How to Use Amazon SES as your SMTP service?

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In this article, you will learn how to use Amazon SES as your SMTP service to start sending emails today. 

Let’s start together.

What is Amazon SES?

When you want to send emails or want to run email marketing campaigns you need an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server. Remember, the SMTP server is only responsible for sending your emails.

You can simply use Google SMTP like Gmail. But Google has certain limitations on how many emails you can send every day using Google.

For Amazon, we have an SMTP service called Amazon SES (simple email services). Amazon being such a big company is able to give us the cheapest email SMTP service in the world. You pay $0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send or receive using Amazon SES. It’s cheaper than any popular email service like MailChimp out there.

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Since it is a cloud service, most people think it’s really difficult to set up or use Amazon SES. I’d like to break this myth by walking you through the necessary one-time setup.

Once you set up Amazon SES, you’ll be able to connect your Amazon SMTP credentials (username and password) with GrowMeOrganic to send and track unlimited emails.

How To Configure Amazon SES?

It is important to know that you need a domain name (e.g.- to go with Amazon SES. So, whenever you want to build an SMTP server or want to use an SMTP service you need a domain name.

If you don’t have a domain, get a domain (Cost 10$-15$/Year) from GoDaddy, Hostinger, Namecheap, or any other domain provider you want.

How to buy a new domain from GoDaddy

Pro Tip: If you’re going to send a lot of cold emails, I’d recommend buying a new domain similar to the website domain name. We’re doing this to avoid your primary domain from ever getting blacklisted or penalized if something goes wrong. If you have a domain like, then you might choose a new domain like

In this article, we’ll take the example of GoDaddy to explain the whole setup, but it works nearly the same for any hosting provider.

To use Amazon Web Services-

  • Sign up if you don’t have an account.
  • Then, click on my account and it will take you to the AWS management console to sign in.

 Amazon Web Services

  • Enter your password and log in.

How to Use Amazon SES as your SMTP service

  • Go to services and search for SES and you will be able to find a simple email service.

search for SES

  • Click on it to open the SES management dashboard.

SES management dashboard

  • Then, add your domain to SES. So simply click on domains from the left bar and click Verify a New Domain.

add your domain to SES

  • Enter your domain. Let’s say your domain is h-y-me.
  • Check Generate DKIM settings so you can add DKIM values and click Verify This Domain.

Verify This Domain

  • This will give you some records to add to your DNS zone.
  • Now go to your hosting provider’s dashboard (e.g.- GoDaddy) and click on my domains so that you can add these values 
  • Go to the DNS Management for your domain. It might look different for different hosting provider (Here’s how you can find DNS Management for Hostinger, Hostgator)

 DNS management zone

  • Now In your Amazon SES dashboard, you need to copy and these text records.

add this text record

  • While copying the entry from Name in Amazon SES, don’t copy your domain name (e.g.- If record looks like, then you’ll only copy _amazonses and leave
  • Then go back to DNS management, add a text record, paste the hostname.

DNS management

  • Then copy the text value and paste it in the same way. Let’s copy a DKIM record, so copy everything except the domain name and create a cname record.

DKIM record

  • Simply say add again now select CNAME and under the hostname CNAME because this type is cname so, just copy this value and paste it in the same way and do this for all.

CNAME Record

  • You will be able to see three records and if you want to set the MX record also you can select MX. Then MX is the email server record for your domain.
  • Then click close and your domain will be verified soon.

So, you need to add your domain and wait maybe for 20 minutes or half an hour and AWS or Amazon will verify your domain.

Domain Records

Open The Limit

  • After verifying your domain you will be able to send only verified email addresses here because you will be set in the sandbox. 
  • let’s go to sending statistics and then go to another region (US east) and you’ll notice by default that you are set in the sandbox.

Open The Limit

  • So, you can only send verified emails and only 200 emails per day.
  • To unlock this limit simply Request Sending limit Increase by clicking on the button and this page will take you to options where you can select the mail type.
  • Just fill-up the form for your website and click Submit. Always describe why you want to increase this limit.

Service Limit Increase

  • Maybe after 24 hours to 48 hours, Amazon will reply and open the limit for you.
  • You can see it in US West Oregon. I opened the limit so now I can send around 50,000 emails per day. You can see 50 thousand emails remaining.

My Account Limit

So it’s very simple just add your domain, submits a request to open the limit and after 24 hours or 48 hours, Amazon will open the limit for you. You have a limit of 14 emails per second and 50,000 emails per day. 

Amazon SES Pricing 

Amazon is the cheapest SMTP or email service on this planet. You can send around 1,000 emails for only 0.1 dollars. That is you can send 10,000 emails for one dollar and 100,000 emails for $10.

Set SMTP settings or Credentials 

  • Go to SMTP settings and click create my SMTP credentials.

SMTP settings

  • Click create here and click show user SMTP credentials.
  • Then let’s open a notepad as an example to copy these credentials such as username and SMTP password.

SMTP credentials

  • To find the port and the host let’s go back and click on SMTP settings again. 
  • You can see we can use port 25, 465, or 587 and this is our server name so just copy your hostname and you can use this in the configuration.
  • Save this and you can use it now in GrowMeOrganic CRM to send emails.

Add this SMTP to GrowMeOrganic

1. Login to your GrowMeOrganic dashboard.

2. Go to  CRM > Senders (SMTP) > Connect a SMTP (sender)

How do I use my Gmail account to send emails with GrowMeOrganic? 3

Here’s the complete guide on how to send emails using GrowMeOrganic CRM

Check sending statistics

You can see delivery drags, bounces complaints, how many emails you sent per day.

For this go to the reputation dashboard and see your reputation. It’s important to be healthy if you want your emails to go into the inbox folder. If you have a lot of bounce rates then you may be blacklisted or blocked even by Amazon.

sending statistics

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