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10+ Best CMO Email List Providers in 2024

A tailored CMO email list from a reliable provider is what you need to sell your B2B services. Chief marketing officers, or CMOs, are essential decision-makers who push an organization’s marketing initiatives. For the sales team, getting in touch with them can be really significant.

You must have a customized CMO email list to close deals quickly. However, finding their information can be difficult as it is not posted on their LinkedIn profile or company website.

Getting CMO email lists from reputable companies, such as GrowMeOrganic, will support your marketing campaigns, help you save time and money, and encourage business expansion. This article will help you find the best companies for customized CMO email lists in 2024.

10+ Best CMO Email List Providers

Comparison Table:-

GrowMeOrganic (Recommended)Unlimited search & credits for finding B2B contacts$49 a month
CrunchbaseOffers prospect recommendations based on your unique activity, list, or territory.$29 a month
ZoominfoCohesive platform to link your marketing and sales teams with consumers across all channels.Connect for pricing
ContactOutPhone numbers and emails for 75% of professionals on LinkedIn.Free plan
RocketReachRobust email and phone coverage worldwide, with 90–98% of validated emails.INR 4,392 a month
OverloopCreates and enhances prospect lists from LinkedIn in a single click.$59 a month
Thomson Data75+ specialized segments to choose and build target lists.Connect for pricing
Apollo.ioIntegrates with CRMs to keep data aligned and synced.Free plan
Cognism16-step email verification process.Connect for pricing
KasprGDPR and CCPA-aligned databases.Free plan
AmplizOver 100 firmographic and contact filters to get potential leads.Free plan
Hunter.ioEmail verifier to reduce bounce rate and protect sender’s informationFree plan


Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- GrowMeOrganic

GrowMeOrganic is a B2B prospecting and all-in-one lead generation platform. We find contacts and help businesses connect with top executives, including CMOs, by searching verified email addresses with their names or company details.

Our comprehensive email list gives you access to over 15 million companies and 575 million professionals. Our platform is more than just an email finder. We assist with automated follow-ups and send customized cold emails to unlimited contacts. 

You can easily find the contact information of CMOs associated with any LinkedIn profile, group, or profile by using our LinkedIn Extension. You can also import CMO email addresses into other apps or automate LinkedIn outreach. 

We help in seamlessly growing your company network. Schedule a demo call now to learn more about our email finder tool.


  • CRM Integration – Our platform easily integrates with Webhooks, APIs, and software, such as Make, Zapier, and Pabbly, for smooth data flow.
  • Unlimited Credit – Each plan offers unlimited credits for unrestricted lead generation and conversion activities.
  • Search Filters—We find businesses and decision-makers using multiple search filters, such as location, name, or size. This helps us focus on potential clients with a customized approach.
  • Chrome Extension – We also offer a Chrome extension to extract information faster and from anywhere.

GrowMeOrganic Reviews


  • Starter – $49 a month
  • Growth (most popular) – $99 a month
  • Pro – $199 a month

You can save 20% by opting for an annual package. 


Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- Crunchbase

Crunchbase’s pro automated prospecting can find qualified leads and boost your sales pipelines. You can use filters like job titles to connect with the target audience.  

You can also export these contacts to perform search analysis. The platform also offers data on founding members, funding, industry trends, and mergers and acquisitions. 


  • Offers prospect recommendations based on your unique activity, list, or territory.
  • Easy integration with software like HubSpot or Salesforce.
  • Send prospects personalized emails using pre-made templates.


  • Starter – $29 a month
  • Pro (popular) – $49 a month
  • Enterprise – contact the sales team


Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a cloud-based, all-in-one GTM platform with an extensive B2B contact database. Its advanced analysis helps with a comprehensive understanding of decision-makers and potential customers.

The platform maintains an updated database using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. It always ensures the availability of accurate information for the target audience.


  • Cohesive platform to link your marketing and sales teams with consumers across all channels.
  • Conversion and ABM tools for modern-day marketing teams.
  • No-code data management tools for operation teams.


  • SalesOS – connect for pricing
  • MarketingOS – connect for pricing
  • TalentOS – connect for pricing


Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- ContactOut

ContactOut is a web tool that offers a browser extension for getting contact information from different web pages, including LinkedIn. It is helpful for salespeople, recruiters, and marketers who contact leads, candidates, and industry experts.

The platform offers instant access to over 300 million professionals from 30 million companies with verified details.


  • Phone numbers and emails for 75% of professionals on LinkedIn.
  • Generate personalized emails using AI tools.
  • Over 20 search filters to find the right prospect.


  • Free – $0
  • Sales – $99 a month
  • Recruiter – connect for pricing
  • Team/API – connect for pricing


Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- RocketReach

RocketReach finds emails and creates lists that are automatically updated based on factors like industry, title, talents, firm details, etc. The platform also offers AI-powered recommendations of potential customers you may be unaware of.

You can create your customized email list from a database of over 700 million professionals across 60 million companies.


  • Robust email and phone coverage worldwide, with 90–98% of validated emails.
  • Intent data of potential customers actively exploring solutions.
  • Integrate seamlessly with marketing automation or CRM systems such as HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.


  • Essentials – INR 4,392 a month
  • Pro – INR 14,833 a month
  • Ultimate – INR 29,748 a month


Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- Overloop

Overloop is a sales engagement platform that helps teams engage with prospects on their preferred channels for better outcomes. It locates email addresses, sends automatic emails, and monitors the email campaign’s effectiveness.

The platform creates personalized outbound campaigns combining LinkedIn automation, cold emails, and cold calls.


  • Creates and enhances prospect lists from LinkedIn in a single click.
  • One app to handle every aspect of your sales process, from prospecting to closing.
  • Easy integration with tools like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, etc.


  • Startup – $59 a month
  • Growth – $99 a month
  • Enterprise – $149 a month

Thomson Data

Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- Thomson data

Thomson Data offers a custom email list building with multiple search filters, such as job titles, geography, technology, revenue size, etc. Using their account profiling, the sales team can connect with the right prospect.

They have an extensive database of over 75 million B2B contacts verified regularly by more than 150 experts to support your marketing campaigns.


  • 75+ specialized segments to choose and build target lists.
  • Real-time insight for accurate profiling.
  • GDPR-aligned and compliant data.


  • Connect for pricing


Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- Apollo.io

Apollo.io has an extensive contact database across industries, making searching and connecting with potential clients easy. It can search and prioritize high-value accounts and leads using 65+ filters.

The platform also offers email monitoring and sequencing, allowing you to customize and track email campaigns’ effectiveness.  


  • Integrates with CRMs to keep data aligned and synced.
  • Sales insights and analytics to improve performance.
  • Apollo API allows you to search, edit, and enhance systems.


  • Free – $0
  • Basic – $59 a month
  • Professional – $99 a month
  • Organization – $119 a month


Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- Cignism

Cognism offers GDPR-aligned and compliant mailing lists from an extensive global database. It includes purchase intent data, allowing you to send tailored emails when your prospects search for a similar solution.

The platform uses AI algorithms, human verification, and targeted mobile phone numbers to ensure the accuracy of their data.


  • APAC, EMEA, and NAM coverage.
  • 16-step email verification process.
  • Smooth interactions with HubSpot, Outreach, Salesforce, etc. 


  • Connect for pricing


Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- Kaspr.io

Kaspr is an all-in-one platform that manages your leads and tasks, sends emails and LinkedIn invites, and automates workflows from one location.

You can access prospects’ contact information by opening the Kaspr Extension on any LinkedIn profile, list, group, event, or post. The extension also allows you to export email lists or automate LinkedIn outreach without leaving the platform.


  • GDPR and CCPA-aligned databases.
  • Real-time data verification and update.
  • Enrichment APIs to incomplete target prospect lists.


  • Free – $0
  • Starter – $65 a month
  • Business – $99 a month
  • Organization – $99 a month


Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- Ampliz

Ampliz manages business data, sends emails, generates leads, accesses client databases, and analyzes results. The platform sources data from government listings and records, corporate events, trade shows, third-party vendors, and annual reports.

Ampliz enhances lead generation by finding, interacting with, and rating potential leads. This helps customize outreach and marketing campaigns.


  • Over 100 firmographic and contact filters to get potential leads.
  • Ampliz SalesBuddy for prospect fit score and company profile.
  • Buyer’s intent and business data for priority accounts.


  • Free – $0
  • Monthly – $50


Best Companies for CMO Email Lists:- Hunter.io

Hunter.io’s email finder finds leads using name and company domain. The platform also offers bulk search by uploading CSV or TXT files of leads in return for verified email addresses.

It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and proprietary technology to search, verify, and enrich contact information.


  • Email verifier to reduce bounce rate and protect sender’s information.
  • Search and verify emails directly on Google Sheets.
  • Cold email campaign for sending personalized emails. 


  • Free – $0
  • Starter – $49 a month
  • Growth – $149 a month
  • Business – $499 a month


A carefully selected CMO email list paves the way for success in this competitive market. A customized list allows you to find precise and targeted contacts with whom you can communicate directly. These people are potential decision-makers.

Selecting a reputable provider, like GrowMeOrganic, will guarantee your outreach’s integrity and compliance and boost your marketing initiatives. Start 14-Days FREE Trial and connect with key decision-makers today.


  1. Why do you need a CMO email list?

A CMO email list gives you direct access to powerful Chief Marketing Officers, who are crucial for developing strategic alliances, promoting creativity, and boosting marketing initiatives.

  1. How is a CMO list generated?

A CMO list is generated through data aggregation, industry knowledge, and thorough research.

  1. What’s the best way to get a CMO email list? 

Reputable email list providers are the most efficient source of CMO email lists. They can help leverage the following:

  • Targeted criteria
  • Professional networks
  • Validation processes
  1. How to choose the best CMO email list provider?

You can choose the finest CMO email list supplier by evaluating the following things:

  • Data quality
  • Industry knowledge
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Customer testimonials.

Get Your CMO Email List from GrowMeOrganic

Choosing the right CMO email list provider can greatly impact your marketing campaigns and help you achieve a speedy ROI. 

You can reach your target audience, boost engagement, and accelerate conversions by selecting GrowMeOrganic. We provide high-quality CMO email lists. 

Sign up for the free trial now and build customized email lists to expand your business today.

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