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B2B Data Enrichment Tools

An Ultimate Guide for B2B Data Enrichment Tools to Convert More Leads

As the demand for accurate business-to-business information increases, the market for B2B data enrichment that improves data is getting bigger. It can be tough to figure out the best option for your business among the many choices available..

Knowing your prospect in and out is the only solution to boost your revenue. According to McKinsey & Company, 70% of buying experiences depend on how the customer is treated.

Here, data plays an integral role in the growth of B2B businesses. However, outdated and inaccurate prospect information can slow down a company’s success.

B2B enrichment tools CRM lead scoring

Whether it’s finance, fashion, food, education, construction, or retail, every business sector requires top-tier valuable data to stay ahead. A better picture of the target audience will allow sales reps to market more effectively. 

10 Best Data Enrichment Tools in 2024

Let’s delve into the top-rated B2B data enrichment tools in the market.

B2B Enrichment Tool Comparison Table:-

B2B Data Enrichment Tool ProvidersMonthly PlansAvailable FormatsFree Trial
GrowMeOrganic (Recommended)$49/month
(Unlimited Plans Available)
Chrome Extension, Web AppYes (14 Days)
CognismCustom PackagesChrome Extension, Web AppYes (On a Demo Request)
ClearBit$50 to $275/monthChrome Extension, Web AppYes
ZoomInfoCustom PackagesChrome Extension, Web AppYes
Datanyze$29/monthChrome Extension, Web AppYes (90 Days)
DemandBaseCustomChrome Extension, Web AppNo
Lead411$99Chrome Extension, Web AppYes (7 Days)
6SenseCustomWeb AppNo
AdaptCustomChrome Extension, Web AppYes (7 Days)
Apollo.io$49Chrome Extension, Web AppYes


G2 Ratings:  4.1/5

Best Data Enrichment Tools (1)

GrowMeOrganic is one of the industry’s leading B2B database enrichment tools to expand outreach and sales. 

Your conversion rates will soar faster than before with GrowMeOrganic. The simple-to-use interface will allow businesses to connect with your prospects with just a few clicks. 

Besides, it’s an ideal option for companies looking for an affordable tool for prospecting. You’ll pay less than $0.01/lead by subscribing to the GrowMeOrganic B2B data enrichment plan. You can save more than $1000/Month on expensive prospecting & outreach platforms.

Start a 14-Days FREE Trial to explore its incredible data enrichment features.

Key Features of GrowMeOrganic B2B Enrichment Tool

Here’s why GrowMeOrganic stands out as a top choice.

Extensive Industry Database:- Export businesses from any industry. The tool features over 575 million verified professional emails and 15 million companies from various segments globally. 

Industry-Specific Searches:- The tool allows you to find the right prospect based on industry, company size, location, name, etc. So, build targeted customer databases from scratch.

Convert Names to Domain:- Know the company by name but not its domain?GrowMeOrganic tool will extract all the information, including company domain, employee names, contact details, social profiles, addresses, and more.

Integration Ease:- GrowMeOrganic B2B database enrichment tool connects with 2000+ tech stacks, such as Hubspot, Zapier, Salesforce, Zoho, Google Sheets, Slack, and many more.

Sales Prospecting & Lead Generation:- Lucrative opportunities with our Sales Prospecting & Lead Generation tool, featuring a vast industry database and targeted customer database creation.

Outreach Streamlining:- Connect and communicate with potential clients using our Outreach Streamlining tool. It is designed for hassle-free campaign management and audience-specific messaging.

Data Export to CRM:- Simplify data management and enhance collaboration by seamlessly exporting valuable prospecting insights directly to your CRM, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for your sales team.

GrowMeOrganic Reviews


  • Starter package at $49 per month with 2,000 B2B Email enrichment. Ideal for occasional prospecting.
  • Growth package at $99 per month with unlimited B2B Email enrichment and credits.
  • The Pro package is $199 per month with unlimited B2B email enrichment, company details, contacts, and user access.
  • A 14-day free trial is available with no credit card required.
  • Switch to annual plans and get all the packages at a 20% discounted price.


G2 Ratings: 4.6/5

Best Data Enrichment Tools (2)

Unlock global database with over ten million companies and 400 million company profiles available on Cognism. Its Chrome extension provides a GDPR-compliant database while browsing corporate websites or LinkedIn profiles. 

Key Features

  • Validated B2B emails and verified mobile numbers with 98% accuracy.
  • Intent data indicates when a target client is ready to buy.
  • Compatible with various tech and CRM solutions.


Flexible subscription plans tailored to individual business needs.


G2 Ratings: 4.4/5

Best Data Enrichment Tools (3)

ClearBit is another renowned data enrichment tool in the market for B2B companies. This advanced software scans over 250 sources using its AI Native Data Provider and large-language models. 

Companies can identify the information with the highest trust level and show the leads the right messages to close the deal. 

Key Features

  • The entire database refreshes every 30 months through automated quality control.
  • Native Salesforce enrichment app includes updating sales records, website visitor data, and verifying contact data.
  • Get a complementary intent-based outreach tool that instantly notifies when a lead signals buying intent.


  • Free Plan offers 25 credits per month.
  • The monthly growth plan ranges between $50 and $275 to get credits based on your sales goals.


G2 Ratings: 4.4/5

Best Data Enrichment Tools (4)

ZoomInfo is a full-suite sales and marketing platform for small to medium businesses. 

With over 104 million companies and 600 million business contact profiles, Zoominfo can collect a wide range of the latest third-party data. It includes direct dial numbers, email addresses, location, technographic, funding history, company revenue, and buyer intent. This insight helps the sales team personalize their outreach for every individual prospect. 

Key Features

  • Running prospects through ZoomInfo provides all available information about the target company and prospect while researching.
  • Tracks and provides real-time insights and on-page behavior about site visitors.
  • Once linked with CRM or other sales tools, ZoomInfo will enrich any contact records stored in those platforms. 


Contact the sales team for a tailored quote and package based on your business needs. 

A free trial is available.


G2 Ratings: 4.2/5

Best Data Enrichment Tools (5)

Datanyze is more than database enrichment software. Instead, businesses can also use it for email outreach and cold calls to verify prospect data.

This contact data enrichment tool can automatically create segmented email lists and personalized email messages to nurture more leads toward conversion. 

Key features

  • Segmented email lists are available to export at any time.
  • Icebreaker tool features the USP of a target prospect, allowing the sales team to create a perfect cold email pitch.
  • Chrome extension instantly shows the prospect’s contact, social media profile, and company data on your desktop while browsing. 


  • 90-day free trial plan for monthly ten credits.
  • Nyze Pro 1 at $29 for 80 credits per month.
  • Nyze Pro 2 at $55 for 160 credits per month.

Annual plans are also available at a 30% discount for Nyze Pro 1 and Nyze Pro 2.


G2 Ratings: 4.3/5

Best Data Enrichment Tools (6)

DemandBase stands out as a leading platform, offering unparalleled B2B data enrichment services to enhance your database. With the power of artificial intelligence, it not only cleans and manages your business data but also provides valuable insights for enhancing data quality. 

What sets DemandBase apart is its commitment to customer success, offering professional services from implementation management to ongoing strategic guidance for effective ABM marketing campaigns.

Key Features

  • Gain firmographics, contact information, company news, and social media insights.
  • Access intelligence on the technologies businesses use, both back- and front-end.
  • Discover companies visiting your website, along with detailed information about them.


  • Customizable Pricing: Tailored to your business goals, offering flexibility based on your requirements.


G2 Ratings: 4.4/5

Best Data Enrichment Tools (7)

Regarding B2B data enrichment, Lead411 is your trusty companion for making intelligent business decisions. Armed with a handy Chrome extension, it provides valuable insights whether you’re scouting LinkedIn profiles or perusing any company’s website.

What sets Lead411 apart is its inclusion of Bombora’s intent data in its plans, injecting a touch of genius into your data enrichment strategy. Immerse yourself in a realm where information seamlessly meets innovation. Choose Lead411 for a smarter approach to B2B success.

Key Features

  • Ensure the accuracy of B2B contact email addresses using SMTP and open email validation.
  • Seamlessly integrate with over 25 CRMs for efficient data management.
  • Identify companies and prospects actively seeking solutions similar to yours.


Lead411 has two pricing plans to cater to all the needs.

  • Basic Plus Plan: $99 per month for one user.
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized rates based on your needs.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget.


G2 Ratings: 4.2/5

Best Data Enrichment Tools (8)

6sense emerges as a dynamic B2B data enrichment platform, empowering sellers and marketers to uncover crucial information about target companies and prospects. 

Leveraging AI technology, it tracks online lead behavior, interprets it, and determines a lead’s buying intent level, enabling you to prioritize high-quality leads. Notably, 6sense offers a free plan, providing basic contact and company data.

Key Features

  • Gain insights into the interests, trends, and themes of your target companies and prospects.
  • Stay informed about funding, leadership changes, events, and more.
  • Automatically enhance CRM records based on your specific configurations.


  • Free Trial with Chrome Extension with 100 email addresses and 25 phone numbers.
  • Customizable Platform Pricing: Tailored to your business goals, offering flexibility based on your requirements.


G2 Ratings: 4.6/5

Best Data Enrichment Tools (9)

Adapt is a user-friendly platform that empowers businesses to enhance their CRMs with personalized data for effective outreach and improved lead scoring. 

With an impressive 9.1/10 ease-of-use rating on G2, Adapt ensures a smooth learning curve compared to other B2B data enrichment tools.

Key Features

  • Uncover email addresses associated with the LinkedIn profiles you’re exploring.
  • Utilize APIs to seamlessly connect with your CRM, filling in missing B2B data points such as job titles or company revenue.
  • Adapt ensures you’re always one step ahead and keeps your data fresh and enriched.


  • To get a custom pricing quote, fill out a web form or call the company.


G2 Ratings: 4.8/5

Best Data Enrichment Tools (10)

Apollo.io emerges as a versatile sales intelligence and engagement platform, specializing in enriching CRMs with B2B data while streamlining sales outreach automation. 

Positioned as a hybrid between a B2B database and a sales engagement platform, Apollo.io caters to businesses seeking an all-in-one solution.

Key Features

  • Automatically fill in missing data points for key accounts and contacts in your CRM.
  • Utilize filters like company size and industry to pinpoint your ideal customers and create segmented lists.
  • Build automated email sequences, log phone calls within the platform, and establish multi-step sales outreach cadences for efficient tracking.


  • Basic Plan: $59 per month for one user.
  • Professional Plan: $99 per month for one user.
  • Organization Plan: $149 per month for one user.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting A Data Enrichment Tool

1. Define Your Data Goals:- Identify your business and marketing needs to select an ideal enrichment tool, such as better targeting and segmentation, enhanced lead generation, or sending personalized messages to prospects.

2. Data Accessibility:- The high level of accuracy should be the utmost priority. Besides, the tool should cover critical data points and geographic areas you’re targeting. 

3. Advanced Filters:- A reliable B2B data enhancement tool will have advanced filters that allow the sales team to group their prospects.

4. CRM Compatibility:- Choose a software that can integrate with your existing sales or marketing stack. 

5. Budget & Credits:- Some data enrichment tools provide a limited number of credits. Select a plan that meets your monthly prospecting goals and budget.

Final Words

Data enrichment software enhances raw data into more contextual, detailed, or valuable information. It has been a game-changer for salespeople for segmentation and targeted customer engagement. 

That said, integrating a B2B data enrichment tool isn’t a luxury but a necessity. It’ll boost your sales and customer engagement strategies to unprecedented levels. Want to streamline your workflow with a few clicks?

Let your sales funnel reach its full potential with the GrowMeOrganic database enrichment tool. Get ready for unlimited access to high-quality, reliable, responsive B2B data from trustworthy sources worldwide. 


1. How do data enrichment tools work?

From data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing to web scraping, enrichment tools leverage different techniques to enhance data.

2. Can I use data enrichment tools with other CRM platforms?

Yes. You can maintain your business workflow by integrating an enrichment tool with an existing CRM platform. These tools can be compatible with various CRM solutions like SalesForce, Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Zoho, Outreach, and Eloqua.

3. What is data enrichment in a CRM?

After integration, the data enrichment tool will enhance the existing data in your CRM and collect additional information based on those records. The enriched data helps sales reps understand the target audience better to improve marketing and sales operations.

Grab Your Unlimited Access to 15M+ Company Database.

GrowMeOrganic B2B data enrichment tool provides a deeper understanding of your top prospects. Your messages can reach intended recipients with verified contact details collected through a credible enrichment tool. 

GrowMeOrganic’s zero-tolerance policy ensures quality customer data to reduce the sales cycle. So, tailor your sales and marketing outreach with their B2B data enrichment tool plans.

Think no more! Schedule a demo call now for a more detailed rundown. 

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