What are Cold Emails and How To Send them?

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Sending cold emails is a much easier part as you just need to type out an email, find an email address, and click send. The important thing is to deliver a one-to-one email that renders a high response rate. 

Your customers receive tons of emails every day. So, they are going to open your emails if they feel personalized. This also delivers high click-through rates. 

That is why we have curated these pieces of advice to help you get the most out of your next outreach cold emails campaign.

What are Cold Emails?

A cold email is a personalized, one-to-one message that is sent to a receiver whom you don’t know for some particular reasons prior. For instance, sending emails to HR professionals for internships or a salesman sending mass emails to unknown people to sell the products.

 What are Cold Emails

How To Send Cold Emails?

Buying Email Accounts & Warm-Up

Email warmups are a process to keep you out of the SPAM folder and send as many as up to 100,000 emails per day.

Create Many Google Workspace Accounts According To Your Need

You can start with the goal of sending 100,000 emails per day. So, calculate the number of Workspace accounts. Initially, you can create 150 Workspace accounts from your domain. 

Daily Email Limit: Number of accounts * 700

According to this formula, you will be able to send-105,000 emails per day.


SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are ways to authenticate your mail server and to prove to Internet service providers and other receiving mail servers that they are authorized to send an email. 

After setting up these, will prove to the email servers that the sender is legitimate and is not trying to spam. 

Cold Email Warm-Up

To set up your email warm-up strategy, send 2-3 emails from the newly created accounts. Though it takes time but is worth more. Your email warm-up schedule should be like this-

WeeksEmails Send/day
Week 110-20
Week 220-40
Week 340-80
Week 480-100
Week 5200
Week 6400
Week 7550
Week 8700

You can accomplish this by using growmeorganic. Growmeorganic warms up your email before sending, scaling, and replying. 

Start Sending Emails

After setting up an email warm-up, use growmeorganic to send massive email campaigns. For sending 5k Emails/month you just need to pay $49 per month.  

Check Inbox Rate

GrowMeOrganic has a helpful dashboard to give you a quick overview of all of your campaigns. From here you can check your inbox rates, reply rates, bounce rates, etc.

Email Sequence

Always follow a 3 step sequence with replies only to users that have not replied. Send Emails 2 and 3 as replies to the initial email.

Target your goal replies or clicks before writing your sequence. This will help you to know the initial email and your email follow-up sequence.

If your website conversion rates are good then you can get people to click. So, you can aim for clicks or else for replies. Also, avoid sending links in the initial warm-up emails. 

Make email lists

You should have an email list set up whom you want to target from your niche. It is always a  tedious and expensive task to allocate the time and budget needed to find the right targeting for ads, especially for social media. 

This targeted list is used as a custom audience for ads and as email lists for cold email sequences.

Specify Audience

You should know about the type of audience you want to target. For instance, they could be followers of a certain page or people that posted on a specific hashtag. 

Then growmeorganic email extractor uses advanced techniques and a couple of APIs to get emails, phone numbers, and, website links. Also, every email that is provided by GrowMeOrganic is GDPR compliant, verified, and working. No hard or soft bounces occur.


To make your business into a good position use a professional email address. Research your prospects, make your email signature easy to read, keep the email copy at a readable length and then test your emails. 

So, it is important to know the proper emailing etiquette to scale up your business. 

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