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Best B2B Data Providers

17 Best B2B Data Providers to Reach Right Prospects in 2024

Do you ever struggle to find the right people to sell your products or services to? Well, inaccurate data can lead to losing potential customers and profits. To succeed and grow your business, you need good-quality data for your sales team.

B2B data providers are specialized companies that collect and share business information with their customers. They offer reliable and high-quality business data, aiding business growth.

CSV data sheet that B2B data providers  gather to create a comprehensive database

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 17 B2B data providers, such as GrowMeOrganic, that offer accurate contact information for businesses looking to build a strong sales pipeline quickly.

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information

Quick Comparison:-

B2B Data ProviderStarting Price per MonthFree Trial Availability
GrowMeOrganic (Recommendation)$39Yes
Blue Mail MediaCustomNo
Datamatics Business SolutionsCustomNo


Rating on G2 – 4.1/5

GrowMeOrganic is the best platform for sales automation and B2B leads intended for startups, marketing, and sales professionals. The platform offers affordable solutions for finding any professional’s contact or email address.

What stands out is their unlimited credits feature. You can save more than $1000 a month on prospecting and outreach platforms by using GrowMeOrganic.

Sign up for GrowMeOrganic today. Access a database with 15 million companies and 575 million verified phone numbers and emails.

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (1)

Also, do you want manual extractions on LinkedIn?

GrowMeOrganic offers a Chrome extension to extract emails from LinkedIn. You can access valuable contact information and add it to your sales pipeline with a simple click. 

This saves you time and effort, generating leads and building relationships with potential clients more easily. Sign up for a free trial now and see how GrowMeOrganic can help boost your business growth.

GrowMeOrganic stands out for its unique GMB extractor feature, allowing businesses to find unlimited local companies on Google Maps. 

With its user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, GrowMeOrganic is an effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

GrowMeOrganic Reviews

Here’s why GrowMeOrganic stands out as a top choice:-

Easy Data Export – With GrowMeOrganic, businesses can export CSV and XLS files with only one click, which improves productivity. Within a few seconds, companies can download the file and import every contact into the preferred CRM.

CRM Integration – The platform offers easy integration with different tools, such as Pabbly, Make, and Zappier, through its APIs and webhooks. It helps companies automate their processes seamlessly.

Advanced and Easy Search – GrowMeOrganic translates business names into domain names for simple searching. Users can quickly find the websites of companies with just the name. 

Chrome Extension – With its Chrome extension, businesses can extract unlimited verified email addresses and phone numbers in bulk from Linkedin. Companies can add the contact finder from the Chrome extension to their browser and perform the search instantly.

Email Scraper – They also provide an email scraper that makes it simple to gather emails from many sources, including websites, LinkedIn, and other social media networks.

Sales Engagement Platform – Businesses can easily engage with their prospects across several channels with GrowMeOrganic’s sales engagement platform. They can close deals and monitor the status of their leads smoothly using this tool.


GrowMeOrganic has three plans:

GrowMeOrganic Pricing Plans

  • Starter plan for occasional prospecting: $39 per month for one user.
  • Growth plan for unlimited credit: $79 per month for five users.
  • Pro plan for unlimited seats: $159 per month for unlimited users.

Monthly billing plans are also available for all packages. Choose the plan that best suits your business needs and budget.


Rating on G2 – 4.4/5

Clearbit identifies the best targets based on the ideal customer profile. It is a marketing-first data supplier offering technographic and firmographic data of prospects. Businesses can use its over 100 B2B attributes to build their targeted contact list.

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (2)

It offers access to more than 200 million contacts across 20 million companies. The platform integrates seamlessly with HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot, and Segment. It combines customer intent with company data to give users a complete picture of their target market.


  • Easy access to over 200 million contacts
  • Gives an option of opening a free account to its users
  • Offers more than 100 B2B attributes
  • Precise B2B targeting and data-driven prospecting


Clearbit offers three plans:

  • Free – Free now and forever with no credit card required – $0
  • Growth – Between $50 and $275
  • Business – Contact their sales team for custom prices


Rating on G2 – 4.3/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (3)

Ampliz is an excellent tool for people targeting the healthcare sector. It also offers accurate and updated global B2B data to fuel its customers’ sales pipelines. Ampliz creates statistics and data files using information obtained from trustworthy sources, such as publicly accessible data, B2B directories, etc.

The platform primarily focuses on the APAC market with an extensive and GDPR-compliant database. With its dependable and authentic dataset of potential customers, Ampliz guarantees the maximum response rate for email marketing campaigns.


  • Large database of healthcare professionals
  • Customers retain the right of the obtained data
  • Accurate and real-time updation of data


Ampliz offers different plans for healthcare and global B2B data users:

  • For healthcare – contact their sales team
  • For global B2B –
    • Free – $0
    • Monthly – $50
    • Yearly – $480


Rating on G2 – 4.4/5

ZoomInfo is used by marketing and sales teams to target the right audience and improve their outreach strategies. It gathers data from different sources on a real-time basis. Companies can use their search filters to find high-quality leads and create robust prospect lists. 

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (4)

It has one of the largest databases in the market, with more than 150 verified email addresses and 65 million direct phone numbers. Businesses can find contact details of organizations, certifications, employee details, revenues, social media engagement, and online presence, to name a few. 


  • Real-time data verification
  • Firmographic and technographic data
  • Purchase intent data
  • Contact syncing with CRM


  • ZoomInfo has different plans tailored to individual business needs. Contact their sales team to get a custom quote.

Blue Mail Media

Rating on G2 – 4.8/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (5)

With over 100 million records, Blue Mail Media provides precise data to support multi-channel marketing and sales initiatives. It offers companies unmatched high volume and quality data. Through their platform, you can find information related to various industries, their revenue, company size, job titles, location, etc.   

Businesses can also use their technical and human resources to manage email campaigns in a competent way.  


  • Industrial technological, professional, and healthcare insights
  • Email content scheduling, design, and tracking services
  • Area-focused targeting


  • Since they offer multiple services, the prices vary based on specific business requirements.


Rating on G2 – 4.8/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (6)

CUFinder offers comprehensive data with a focus on specific industries. Sales teams can use their accurate and up-to-date information to connect with targeted companies. They also regularly offer detailed analyses and reports for making informed decisions. 

With the platform’s unique and innovative strategy, businesses can now also connect with potential partners across academic domains. Besides, CUFinder seamlessly integrates with various CRMs, such as ZOHO, for efficient performance.


  • 28 bulk enrichment services
  • API and Chrome extension
  • Easy downloads in XLSX and CSV files
  • CCPA and GDPR-aligned data


  • Free – $0 with no credit card required
  • Growth – $39 suitable for small businesses
  • Premium – $79 with exclusive features
  • Unlimited – $119


Rating on G2 – 3.8/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (7)

CIENCE is an insightful sales platform offering over 300 million industry contacts. You can create an efficient sales and marketing plan tailored to your requirements with access to accurate data.

The platform validates data through outbound outreach with the help of technographic and demographic records, company information, trigger events, phone numbers, etc. 

You can also turn ordinary contact lists into smart lists through their deep-dive profile analysis and data enrichment feature.


  • 80% direct dial coverage
  • Advanced data intelligence
  • Data for 149 industries
  • Customized search features


  • CIENCE offers three plans – GoShow, GeoPlatform, and GoPlatform+ Services

Contact their sales team for custom pricing based on your business needs.

Datamatics Business Solutions

Rating on G2 – 4.3/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (8)

Enhance your outcomes and ROI with Datamatics’ data for over 250 industries. The platform offers a vast repository of over 40 million verified and up-to-date contacts. They also use modern-day technology to offer hybrid data cleansing processes and DataLabs. 

Aside from lead creation, Datamatics provides businesses with other services, such as bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, corporate finance, and share transfers.


  • B2B account profiling and custom data
  • 99% accurate data
  • AI-powered data solutions
  • Business research and analysis


  • Contact the sales team for pricing.


Rating on G2 – 4.4/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (9)

Kaspr is a comprehensive tool offering instant access to both corporate and personal data. Sales teams can use it as a prospecting tool to build outreach sequences on LinkedIn. While monitoring and automating your leads, you can obtain precise data in real-time. 

Moreover, with their LinkedIn extension, companies can download bulk contact information instantly. This information is extracted from posts, searches, events, and groups on Linkedin. 

With Kaspr, you can easily access verified phone numbers, emails, and other relevant data to convert leads into clients.


  • Compatible with other CRMs and tech stacks
  • Access unlimited B2B email addresses
  • CCPA and GDPR-compliant data
  • Data filtered and verified from different sources


  • Free plan – $0 for one user
  • Starter – $49 for one user
  • Business – $79 for one user
  • Organization – $99 for five users


Rating on G2 – 4.7/5

UpLead offers its customers the flexibility of searching data using more than 50 filters. It claims 95% accurate data that can easily be filtered using location, job title, industry, or company size. 

Companies can access over 140 million verified B2B email addresses from more than 200 countries, making it ideal for all businesses.

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (10)

The competitor insights, ABM marketing apps, and technology tracking systems further enhance the data value for marketing teams.


  • 95% data accuracy
  • Leads available on a real-time basis
  • Predictive modeling, data enrichment, and intent data triggers for sales intelligence


  • Free trial – $0 for seven days
  • Essentials – $99
  • Plus – $199
  • Professional – Contact the sales team for custom plans


Rating on G2 – 4.6/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (11)

Cognism is your go-to platform for boosting sales with an updated B2B database. It boasts the significant mobile phone coverage in the US and provides unlimited data views. Get hands-on decision-makers’ data to take your business to the next level with its web application and browser plugin.

Additionally, it is easy to integrate with CRM platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, and others.


  • Verified email addresses and mobile numbers of decision makers
  • Diamond verified contact information with 98% accuracy
  • Sales trigger alerts and advanced contextual data points
  • Intent and EMEA-compliant data


  • Custom plans tailored to individual business goals.


Rating on G2 – 4.6/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (12)

Reply is perfect for BDRs, SDRs, marketers, sales leaders, agencies, and recruiters to find prospects and engage through multiple channels. Using a free database of over 140 million contacts, businesses can create tailored prospect lists and schedule calls directly from the platform. 

Reply helps companies optimize their sales process by automating it, resulting in up to 40% time savings for the SDR team.


  • Real-time email verification
  • Generate unique email templates
  • Design complex outreach strategies
  • Respond to incoming emails on the customer’s behalf


  • Free – $0
  • Starter – $60
  • Professional – $90
  • Custom – Contact sales team


Rating on G2 – 4.2/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (13)

LeadIQ helps companies find competent prospects using information from public and private sources. Businesses can track sales triggers and write personalized emails using their AI email generator. LeadIQ has a vast database of verified contacts across different industries.  

The database comprises open data, partnerships with data vendors, and a user community of individuals who have linked their inboxes to the platform. 

Additionally, it integrates easily with CRMs to make work easier by automating tasks, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Gong, etc.


  • Quality testing of all new prospects
  • Sales trigger tracking
  • Compatible with LinkedIn sales navigator
  • Availability of analytics dashboard


  • Freemium – $0
  • Essential – $39
  • Pro – $79
  • Enterprise – Contact the sales team for custom plans


Rating on G2 – 4.8/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (14)

Apollo offers an extensive database with over 200 search attributes to build qualified prospect lists. With automated procedures, it is an excellent option for small firms to interact with prospects hassle-free. It also has a LinkedIn scraper, real-time updates, and data enrichment options.

Apollo is perfect for SaaS companies looking for the best platform for sales and marketing intelligence. Two notable elements are the firmographic properties and the technology tracking.


  • More than 200 search attributes
  • Available as a Chrome extension
  • LeadSift intent data
  • Seamless CRM integration


  • Free – $0
  • Basic – $49
  • Professional – $79
  • Organizational – $119


Rating on G2 – 4.3/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (15)

Lusha offers verified data to streamline sales and marketing strategies, such as phone numbers and emails. Using the tool’s fine-tuned targeting criteria, you can identify the top leads in over 60 million contacts. It is GDPR compliant, ensuring leads are always accurate and up-to-date.

There is a browser extension for Lusha that is compatible with Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. With its robust API, you can also automatically update your CRM data, create saved searches, and bulk-enrich lists.


  • Over 100 million business profiles
  • More than 12 contact attributes
  • Offers usage analytics
  • Automated data enrichment


  • Free – $0
  • Pro – $29
  • Premium – $51
  • Scale – Custom price plans


Rating on G2 – 4.6/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (16)

Waalaxy is an excellent email and LinkedIn prospecting tool. It can automatically contact over 100 leads daily while setting up marketing campaigns in minutes. It also offers a built-in inbox and manages LinkedIn conversations on its customer’s behalf.  

Businesses can also craft templates, schedule meetings, and stay organized with its user-friendly interface. Besides, they can sync data on their preferred CRM and capture essential prospect details easily.


  • Integrated email finder
  • Built-in inbox
  • Send automated invitations and messages on Linkedln using automated sequences


  • Free – €0
  • Advanced – €56
  • Business – €80


Rating on G2 – 4.6/5

Top B2B Data Providers For Accurate Contact Information (17)

Adapt is a comprehensive platform offering tools to empower sales and marketing teams’ efforts. It has an extensive database of over 30 million companies and 150 million contacts.

Using Chrome extension, businesses can find phone numbers and emails directly from company websites or LinkedIn.

They serve over 300,000 users across different industries, such as transport, government, finance, software, etc. Data segregation is also provided to its clients according to industry, geography, departments, employee and business turnover.


  • Auto alerts on data updates
  • CRM integration
  • Over 25 search filters
  • A weekly update of more than 2 million database


  • Contact the sales team for pricing.


Prospecting can be a challenging task if you do not have adequate tools. B2B data providers can help you connect with potential customers with their extensive database. You should pick a provider that can understand your requirements, such as GrowMeOrganic.

Partnering with us will guarantee you targeted and data-driven strategies to strengthen your marketing efforts. We can help you make the right move at the right time.

Get Access to the Largest B2B Database.

If you need reliable and accurate B2B leads, switch to GrowMeOrganic for all your needs. They regularly update their database, ensuring your outreach is on the spot. 

But what sets GrowMeOrganic apart?  It checks all the boxes: All in One, Unlimited Credits, Yet Affordable!

The company provides top-quality data with strict policies against incomplete or outdated information. With unlimited credits and affordable pricing, you have access to everything you need. Moreover, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial with no credit card information required 

Schedule a demo call now.

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