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Lead Generation Platforms

21 Best Lead Generation Platforms in 2024

Struggling to find quality leads? You’re not alone! But with the right tools, lead generation can be easy. 

Lead generation remains an important task for B2B marketers, with 91% citing that lead generation is their primary goal in 2023. 

This comprehensive guide unveils 21 of the most effective lead generation platforms across diverse categories.

Go beyond industry giants and discover hidden gems. We have gone deep into each platform, highlighting unique features, pricing points, and strategies to skyrocket your conversion rates.

Remember, the right tool can transform your website visitors into loyal customers. Free yourself from manual efforts. Explore these top 21 platforms, transform your approach, and let GrowMeOrganic lead the way.

Lead Generation Platform

How To Choose the Right Lead Generation Tool?

In lead generation, choosing the right tools is crucial. Here are fundamental platforms to integrate into your strategy:

  • Lead Databases & Sales Intelligence Tools:- Use tools that offer extensive contact databases, aiding in targeting relevant accounts aligned with the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  • CRM Systems:- Employ platforms that provide robust lead generation features, facilitating the capturing, managing, and nurturing leads in the sales pipeline.
  • Marketing Automation Platforms:- Leverage automation tools to streamline tasks like lead scoring and email marketing, enhancing lead generation and qualification.
  • Lead Capture & Form Builders:- Enhance lead-capturing capabilities with tools that create appealing forms and integrate with your marketing systems.
  • Web Analytics Tools:- Use analytics tools that offer insights into visitor behavior, allowing website traffic analysis to optimize lead-generation strategies.

21 Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation

Comparison Matrix:-

Lead Generation PlatformFeaturesStarting PriceFree Trial
GrowMeOrganic (Recommended)Unlimited LinkedIn contacts export.
⚡ Connect with other professionals in automation.
Unlimited credits on all its features.
$39 per month14 days
Ortto⚡ Multichannel Touchpoints
⚡ Advanced Segmentation Options
⚡ Customer Journey Analytics
$599 per month14 days
OptinMonster⚡ Mobile-Optimized Forms
⚡ A/B Testing
⚡ Exit-Intent® Technology
$16 per monthNo
Zoho CRM⚡ Sales Automation
⚡ Mobile Access
⚡ Pipeline Management
$20 per month15 days
Kaspr⚡ Streamlined Prospecting
⚡ Verified Contact Data
$65 per monthAvailable
Keap⚡ Lead Capture Forms and Scoring
⚡ Sales Pipeline Management
⚡ Email Marketing Campaigns
$199 per month14 days
Agile CRM⚡ Analytics for Success Tracking
⚡ Social Media Integration
⚡ Lead Scoring and Workflow Automation
$8.99 per monthAvailable
Cognism⚡ Diamond Data® Functionality
⚡ Intent Data Signals
⚡ GDPR Compliance
LeadPages⚡ A/B Testing for Optimization
⚡ Pop-Up Creation
⚡ User-Friendly Editor and Templates
$49 per month14 days
Lusha⚡ Contact Verification with Lusha’s Data
⚡ Chrome Extension for Extraction
⚡ CRM Integration
$29 per monthAvailable
ActiveCampaign for sales⚡ Automated Task Assignment
⚡ Personalized Email Outreach
⚡ Pipeline Tracking
$29 per month14 days
UpLead⚡ Accurate Contact Database
⚡ Data Enrichment
⚡ CRM Integrations
$99 per monthAvailable
Unbounce⚡ AI-Powered Campaign Creation
⚡ Drag-and-Drop Builder
⚡ Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR)
$99 per month14 days
Adobe Marketo Engage⚡ Cross-Channel Lead Generation
⚡ Highly Personalized Marketing Emails
⚡ Multi-Touch Attribution Measurement
Sales Navigator⚡ Teamlink Feature
⚡ Advanced Search Filters
⚡ New Contacts Feature
Custom30 days
Chili Piper⚡ Lead Routing
⚡ One-Click Meeting Scheduling
⚡ Automated Handoff Processes
$22.5 per monthNo
Vidyard⚡ Personalized Video Creation
⚡ Demos and Walkthroughs
⚡ VideoAnalytics and Calls-to-Action (CTAs)
$19 per monthAvailable
Brevo⚡ Multichannel Engagement Deal Tracking and Pipeline Management
⚡ Automation and Customer Insights
$25 per month300 emails/day
MailChimp⚡ Customer Journey Automation
⚡ AI and AnalyticsIntegration Capabilities
$9.21 per monthAvailable
HubSpot Sales Hub⚡ Advanced CRM Platform
⚡ Integration Capabilities
⚡ Reporting and Analytics
$20 per monthAvailable
Pipedrive⚡ Visual Sales Pipeline
⚡ Activity Reminders
⚡ Detailed Reporting Dashboard
$9.9 per month14 days


G2 rating 4.1/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (1)

At GrowMeOrganic, we’re your go-to platform for turbocharging your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn. Our Chrome extension simplifies the process of extracting leads from LinkedIn search results, thanks to our cutting-edge Automation feature. 

No need to worry about limits or constraints – search for as many LinkedIn prospects as you want. Plus, we offer unlimited access to our extensive database of 575 million+ verified professional emails from over 30 million companies worldwide. 

GrowMeOrganic offers unlimited credits on all its features. By simplifying the data collection process, GrowMeOrganic is essential for ensuring B2B success.

Features of GrowMeOrganic:-

Find Prospects From 30M+ Database

  • Access a vast database with 30M+ companies and 575M+ verified professional B2B emails.
  • Explore companies from any industry and country, including LinkedIn page, website, and location.
  • Find all employees’ emails using the employee email finder within the platform.

Find LinkedIn Prospects Email

  • Export unlimited contacts from potential customers in LinkedIn search results.
  • Connect with leads through automated personalized messages.
  • Download contacts in CSV format via the dashboard.

Google My Business

  • Ensures visibility on local map listings in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Export B2C business contacts from global Google My Business listings.
  • Locate local business information on Google Maps by city, keyword, and country.

These features make GrowMeOrganic a comprehensive and powerful tool for efficient lead generation.

GrowMeOrganic Reviews


Users Allowed15Unlimited
Contact exports/month2kUnlimitedUnlimited
Emails sent/month5kUnlimitedUnlimited
Prospects/monthConnect with 200UnlimitedUnlimited
SupportDocs and VideoDocs, Video, and ChatDocs, Video, Chat, and On-Call
Active Campaigns5UnlimitedUnlimited


G2 rating 4.3/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (2)

Ortto is a marketing automation platform. It assists users in engaging leads, managing customer data, and mapping the buyer journey. Tools like SMS marketing and live chat provide a comprehensive suite for businesses.


  • Ortto facilitates customer engagement through various touchpoints. It ensures a comprehensive and personalized interaction strategy.
  • The platform allows users to tailor their marketing efforts based on specific criteria.
  • Ortto provides analytics tools for tracking and analyzing the customer journey. It provides insights for optimizing marketing strategies.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan available for 14 days.
  • Pricing: Ortto plans start at $599 per month.


G2 rating 4.3/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (3)

OptinMonster is a lead generation and conversion software. It helps businesses convert website visitors into customers. Businesses of all sizes and industries use it. It enhances website conversions and improves lead-generation efforts.


  • OptinMonster provides platforms optimized for mobile devices. It ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience for visitors across different platforms.
  • The platform offers A/B testing functionality. It allows businesses to experiment and identify the most effective strategies for increasing website conversions.
  • OptinMonster incorporates Exit-Intent® Technology. It captures leads when users are about to leave a website and maximizes conversion opportunities.


  • Free Plan: There is no free plan available, but there is a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Pricing: OptinMonster plans start from $16 per month.

Zoho CRM

G2 rating 4.0/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (4)

Zoho CRM helps users manage customer interactions, track leads, automate sales processes, and streamline customer support. It provides a centralized platform for storing and organizing customer information.


  • Zoho CRM offers sales automation features for lead assignments and follow-up reminders. It enhances the efficiency of the sales team.
  • Users can access Zoho CRM on iOS and Android devices. It ensures flexibility and convenience in managing customer interactions.
  • The platform includes robust pipeline management capabilities, allowing businesses to track deals’ progress.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan available for 15 days.
  • Pricing: Zoho CRM plans start at $20 per month.


G2 rating 4.2/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (5)

Keap is designed for small businesses. It is a CRM and marketing software that centralizes customer data, automates marketing campaigns, and streamlines sales processes. Personalized messages enhance outreach to customers.


  • Keap provides lead capture forms and scoring features. It ensures businesses capture valuable leads and prioritize them effectively.
  • The platform includes robust sales pipeline management capabilities. It facilitates a clear and organized approach to sales processes.
  • Keap enables businesses to run effective email marketing campaigns. it fosters communication and engagement with their audience.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan available for 14 days.
  • Pricing: Keap plans start at $199 per month.

Agile CRM

G2 rating 4.0/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (6)

Agile CRM is a customer relationship management software. It streamlines CRM processes by providing tools for contact management, lead scoring, email marketing, and more.


  • Agile CRM enables users to track the success of their marketing and sales efforts.
  • The platform facilitates customer engagement through seamless integration with social media channels.
  • Agile CRM incorporates lead-scoring mechanisms and workflow automation.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan available for ten users.
  • Pricing: Agile CRM plans start from $8.99 per month.


G2 rating 4.3/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (7)

Leadpages is a conversion software that simplifies the creation of high-converting landing pages. Access various tools to generate leads, increase conversions, and grow your customer base.


  • Leadpages offers A/B testing functionality, allowing users to experiment with different landing page variations, This helps to identify the most effective ones for lead generation.
  • Users can easily create pop-ups to capture attention and engage visitors.
  • Leadpages provides a user-friendly editor and a selection of professionally designed templates. 


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan with a 14-day free trial.
  • Pricing: Leadpages plans start from $49 per month.


G2 rating 4.3/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (8)

Lusha provides contact data through its browser extension and web app. Quickly find the contact information of desired individuals, including job titles, company names, and social media profiles, aiding in tailored outreach.


  • Lusha enables users to verify contact details using its reliable data sources. It ensures accuracy in outreach efforts.
  • With a Chrome Extension, Lusha simplifies extracting contact details while browsing various platforms.
  • Lusha integrates with various CRMs and sales tools, enhancing its utility for sales professionals.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan available with five credits.
  • Pricing: Lusha plans start from $29 per month.


G2 rating 4.7/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (9)

UpLead is a prospecting tool that helps users find quality leads. Utilize 50+ search filters to uncover profiles matching your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and leverage intent data to identify active customers.


  • UpLead provides users with an accurate contact database. It ensures the quality of leads discovered through the platform.
  • The tool enhances the depth of information available about prospects.
  • UpLead integrates with popular CRMs and other sales apps, facilitating a smooth workflow for sales teams.


  • FreePlan: There is a free plan with five credits.
  • Pricing: UpLead plans start at $99 per month.

ActiveCampaign for Sales

G2 rating 4.5/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (10)

ActiveCampaign streamlines sales automation, allowing users to close more deals and save time on manual processes. Manage pipelines, automate tasks, and efficiently conduct email outreach, supported by 900+ app integrations.


  • ActiveCampaign automates task assignments for subsequent sales actions.
  • Users can send personalized email outreach for successful conversions.
  • The platform enables detailed tracking of interactions and lead positions within the sales pipeline.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan available for 14 days.
  • Pricing: ActiveCampaign plans start from $29 per month.


G2 rating 4.4/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (11)

Unbounce is an AI-powered landing page builder that simplifies lead-generation tactics. Marketing teams can create optimized landing pages in minutes, enhancing lead generation from various channels.


  • Unbounce employs AI to streamline campaign creation. It ensures efficiency and effectiveness in lead generation efforts.
  • Teams can effortlessly design landing pages tailored to their campaigns without coding.
  • Unbounce offers Dynamic Text Replacement for paid marketing campaigns.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan available for 14 days.
  • Pricing: Unbounce plans start at $99 per month.

Marketo Engage Adobe

G2 rating 4.1/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (12)

Marketo Engage Adobe is a lead generation platform that engages leads through automated email communication. It supports tasks such as measuring attribution and dispatching personalized emails. Its key features include:


  • Advanced lead generation proficiency is demonstrated through cross-channel experiences.
  • Utilize artificial intelligence to construct predictive audiences and segments.
  • Tailor experiences through proactive listening and the delivery of triggered content.


  • Free Plan: There is no free plan.
  • Pricing: They have custom pricing.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

G2 rating 4.3/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (13)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a crucial prospecting platform for sales reps. With easy browsing and list-building capabilities, it offers features like saved searches, list creation, and contact alerts based on set criteria.


  • Sales Navigator facilitates the discovery of prospective customers through your network and enhances the quality of lead engagement.
  • Sales Navigator offers over 40 advanced search filters, empowering users to prioritize and target accounts.
  • The platform provides a New Contacts feature, notifying users when new prospects meet specific criteria and ensuring timely engagement.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan available for 30 days.
  • Pricing: Custom pricing plans.

Chili Piper

G2 rating 4.6/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (14)

Revenue teams leverage Chili Piper to book meetings with prospects swiftly. This booking platform helps route leads, send them to the right representative, and automate handoff processes.


  • Chili Piper enables the seamless routing of leads from web forms to the right representative.
  • The platform simplifies the meeting scheduling process with a one-click functionality.
  • Chili Piper automates the handoff processes, streamlining team interactions and ensuring a smooth transition from lead capture to sales engagement.


  • Free Plan: There is no free plan available.
  • Pricing: Chili Piper plans to start at $22.5 per month.


G2 rating 4.5/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (15)

Vidyard aids B2B prospecting by creating and sharing personalized videos that stand out in the prospect’s inbox. Easily share demos, reduce back-and-forth, and enhance lead generation efforts.


  • Vidyard allows users to create and share personalized videos, making sales communications more engaging and effective.
  • SDRs can easily share demos and walkthroughs, guiding potential buyers through decision-making and reducing back-and-forth communication.
  • Vidyard provides detailed analytics to track video views, and users can incorporate video CTAs to guide prospects toward the next steps.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan with up to 25 videos in your library.
  • Pricing: Vidyard plans start from $19 per month.


G2 rating 4.5/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (16)

Brevo is a lead generation software that facilitates opportunities across email, SMS, and chat. Users can keep track of deal tracking, pipeline management, automation, and customer insights.


  • Brevo facilitates lead generation through email, SMS, and chat, allowing for a versatile and practical approach.
  • The software provides robust deal tracking and pipeline management features.
  • Brevo empowers sales teams with automation capabilities, automating repetitive tasks like meeting reminders and follow-ups. 


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan offering 300 emails/day and more.
  • Pricing: Brevo plans to start from $25 per month.


G2 rating 4.3/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (17)

Mailchimp aligns with the buyer’s journey by setting up email triggers based on customer behavior. Utilize pre-built journeys for cross-selling, re-engaging existing customers, and discovering new ones.


  • Mailchimp facilitates automation aligned with the customer journey. It ensures timely and relevant communication with subscribers.
  • Leverage Mailchimp’s AI and analytics tools to review campaign performance.
  • Mailchimp seamlessly integrates with core tools such as Zapier, Eventbrite, and Canva.


  • Free Plan: there is a free plan available with pre-built email templates.
  • Pricing: Mailchimp plans start from $9.21 per month.

HubSpot Sales Hub

G2 rating 4.4/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (18)

The HubSpot Sales Hub provides SDRs with a comprehensive CRM platform and engaging tools. Manage your pipeline, send emails, and track leads’ progress in the sales process. 


  • HubSpot Sales Hub provides a sophisticated CRM platform with powerful features. They cater to the specific needs of Sales Development Representatives.
  • HubSpot Sales Hub ensures a cohesive workflow by connecting with various applications and services.
  • Gain insights into your sales performance with detailed reporting and analytics.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan which is free forever with limited features.
  • Pricing: HubSpot Sales Hub plans start from $20 per month.


G2 rating 4.2/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (19)

Pipedrive is a versatile CRM and sales pipeline management software. It enables users to set up sales funnel stages, track progress with alerts, and analyze data for identifying opportunities. 


  • Pipedrive provides users with a clear, visual representation of their sales pipeline. It helps facilitate easy tracking and managing leads at different stages.
  • Stay on top of closing deals with Pipedrive’s activity reminders.
  • Pipedrive’s reporting dashboard allows users to track their goals and performance metrics.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan for 14 days.
  • Pricing: Pipedrive plans start from $9.90 per month.


G2 rating 4.7/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (20)

Cognism is a B2B lead generation platform that delivers sales intelligence and verified contact data. Within Cognism’s web application, diverse filters empower users to construct finely tailored lead lists. 


  • Cognism’s Diamond Data® ensures accuracy by providing manually verified mobile numbers.
  • Cognism goes beyond basic contact details by providing intent data signals and helping users identify prospects ready to make purchasing decisions.
  • Cognism follows GDPR compliance by regularly checking Do Not Call (DNC) lists across multiple countries.


  • Free Plan: There is no free plan, but 25 free leads are available.
  • Pricing: Tailored packages, pricing available on request.


G2 rating 4.4/5

Best Lead Generation Platforms for B2B Lead Generation (21)

Kaspr is a dynamic outbound lead generation tool designed for SDRs and recruiters. It simplifies prospecting by allowing users to unveil contact details with a single click on platforms like LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter Lite.


  • As an all-in-one prospecting solution, Kaspr provides users access to essential mobile numbers and email addresses. 
  • Kaspr ensures that users can build trust with their audience without credibility concerns.
  • Kaspr offers flexible workflow options, empowering users to customize their outreach strategies and export leads in bulk.


  • Free trial: Yes, with unlimited access to B2B email addresses forever!
  • Pricing: Kaspr plans to start from $65 per month.


Finding customers online brings business. For success in 2024, it’s essential to have your lead generation sorted. You need to be flexible, innovate, and look for the right lead-generation platform for steady growth. If you’re looking for an excellent company to start with, check out GrowMeOrganic

Get unlimited access to a 15M+ Company Database, and 575M+ verified professional B2B emails to find, sort, and reach your ideal prospects within a few seconds.


Q1: What makes a lead generation platform effective?

An effective lead generation platform integrates various strategies such as:

  • Laser Targeting: Find ideal prospects, not just names.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Go beyond basics with websites, and social profiles.
  • Automated Nurturing: Build relationships.
  • Measured Performance: Track, analyze, and improve.
  • Scalable Growth: Adapt to your team and budget.

Q2: Can small businesses benefit from lead generation platforms?

Absolutely! Many lead generation platforms cater to small businesses, providing low cost options. These platforms understand the unique challenges small enterprises face and offer tailored solutions.

Q3: How can businesses measure the effectiveness of their lead generation efforts?

Businesses can track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, lead quality, cost per lead, and return on investment (ROI) to assess the effectiveness of their lead generation campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Q4: How do integrated platforms enhance lead generation efficiency?

Integrated platforms streamline the lead generation process by combining various strategies. This synergy allows for a more comprehensive understanding of customer interactions and efficient data management.

Q5: Can businesses integrate lead generation platforms with their existing marketing tools and systems?

Yes, many lead generation platforms offer integrations with popular marketing tools and customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Zapier, allowing businesses to streamline their workflows and data management processes.

Get Access to the Best Leads Generation Platform

GrowMeOrganic is THE solution for businesses needing more leads for marketing endeavors. Renowned for providing reliable data, it ensures your outreach efforts are precise and effective. The  Email Finder Tool makes it easy to find verified emails with a list of names and companies. 

At GrowMeOrganic, we’re committed to maintaining an accurate and up-to-date B2B contact list, always. Use our B2B Enrichment to access over 30M+ Company databases, and 575M+ B2B emails.

Also with GrowMeOrganic, you can cut expenses by over $1000 per month.  Sign up for a 14-day free trial now and elevate your lead generation game. 

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