
  • Lets you send personalized messages and perform auto-likes.
  • Helps connect your email provider for an omnichannel approach.

Pricing – 

  • The Single User plan costs $99/month for 400 invites/month, follow-up messages, and more. 
  • The Teams, Done For You, and Agency plans have custom pricing. 


G2 Rating – 4.5 / 5

Zopto is a feature-rich LinkedIn automation tool that boosts your productivity. It allows you to schedule posts, send invites based on your ICP, and create follow-up sequences. 

Perform omnichannel outreach with Zopto by combining Email and LinkedIn. It follows enhanced security measures for optimal safety.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (15)

Features –

  • Allows 45 profile invites, 100 InMails, and 200 event messages daily.
  • Provides real-time reporting for effective evaluation.
  • Uses AI to filter prospects matching your data points.
  • It is a cloud-based automation tool.

Pricing – 

  • The Basic plan costs $197/month for omni-channel smart sequences and more.
  • The Pro plan costs $297/month for end-to-end AI campaign builder and more.
  • The Agency & Enterprise Basic plan starts at $156/month.
  • The Agency and Enterprise Pro start at $237/month.


G2 Rating – 4.5 / 5

SocialPilot makes managing social media outreach easy. It does everything from scheduling content on social media platforms to planning campaigns.

SocialPilot simplifies engagement with an all-in-one inbox and humanized conversations. Collaborate with other team members using SocialPilot for a smoother workflow.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (16)

Features –

  • Content can be customized based on the platform it is being posted on.
  • Uses AI to generate social media content faster.
  • Offers analytics like high-performing content.
  • Has a content library to store reusable content.

Pricing – 

  • The Professional plan costs $30/month for 10 accounts.
  • The Small Team plan costs $50/month for 20 accounts.
  • The Agency plan costs $100/month for 30 accounts.
  • The Agency+ plan costs $200/month for 50 accounts. 


G2 Rating – 4.6 / 5

Understand your customers better with Crystal’s personality data and insights. It helps learn about your customer’s decision-making styles and preferences.

Crystal uses AI to analyze public data, like skills, industry experience, etc., to understand buyer behavior. With its seamless integration options, you can add Crystal to your existing workflow for better prospecting.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (17)

Features –

  • It has a profile dashboard to access its features and tools.
  • Offers a Chrome extension for quick communication.
  • Has a writing assistant to customize messages.
  • Integrates with Gmail, LinkedIn, Outlook, Salesforce, and more.

Pricing – 

  • The Premium plan costs $49/month for personalized communication, premium content, and more.
  • The Business and Enrichment plans have custom pricing.


G2 Rating – 3.1 / 5

LinkedFusion helps you achieve your business goals with effective LinkedIn automation. It provides a virtual assistant to do all the hard work, like inviting prospects and performing follow-ups.

It is a cloud-based tool with several integration options, dedicated IP, and unlimited sequences for enhanced prospecting.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (18)

Features –

  • Improves prospecting by operating based on unique time zones.
  • Has an analytical dashboard for tracking outreach.
  • It is compatible with any LinkedIn account. 
  • Let you personalize messages using names, companies, and locations.

Pricing – 

  • The Professional plan costs $65.95/month for 40 invites and 120 messages daily.
  • The Grow plan costs $95.95/month for 70 invites and 210 messages daily.
  • The Ultimate plan costs $135.95/month for 100 invites and 300 messages daily. 


G2 Rating – 3.4 / 5

Automate your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn with LeadConnect. It helps automate personalized follow-ups, saving manual work. LeadConnect synchronizes your prospect data with a click to Hubspot.

This tool lets you define your audience and then set up invites accordingly for effectiveness.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (19)

Features –

  • Allows uploading CSV files to define target prospects.
  • Lets you set personalized invitations and send up to 100 at once.
  • You can set up follow-ups for prospects who haven’t responded.
  • Has blacklist functionality to prevent you from reaching leads your colleagues are engaging with. 

Pricing – 

  • The Professional plan costs $25.95/month for 30 invites and 90 messages daily.
  • The Grow plan costs $45.95/month for 60 invites and 180 messages daily.
  • The Ultimate plan costs $85.95/month for 100 invites and 300 messages daily. 


G2 Rating – 4.7 / 5

Uplead is another LinkedIn automation tool that lets you grab prospects details directly from the browser.

With it, you can get verified contact numbers and email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. You can also discover key company details like size, revenue, and location. Brands like Google and Amazon trust Uplead for lead generation.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (20)

Features –

  • Pushes leads directly from the browser to your CRM.
  • LinkedIn data can be downloaded as CSV files.
  • Provides information on target companies’ technologies like accepted payment methods.
  • Has a Chrome extension.

Pricing – 

  • The Essentials plan costs $99/month for 170 credits.
  • The Plus plan costs $199/month for 400 credits.
  • The Professional plan for larger organizations has custom pricing.


G2 Rating – 4.6 / 5

LinkedRadar is designed with human simulation for higher account safety. It keeps you away from risks, ensuring safe LinkedIn outreach.

From automated follow-up messages to cost-effective CRM features, LinkedRadar has much to benefit its users.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (21)

Features –

  • Offers 20 customizable templates for LinkedIn messaging.
  • Lets you send bulk messages on LinkedIn.
  • Has AI to personalize messages.
  • Provides 60+ pre-built email templates.

Pricing – 

  • The Start plan costs $19.9/month for 400 invitations.
  • The Biz plan costs $29.9/month for 800 invitations.
  • The Pro plan costs $69.9/month for higher email credits.
  • The Team plan costs $99.9/month for unlimited invites.


G2 Rating –

With LiProspect, you can perform your follow-ups and outreach campaigns entirely on autopilot. One of the safest cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools, LiProspect, uses humanized algorithms.

Generate high-quality leads on auto-pilot and effortlessly connect with them using this tool.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (22)

Features –

  • Sends automated follow-ups when there is no response to the connection request.
  • Helps launch outreach campaigns on LinkedIn with detailed analytics.
  • Allows you to set up drip sequences easily.
  • Blacklist accounts that are not meant for engagement.

Pricing – 

  • The Business plan costs $89/month. 


G2 Rating – 4.5 / 5

Dripify is a multifunctional LinkedIn automation tool that improves prospecting. It helps you build your own sales funnel based on sequences of automated delays, actions, and conditions. 

Dripify better manages teams by assigning them distinct roles. Each member can analyze their performance based on campaign stats.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (23)

Features –

  • Has a smart inbox to manage all conversations from Dripify.
  • Data can be downloaded as CSV files.
  • Integrates with 1000+ software like Zoho and Hubspot.
  • Keeps your LinkedIn account safe with advanced algorithms.

Pricing – 

  • The Basic plan costs $59/month for 1 drip campaign.
  • The Pro plan costs $79/month for unlimited drip campaigns & A/B testing.
  • The Advanced plan costs $99/month for unlimited drip campaigns and team management.


G2 Rating – 4.5 / 5

WeConnect provides a new Email and LinkedIn prospecting approach. It combines both to maximize your lead generation efforts. 

With customizable campaigns, enhanced safety, and intuitive smart sequences, WeConnect enhances your invite acceptance rate.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (24)

Features –

  • Has nine customizable campaign templates.
  • Allows setting up smart sequences that include profile visits and liking posts.
  • Sends messages to LinkedIn groups without making connection requests.
  • Manages all clients from a single dashboard.

Pricing – 

  • The LinkedIn plan costs $49/seat per month.
  • The LinkedIn + Email plan costs $79/seat per month.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

G2 Rating – 4.3 / 5

LinkedIn Sales Navigator promotes modern selling with real-time sales insights and building long-term customer relationships.

It has helped sales professionals create 15% more pipelines and increase revenue by 59%. With Sales Navigator, you can experience easier sales prospecting without cold calling.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (25)

Features –

  • Offers advanced lead and company searches.
  • Provides extended access to LinkedIn networking.
  • Alerts on job changes and target companies’ news.
  • Gives recommendations for LinkedIn accounts.

Pricing – 

  • Sales Navigator Core plan costs $99/month.
  • Sales Navigator Advanced costs $149/month.
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus starts at $1600/year.


G2 Rating – 4.6 / 5

LeadFuze offers account-based searches to reach specific prospects. For instance, it allows one to find the emails and phone numbers of someone from the Hubspot marketing team using advanced searching.

LeadFuze combines AI and automation to save you from repetitive tasks and increase productivity.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (26)

Features –

  • Prevents adding existing prospects to your new list.
  • Do not add leads already being used by other colleagues.
  • Prospect information is double-verified.
  • Offers integrations for a multi-channel outreach.

Pricing – 

  • The Scaling plan starts at $147/month for 500 credits.
  • The Unlimited plan starts at $397/month for unlimited credits.

Octopus CRM

G2 Rating – 4.4 / 5

Simplify your prospecting methods with Octopus CRM’s LinkedIn automation. It is a simple yet effective tool with features like automated connection requests, seamless integrations, and higher activity control.

Its workflow includes finding a target audience, building lead lists, and launching outreach campaigns.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (27)

Features –

  • Sends connection requests via email to avoid weekly LinkedIn limits.
  • Lets you visit 100 profiles automatically.
  • Compatible with all LinkedIn accounts, Basic to Recruiter Lite.
  • Notifies of excessive LinkedIn activities for safety.

Pricing – 

  • The Starter plan costs $9.99/month.
  • The Pro plan costs $14.99/month.
  • The Advanced plan costs $21.99/month.
  • The Unlimited plan costs $39.99/month.


G2 Rating – 4.6 / 5

Waalaxy aids you in finding LinkedIn leads without any technical skills. Create automated sequences with it and develop your network.

It is a cost-effective solution with scaling options. Find your ideal customers easily with Waalaxy’s LinkedIn automation. 

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (28)

Features –

  • Lets you contact around 500 users weekly.
  • Provides automated follow-ups with high-quality copywriting tips.
  • Allows you to launch campaigns when a user visits your profile or comments.
  • Human chat support for adequate guidance.

Pricing – 

  • The Advanced plan costs €112/month for LinkedIn features.
  • The Business plan costs €160/month for LinkedIn + Email.


G2 Rating – 4.5 / 5

Wiza offers accurate B2B data and effective LinkedIn features for better conversions. Add its Chrome extension to export searches or lists effortlessly.

Wiza supports all LinkedIn account types and wants you to pay only for valid data. Discover contact options like direct dials, emails, etc., with it for guaranteed sales.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (29)

Features –

  • Exports prospect data to CRM or CSV files.
  • Has a 99% email accuracy rate.
  • Offers over 30 data points like headcount, revenue, and funding.
  • Has a low email bounce rate.

Pricing – 

  • The Starter plan costs $49/month.
  • The Email plan costs $99/month.
  • The Email + Phone plan costs $199/month.


G2 Rating – 4.8 / 5

Apollo provides end-to-end solutions to find buyers and close sales deals. Build effective pipelines using features like account-based searches, prospect scores, and inbound optimization.

Use Apollo’s analytics, like call interactions and successful deals, to assess your sales performance. 

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools (30)

Features –

  • Has a database of 275M contacts and 73M companies.
  • Offers over 65 search filters like location, job, and industry.
  • Its Chrome extension can be used with LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce.
  • Uses AI to score leads based on their value.

Pricing – 

  • The Basic plan costs $59/month.
  • The Professional plan costs $99/month.
  • The Organization plan costs $119/month.

Final Words 

Streamline your prospecting efforts with the best LinkedIn automation tools. They can help you generate more leads quickly and enhance your outreach efforts. However, remember to consider your specific needs when choosing a tool.

Tools like GrowMeOrganic are safe and help increase your productivity. Export businesses from any industry with it and expand your network.

Schedule a demo call now!


  1. Which Is The Best LinkedIn Automation Tool? 

GrowMeOrganic is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools on the market. It can do everything from sending automated LinkedIn messages to exporting data. With GrowMeOrganic, you can export unlimited LinkedIn contacts with one click.

  1. What Is LinkedIn Automation, And How Does It Help Generate Leads?

LinkedIn automation tools are crucial for automating lead-generation tasks. They allow you to send connection requests, scrape data, and follow up on autopilot. You can personalize your outreach with them for better targeting. 

  1. What Are The Key Features To Look For In LinkedIn Automation Tools For Lead Generation?

Here are a few must-have features to look for in a LinkedIn automation tool –

  • Sends Connection Requests
  • Perform Follow-Ups
  • Bulk Search
  • Bulk Export
  • Chrome Extension
  • Email Personalization
  1. Can A Linkedin Automation Tool Integrate With Other Marketing Tools?

The right LinkedIn automation tool will seamlessly integrate with other marketing tools for a streamlined workflow. GrowMeOrganic integrates with 2000+ apps like Salesforce and Excel sheets using Zapier. 

  1. Is A LinkedIn Automation Tool Suitable For Startups And Small Businesses?

LinkedIn automation tools help startups and small businesses with enhanced lead generation and networking. They can use it to automate repetitive tasks and use the saved time in other strategic business activities.  

  1. Can LinkedIn Automation Tools Help With Personalized Outreach To Potential Leads?

Yes, LinkedIn automation tools personalize your outreach with human-like messages and automated follow-ups. They make reaching many prospects at once easier and build meaningful connections. 

Streamline Your Outreach With GrowMeOrganic’s LinkedIn Automation 

GrowMeOrganic is an all-rounder LinkedIn automation tool with features ranging from sending automated connection requests to personalized messages. Automate your LinkedIn prospecting with our tool and experience optimal growth.

Access valuable contact information with a shortcut using GrowMeOrganic. Add its Chrome extension to extract data from LinkedIn seamlessly.

Sign up for the free trial now. No credit card is required!

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