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12 Best Database in USA – B2B List Providers

An accurate database can make prospecting much easier and help create marketing strategies based on customers’ preferences and behavior. However, finding up-to-date and verified databases in the USA can be challenging. 

As per a report by Gartner, poor-quality data can result in $15 million of losses annually.

Database providers can help businesses find accurate and high-quality employee contact information, irrespective of industry, sector, or size.

CSV file extracted from GrowMeOrganic's database

In this article, we have listed the top 12 database providers with their features and pricing models. 

12 Best Companies for USA Database

Comparison Table:-

Database ProviderKey FeatureStarting Price
GrowMeOrganicVast database of 575 million professionals and 15 million companies.$49
ZoomInfoReal-time monitoring and updating of data.Contact the sales team.
6SenseAccess historical data to map it with your buyer’s data for meaningful insights.Free plan
BinaryCluesConstant monitoring and updating of records to avoid duplicacy.$0.29/contact
CognismDiamond verified phone data with additional levels of phone verification.Contact the sales team.
DataCaptiveList insights for prospects in the form of graphs and charts.Contact the sales team.
LushaIntent data and corporate technologies to provide personalized outreach.Free plan
Apollo.ioMore than 275 million contacts and 73 million company databases.Free plan
UpLeadMore than 50 search filters to find qualified leads.Free plan
DatanyzeEasy integration with different CRMs.Free plan
ClearbitVisitor dashboard highlighting contacts that match your ideal customer profile.Contact the sales team.
Seamless.aiShorten form fields for increased conversion rates.Free plan


Best Database in USA (1)

GrowMeOrganic is an all-in-one platform offering unlimited email credits for all your database needs, especially in the USA, whether you are a start-up, sales, or marketing professional. 

We have an extensive and updated database of 15 million companies and 575 million professionals from which you can find the contact info of any employee.

Our LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension extracts unlimited emails from LinkedIn without restrictions or limitations. You can easily scrape data through LinkedIn, get verified leads, and export them in bulk. 

GrowMeOrganic's LinkedIn Email Extractor

You can find and sort your ideal prospect using search filters such as industry, name, size, or location.

Using our domain email finder, you can create a customized database. Enter the list of domains and get the contact information of each employee working in those companies.

Schedule your demo call and start 14-days free trial now.

GrowMeOrganic Reviews

Key Features:-

  • LinkedIn email finder – Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to extract limitless emails and expand your network by connecting with qualified leads.
  • Bulk email finder—Our platform allows you to locate email addresses in bulk. Provide us with your prospects’ names and company information, and we’ll instantly find their email addresses.
  • Unlimited credits – Our platform offers unlimited credits for finding and extracting information about your possible leads.
  • CRM Integration—Our platform’s APIs and webhooks make it easy to integrate with the best CRM tools, such as Pabbly, Make, and Zappier. 
  • Easy export – Allows users to export retrieved leads into formats like CSV, Excel, and CRM systems for additional management and analysis.


There are three plans to choose from:

  • Starter – $49 a month
  • Growth – $99 a month
  • Pro – $199 a month


Best Database in USA (2)

ZoomInfo’s database consists of buying signals and foundational data to find ready-to-buy leads. It has a vast database of over 600 million professionals and 1.3 billion company profiles.

The platform collects, verifies, publishes, and updates its database daily. You can search as per industry, headcount and revenue, company location and hierarchy, web activity, technographics, news and initiatives, titles, direct contact information, and org chart.

Key Features

  • Data is collected using niche third-party providers, advanced technologies, research teams, and community contributors.
  • Verification of data through NLP, AI, ML, and data scientists.
  • Real-time monitoring and updating of data.


  • Contact the sales team for pricing.


Best Database in USA (3)

The company uses AI models to analyze data points across technographics, firmographics, intent data, psychographics, and contact information to provide accurate B2B data. 

They have over 119 million verified email addresses and 65 million company profiles to search for your potential lead. The platform can also integrate with the best CRM systems like Drift, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.

Key Features

  • Search using seniority, job titles, personal influence, and contact information of influential decision-makers and establish direct communication.
  • Continuous monitoring of digital infrastructure using ML models and proprietary AI for decoding company’s and people’s attributes.
  • Access historical data to map it with your buyer’s data for meaningful insights.


  • It has a free plan and three others – the pricing needs to be checked with the sales team.


Best Database in USA (4)

The BinaryClues database includes attributes like industry, company name, complete address, website URLs, zip codes, and contact information.  

They have over 2 million records that can be searched using countries, technologies, and industries. The platform also provides a separate healthcare database.

Key Features

  • Constant monitoring and updating of records to avoid duplicate or fake information.
  • Customized database to the company’s needs and requirements.
  • The database goes through multiple verification processes, including end-to-end verification and cross-referencing.


  • Bronze – $0.29/contact
  • Silver – $0.19/contact
  • Gold – $0.15/contact
  • Diamond – $0.10/contact
  • Platinum – Contact the sales team


Best Database in USA (5)

Cognism provides a GDPR-compliant database for NAM, EMEA, and PAC coverage. You can search the database using company size, region, and industry filters.

The platform combines human verification and AI models to maintain the accuracy and quality of its database. It checks the do-not-call lists before creating its database to ensure it is 100% compliant with the laws.

Key Features

  • The platform uses partnerships, public records, and proprietary methods to source the data.
  • It offers intent data sourced using 5000 B2B websites and tracking buyers’ topics and purchase interests.
  • It provides diamond-verified phone data with additional levels of phone number verification.


  • Contact the sales team for pricing.


Best Database in USA (6)

DataCaptive offers a human-verified database of over 55 million companies. For a personalized campaign, you can also get a customized database with attributes such as employee size, location, revenue, and industry. 

The platform sources data from directories, government records, magazines, surveys and feedback forms, trade shows, opt-in email campaigns, webinars, and podcasts.

Key Features

  • Database per GDPR and anti-spam norms.
  • Easy export of data in .csv or .xls format.
  • List insights for target audiences through graphs, charts, and other visuals.


  • Contact the sales team for prices.


Best Database in USA (7)

The platform offers a vast database of 45 million contacts in North America alone. You can use company filters, such as technology, headcount, and revenue, to define your audience and search your targeted audiences.

Lusha sources its data from crowdfunding, fresh profiles, user insights, direct contact details, public sources, company intelligence, data partners, and sales insights + intent. 

Key Features

  • Use intent data and corporate technologies to provide personalized outreach.
  • You can search using the plugins or the platform from anywhere.
  • Based on your ICP, use automatic data enrichment to create lists complete with fresh leads.


  • Free plan
  • Pro – $36/user/month
  • Premium – $59/user/month
  • Scale – contact the sales team


Best Database in USA (8)

Apollo.io offers 65+ search filters to build your database. You can also download Apollo Chrome Extension for free and use it on Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail, or any company’s website to get instant contact information.

The platform also offers account-based prospecting to increase conversion opportunities. Besides, you can also get AI-recommended prospects based on your past successful prospecting activities.

Key Features

  • More than 275 million contacts and 73 million company databases.
  • Signal-based prospecting to find leads with the highest meeting booking possibility.
  • Website visitor feature to check for people who visited the website without contacting.


  • Free plan
  • Basic – $59
  • Professional – $99
  • Organization – $149


Best Database in USA (9)

With UpLead, you can access over 155 million B2B contacts with email addresses and over 16 million global company profiles to build your database. Their data is analyzed, categorized, and labeled using ML, proprietary algorithms, and rule-based learning.

You can also get company names and employee details by uploading a list of URLs with 95% accuracy.

Key Features

  • More than 50 search filters to find qualified leads.
  • It offers a real-time verification process, ensuring accurate contacts.
  • Email verification – anytime a lead is exported from your end.


  • Free plan
  • Essentials – $99/month
  • Plus – $199/month
  • Professional – contact the sales team


Best Database in USA (10)

With over 63 million direct dials, 84 million email addresses, and 120 million people in their database, Datanyze promises accuracy. Otherwise, they will offer a refund. 

Using their Chrome Extension, you can access company data and contact information directly from the places they prospect in real-time.

Key Features

  • Tag companies and contacts to automatically create segmented lists to export anytime.
  • Easy integration with different CRMs for seamless workflow.
  • Sources data from web conferencing, e-commerce platforms, job boards, and other platforms.


  • Free plan
  • Nyze Pro 1 – $29 per month
  • Nyze Pro 2 – $55 per month


Best Database in USA (11)

Clearbit offers databases for every country and in any language. It provides lead scoring to identify high-quality leads in real-time.

The platform also offers IP intelligence data to turn anonymous website traffic into real buying intent for increasing conversions. You can use over 100 B2B properties from 250+ data sources to build your database with Clearbit.

Key Features

  • Dynamic form shortening for adequate data enrichment and coverage.
  • Visitor dashboard highlighting contacts that match your ideal customer profile.
  • Records are automatically refreshed if a change is detected.


  • Contact the sales team for prices.


Best Database in USA (12)

Seamless.ai offers an extensive database of 1.9 billion verified contacts and company records. Their data enrichment tool helps keep the database up-to-date and accurate and enriches it with the missing contact information.

The platform offers sales software to build accurate lead lists to find key decisions to close deals.

Key Features

  • Shorten form fields to enrich data and increase conversion rates.
  • Export company and B2B contact information directly to tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, and more.
  • Chrome Extension is used to find prospects on Linkedin, Salesforce, and Gmail.


  • Free plan
  • Remaining plans – contact the sales team for prices


Choosing the correct database is critical for an effective sales and outreach campaign. It will help you find the right customer, understand their needs, and effectively contact them.

You can trust GrowMeOrganic, for our platform provides high-quality, verified, and accurate databases for all your business needs.


  1. What is a database?

A database contains multiple forms of contact information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for people or organizations. 

  1. How can a database help my business?

A database of the USA professionals can help your business in different ways, such as:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales prospecting
  • Research and analysis
  1. How accurate is the information in these databases?

The sources and techniques used to collect the data can impact the accuracy of databases. To maintain accuracy, it’s critical to check and update contact information routinely.

  1. Can we customize the database as per our needs?

Databases can be customized as per different attributes, some of which are:

  • Demographics
  • Industry
  • Sector
  • Job titles
  1. How do you choose the best database provider?

Here are some ways to choose the best database provider:

  • Evaluate features and capabilities
  • Consider performance
  • Check security and compliance
  • Consider pricing
  • Review ratings and client feedback

GrowMeOrganic as Your Reliable Database Provider

A database is the backbone of any successful marketing and sales campaign. Therefore, we at GrowMeOrganic understand the importance of an accurate database. 

We have tools, such as business email look-up, reverse look-up, and our Chrome extension, to help you find your ideal leads and create your database.  

Our platform is helpful for large databases and bulk extraction without compromising performance and security measures.

Want to give GrowMeOrganic a try? 

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