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15 Best B2B Data List Providers For Sales In 2024 

Knowing your customers and how to connect with them is important for business success. An ideal way is to have a list of target contacts. A B2B email list contains the email addresses of target clients. 

One way is to find and organize the information yourself. Another is purchasing a ready-made list from a provider. Doing it manually takes time, but buying a list speeds up the process. 

Find below 15 different B2B data list providers that cover various industries. It will help you reach the right audience quickly.

B2B email list CSV file

Top B2B Data List Provider For A Better Reach

Company NameStarting PriceKey FeatureFree Trial
GrowMeOrganic (Recommended)$49/monthUnlimited credits & export featureYes
DataCaptive$749/monthManually-verified dataNo
ZoomInfoCustom Buyer Intent DataYes
Megaleads$5995% Data AccuracyYes
CognismCustomInternational data coverageYes
Kaspr$65Unlimited B2B emailsYes
Apollo$59AI lead scoringYes
DemandScienceCustomQuality MQLsNo
6senseCustomRevenue AINo
Lead411$99Bombora intent dataYes
MedicaleadsCustomMedical emailsNo
Lusha$29Razor-sharp filtersYes
AdaptCustomReal-time dataYes
Seamless.aiCustomReal-time searchYes
LeadFuze147/monthData IntelligenceYes


With GrowMeOrganic’s vast database, you can access over 15 million companies and 575 million professionals. Boost engagement with verified B2B contact information like emails and phone numbers. Find unlimited data in seconds and prospect in bulk. 

GrowMeOrganic allows you to find your ideal prospects and sort them easily. We let you filter searches based on industry, company size, name, location, etc. 

Top B2B Data List Provider:- GrowMeOrganic

Find employee details of a particular business with GrowMeOrganic in seconds. You can also find a company’s website details simply using the company name. 

Whether you want to simplify lead generation or sales, GrowMeOrganic’s B2B data list can help. We find qualified leads and increase conversion chances. Having a B2B data list makes reaching new clients easier than ever.

GrowMeOrganic integrates with over 2000 apps for simplified workflow. This reduces manual data entry and minimizes human errors, saving much time. 

Whether you are a startup, marketing professional, or a sales rep, GrowMeOrganic is a potential B2B data provider. Save more than $1000/month on expensive prospecting & outreach platforms with it. 

Key Features of GrowMeOrganic –

  • Global DatabaseGrowMeOrganic has a global database of 15M+ companies and 575M+ professionals. It provides accurate data such as company details and contact information. 
  • Data FilteringExport businesses from any industry with GrowMeOrganic. Find them based on their size, location, name, etc. It helps businesses focus on potential clients and follow a tailored approach.
  • Unlimited CreditsThe platform offers unlimited credits on all its features. This gives uninterrupted business information for effective B2B strategies. 
  • Easy Data ExportExport data in CSV and XLS files in a few clicks. This allows businesses to import essential data into their CRM quickly. It enhances productivity and simplifies the sales process.
  • Chrome Extension—GrowMeOrganic’s Chrome extension makes the task even easier. Open the extension on any company website or LinkedIn to instantly access B2B contact information.
  • LinkedIn Prospecting—With GrowMeOrganic, extract bulk email addresses from LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn email finder tool complies with LinkedIn regulations for user privacy and safety. 

GrowMeOrganic Reviews

Pricing – 

  • The Starter plan costs $49/month for 2,000 B2B email enrichment, adding 7,000 contacts to CRM, etc., for a single user.
  • The Growth plan costs $99/month for unlimited B2B email enrichment, adding contacts to CRM, etc., for five users.
  • The Pro plan costs $199/month for unlimited B2B email enrichment, adding contacts to CRM, etc., for unlimited users.


Close deals easily with DataCaptive’s manually verified contact details. Its B2B data list contains active market prospects, and over 5,000 businesses trust DataCaptive for their prospecting requirements.

Reach your ideal clients with their accurate company and contact details. DataCaptive collects data from business journals, government directories, business seminars, etc. 

Top B2B Data List Provider:- DataCaptive

Key Features –

  • 180M+ emails and 133M+ C-level contacts
  • GDPR, CCPA, ACMA, CASL, and EDPS-compliant
  • The information includes names, job titles, addresses, cities, states, business categories, SIC codes, and other pertinent information.
  • Validate data every 45 days.

Pricing – 

  • The Essentials plan costs $749/month for 5,000 credits.
  • The Plus plan costs $1,499 for 12,000 credits.
  • The Professional plan costs $3,000 for 30,000 credits.


Get real-time data and insights with ZoomInfo. It is your go-to platform for your sales and marketing needs. The platform provides more than just data. It helps you learn whom to reach and how.

Over 35,000 businesses rely on ZoomInfo to identify, connect, and close more leads. From direct dials to verified emails, get the most authentic B2B data.

Top B2B Data List Provider:- Zoominfo

Key Features –

  • Offers 300+ company attributes for unlimited data combinations
  • Has buyer intent data
  • Integrates with popular MAT, CRM, and sales acceleration tools
  • Tracks key contacts and sends alerts upon job or role changes

Pricing – 

  • ZoomInfo offers custom pricing.


Build targeted email lists with Megaleads and boost sales. Get ready business email lists and help your sales team save time and effort.

Update your existing database easily with Megaleads’ comprehensive email and telephone information. With high data accuracy, experience fewer email bouncebacks. Also, get affordable rates without compromising on data quality.

Top B2B Data List Provider:- Megaleads

Key Features –

  • Offers a 95% data accuracy
  • Lets you download the data list as CSV files for easy integration
  • Has a global database, including high-level managers and executives
  • Provide B2B data lists at affordable rates

Pricing – 

  • The Silver plan costs $59/month for 1,000 credits.
  • The Gold plan costs $169/month for 5,000 credits.
  • The Platinum plan costs $279/month for 10,000 credits. 


With Cognism, you can easily find phone numbers and emails of target prospects. It offers verified data with unrestricted access. It integrates with popular CRMs and sales tools and suits small businesses, mid-size companies, and even larger enterprises.

Drift and Kelly are among Cognism’s popular customers. Cognism’s validated contact information ensures you do not contact the wrong clients. Use Cognism’s intent data to find interested buyers. 

Top B2B Data List Provider:- Cognism

Key Features –

  • Covers international markets like NAM, EMEA, and APAC
  • Integrates with Hubspot, Salesforce, utreach, etc.
  • Phone-verified emails, ensuring accurate data
  • Offers DNC-cleaned numbers

Pricing – 

  • Cognism offers custom pricing plans.


Get accurate data with a click with Kaspr. Founders, SDRs, and recruiters prefer Kaspr due to its authentic data. With millions of emails and phone numbers, it offers what you need. 

It comes with a Chrome extension, making data syncing more easier. Kaspr’s data is updated in real-time and verified against hundreds of providers. Save valuable time with Kaspr’s right B2B data and short onboarding. 

Top B2B Data List Provider:- Kaspr

Key Features –

  • Provides unlimited B2B email addresses
  • GDPR and CCPA-compliant
  • Chrome extension for easier prospecting
  • Allows data extraction in bulk

Pricing – 

  • The Starter plan costs $65/month for 100 phone credits, 5 direct email credits, etc.
  • The Business plan costs $99/month for 200 phone credits, 200 direct email credits, etc.
  • The Organization plan costs $99/month for 2,000 phone credits, 2,000 direct email credits, etc.


Find an up-to-date database with Apollo. Its database contains over 275M leads to win more deals. Create sales pipelines faster with Apollo’s email sequencing, meeting scheduler, and advanced analytics.

Data enrichment via Apollo keeps your CRM up to date. Besides, its AI assistance provides lead scores for better targeting. Add its Chrome extension and gather data faster than ever.

Top B2B Data List Provider:- Apollo.io

Key Features –

  • Provides numerous search filters like job change, company, buyer intent data, etc.
  • Lead evaluation based on AI scores
  • Allows meeting scheduling
  • Offers insights like emails delivered, calls made, etc.

Pricing – 

  • The Basic plan costs $59/month for 75 mobile credits, 1000 export credits, etc.
  • The Professional plan costs $99/month for 100 mobile credits, 2000 export credits, etc.
  • The Organization plan costs $149/month for 200 mobile credits, 4000 export credits, etc.


Access AI-powered B2B data with DemandScience. Its data factory offers the most accurate contact information. They update their first-party data monthly. The third-party data is verified from multiple sources.

Demandscience observes thousands of intent topics to enrich quality data. This platform provides updated and relevant data quickly to fill your sales pipeline. 

Top B2B Data List Provider:- DemandScience

Key Features –

  • Has a contact record of 570M+
  • Uses 15 sources for data enrichment
  • Offers an online calculator for ROI estimation
  • Provides leads matching your ICP

Pricing – 

  • Demandscience offers custom pricing.


The fastest-growing B2B companies trust 6sense for improved conversions. It offers the most relevant data, ensuring revenue increase. Powered by AI, it provides world-class intent data. It helps understand what buyers or decision-makers are looking for. 

6sense uses insights like website visits, keyword research, campaign activity, etc., to learn about prospect needs. It then finds ideal buyers based on job role, location, technology, etc.

Top B2B Data List Provider:- 6sense

Key Features –

  • Has 100M+ emails and 20M+ contact numbers
  • Allows converting contacts into a CSV list
  • Syncs data easily into CRMs
  • Uses predictive analytics to find ideal prospects

Pricing – 

  • Contact 6sense directly for pricing details.


Get unlimited Bombora intent data with Lead411. It eliminates pressure on sales teams by finding verified new leads. Lead411 uses both human assistance and email to verify contact information.

The platform offers more than prospect mobile numbers. With Lead411, you can get office numbers, headquarters contacts, and More. It uses sales intelligence and ensures you target the right businesses. 

Top B2B Data List Provider:- 411

Key Features –

  • Chrome extension for searching leads on LinkedIn and websites faster
  • Emails are verified by humans, SMTP, and email open
  • Uses AI to find the best prospect match
  • Emails are verified every 3 to 6 months

Pricing – 

  • The Basic plan costs $99/month for unlimited email views, 200 exports, etc.
  • The Enterprise plan has a custom pricing model. 


Connect with healthcare professionals globally. Get customized medical email addresses with MedicoLeads. It offers reliable and affordable mailing listings for the medical field.

You can select from various job titles like physicians, doctors, nurses, etc. MedicoLead provides data fields like departments, hospital type, etc., for better targeting. A combination of AI and machine learning tools is used to source reliable data.

Top B2B Data List Provider:- MedicoLeads

Key Features –

  • Data includes 10,07,033 doctors, 1,340,040 nurses, etc.
  • MedicoLeads offers 40+ data intelligence fields
  • Has an 85% email deliverability rate
  • Data fields have a 95% data accuracy

Pricing – 

  • MedicoLeads offers custom pricing. 


With Lusha, you can reach the decision-makers and close deals faster. With accurate B2B data, search filters, and easy CRM syncing, Lusha increases sales.

Find your ideal prospects using accurate emails, direct dials, etc. Lusha helps you easily enrich your CRM with the right data. Besides, it is the first ISO 27701-certified solution for sales intelligence. It offers the highest security standards.

Top B2B Data List Provider:- Lusha

Key Features –

  • CCPA and GDPR-compliant
  • Offers buyer intent data
  • Exports data lists into your CRM in one click
  • Lusha extension gets you instant information from Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc.

Pricing – 

  • The Pro plan costs $29/month for 480 credits.
  • The Premium plan costs $51/month for 960 credits.
  • The Scale plan has custom pricing. 


Provide authentic B2B data to your sales and marketing teams with Adapt. Quality customer support and easy setup make Adapt an ideal choice.

It offers industry-leading filters to reach the target audience easily. Adapt has data attributes like company number, email address, direct dials, etc. From globally verified data to alerts upon data updates, Adapt offers effective features. 

Top B2B Data List Provider:- Adapt

Key Features – 

  • Has a global database of over 200M contacts
  • Offers 25+ data attributes like names, numbers, emails, etc.
  • Real-time verification for B2B data
  • Refreshes 5M+ data daily

Pricing – 

  • Adapt offers customized plans for your specific needs.


Over 500,000+ businesses use Seamless.AI for easier prospecting. Its real-time search engine shortens sales cycles. Build a customized list of decision makers with Seamless.AI and boost your revenue 5-10X.

It helps spend less prospecting and more time selling. Seamless.AI integrates with tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, etc. It reduces manual data entry needs and increases productivity. 


Key Features –

  • Has over 1.9B contacts and company records
  • Chrome extension for faster prospecting
  • Offers free 50 credits upon starting
  • Copywriting tools for effective messaging

Pricing – 

  • There are three plans offered by Seamless.AI – Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Contact their sales team for pricing info. 


LeadFuze allows you to perform lead generation in autopilot mode. It verifies information in real-time and syncs it seamlessly into the CRM. LeadFuze combines AI and automation features, saving time and effort.

Discover double-verified emails and experience zero bounce rates. Use its AI assistance to build lead lists automatically. Also, get insights like a lead’s skill, history, etc., for better prospecting. 

Top B2B Data List Provider:- Leadfuze

Key Features –

  • Offers double-verified email addresses
  • Provides social media links of prospects for multi-channel networking
  • Integrates with popular tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.
  • Exports data anytime into Google Sheets and CSV files

Pricing – 

  • Scaling plan starts at $147/month for unlimited lists, filters, de-duplication, etc.
  • The Unlimited plan starts at $397/month for unlimited lists, filters, de-duplication, etc., for unlimited lead credits.

Final Thoughts

Creating an effective email list can be tough for B2B companies. However, buying email lists from trustworthy sources can make it easier. Reputable B2B data list providers offer quality data and personalized email lists. 

Tools like GrowMeOrganic are dependable for B2B companies trying to grow their email lists. It guarantees data accuracy and better lead management. 

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  1. What Do You Mean By A B2B Database?

A B2B contact database includes company names, industry classifications, employee contacts, and demographic information. It is utilized for sales, marketing, and business development. 

  1. What Type Of Data Do B2B Data Providers Offer?

B2B data providers offer information relevant to businesses in their dealings. The data ranges include –

  • Company Name
  • Phone Numbers
  • Size
  • Key Decision Maker’s Contact 
  • Industry
  • Social Media Handles
  1. Are The Leads Provided By B2B Data Providers Verified And Reliable?

GrowMeOrganic updates its database regularly with reliable information. We verify our emails and other information in real time for accuracy. 

  1. Can I Specify The Type Of Businesses Or Industries I Want Data On? 

B2B data providers often provide customization options for a tailored search. GrowMeOrganic allows you to connect with professionals from any job profile (e.g., CEO and CFO emails), industry (e.g. automotive, banking, and accounting), or any country. 

  1. What are the best practices for effectively utilizing B2B data In my sales and marketing strategies?

Here are some ways to utilize B2B data effectively –

  • Your B2B data must be up-to-date and accurate.
  • The B2B data must easily integrate into your CRM for seamless prospecting.
  • Having analytical tools helps gain insights. This benefits in understanding customer preferences and patterns.
  1. Are there any tools or platforms that can integrate with B2B data to streamline our outreach efforts?

Tools like GrowMeOrganic offer seamless integration with API/Webhooks. With it, you can connect with software like Pabbly, Zapier, and Make. This results in better customer information management, simplified communication, etc. 

Access 15M+ Company Database & 575M+ B2B Emails With GrowMeOrganic 

GrowMeOrganic’s global database offers a huge list of potential B2B contacts. Its extensive dataset offers valuable resources for lead generation, marketing, business development, and more. Strengthen your outreach efforts and B2B connections with GrowMeOrganic. Discover verified B2B contacts in bulk and reach them faster. 

Sign up for the free trial now and see how to access valuable contact information with a shortcut!

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