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How to generate leads from LinkedIn

How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn?

Are you feeling frustrated because your LinkedIn profile is getting lost among others? You’re not alone. Many business owners face the same difficulty. They need more valuable opportunities to connect with potential clients. 

LinkedIn is a unique place to find opportunities and grow your business. Whether you run a prominent company, have a small business, or work as a freelancer, it has everything.

Let’s talk about ten simple ways to make the most of LinkedIn for finding and connecting with people interested in your offer. These strategies will help you use LinkedIn to its full potential to grow your business and generate leads on LinkedIn

How to generate leads on linkedin

Why Should You Generate Leads on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an important place where businesses and people connect. They make meaningful relationships and work together on different projects. 

It’s like a central hub for social and professional connections. Now, why is LinkedIn so good for finding potential customers? Let’s look at the essential benefits of finding new customers on LinkedIn.

Unparalleled Reach of LinkedIn’s Professional Network

LinkedIn is great at finding new customers. It’s a big community of professionals. There are more than 900 million business people on LinkedIn. It makes it different from other social media sites. 

This makes it a perfect place to find business-to-business (B2B) leads. The quality of leads you get on LinkedIn is better than what you might get on other popular platforms.

Conversion Rates and Purchasing Influence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn users are valuable prospects for businesses aiming to cultivate qualified leads. 

Studies show that LinkedIn users also have a higher average salary than other social platforms. Thus increasing their purchasing power. Buying capacity increases the potential for generating leads and converting them into buyers.

LinkedIn’s Diverse Lead Generation Tools

LinkedIn gives businesses different tools, like Sales Navigator and Lead Generation Forms. These tools help companies reach out to potential customers in different ways. 

Businesses can send messages and create ads to connect with people. LinkedIn provides valuable information about its users. Such as the size of their company, their job roles, and the industry they work in. 

Businesses find it easier to target and connect with the right people. These people are always interested in their products or services.

Laser-Focused Targeting Filters

LinkedIn’s exceptional lead generation prowess lies in its precision targeting filters. These filters offer accuracy, allowing you to narrow down potential customers. 

Laser-Focused Targeting LinkedIn Filters

Diverse criteria, such as job listings, email, and past affiliations, can form the basis for these filters.

Empowering Search Capabilities

Boost your efforts in finding new customers by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Salespeople use this tool to search for specific targets.

LinkedIn Boolean Search

You can look for individuals who are working or looking for business funding. The tool suggests potential leads based on your preferences. It also works with CRM systems, making organizing and managing your leads easy.

Breaking Barriers for Effective Outreach

LinkedIn breaks down communication barriers by providing access to anyone. Even those outside your direct network. 

The InMail feature boasts a response rate three times higher than traditional emails. It facilitates outreach to potential leads.

Data for Informed Decision-Making

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get instant insights into your leads. This tool provides valuable information about the people you’re trying to connect with. 

Learn about the preferences of customers and adjust your strategies. If you combine it with automation tools, you can improve your efforts to find new customers. This makes it easier to engage with people in your network.

10 LinkedIn lead generation strategies

Strategic Integration: Aligning Sales Navigator with Campaign Manager

Connecting the Sales Navigator with the Campaign Manager is a smart move. It helps to find specific leads on LinkedIn. By integrating these two tools, marketers can connect with saved leads. Especially if they’re implementing account-based marketing (ABM) strategies.

Aligning Sales Navigator with Campaign Manager

Integrating Sales Navigator and Campaign Manager on LinkedIn would be best. It becomes easier to customize campaigns for each account’s specific needs. 

This integration ensures that your campaigns reach the right audience. This focused approach makes your marketing efforts more effective. It also encourages collaboration between the marketing and sales teams. 

Connecting the Sales Navigator with the Campaign Manager is a strong strategy. It allows businesses to make the most impact on LinkedIn.

Focused Engagement: Targeting Priority LinkedIn Accounts

Elevate your lead generation efforts by prioritizing specific LinkedIn accounts. Achieving this is possible through two effective methods.

  • Identify the top 1,000 high-value accounts on LinkedIn. Upload a matched audience list during the campaign set up under the “Matched Audiences” feature.
  • Implement website retargeting by installing the free LinkedIn insight tag on your website. This enables retargeting visitors to your website resources. 

Profile Excellence: Crafting an Irresistible Company Image

Creating a positive first impression is essential. Ensure your company profile looks excellent to set the stage for successful lead generation on LinkedIn.

  • Write a catchy headline. 
  • Choose an attractive cover image. 
  • Craft an interesting bio that tells the story of your company’s origins and growth. 
  • Boost credibility by adding testimonials and metrics. A well-optimized profile keeps visitors interested, reducing the likelihood of them leaving. 

This initial impression is key to getting more connections and generating interest in your services.

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated with recent achievements, ongoing projects, and important milestones. 

Sharing valuable content shows that your company is involved in the industry. 

Content Brilliance: Sharing Compelling and Valuable Insights

  • Connect with your target audience on LinkedIn by sharing content that adds value.
  • Aim for a mix of educational and promotional posts, with 80% of your focus on providing insights and education. 
  • Boost your post’s visibility by using 3-5 relevant hashtags.
  • Keep a consistent posting schedule using a LinkedIn scheduler. 
  • Share various types of content, like product updates, webinars, and company blogs.

This strategy makes your profile a valuable resource. It attracts and keeps potential leads. Improve your LinkedIn engagement by interacting with your audience and responding to comments. This helps in building a community around your brand.

Personalized Connection: Perfecting Your Outreach Messages

When reaching out to potential leads, your messages play a crucial role. It helps to make meaningful conversations. 

  • Don’t sound like a generic marketer. 
  • Send personalized messages and find common interests with your ideal prospects.
  • Keep your pitch short and focused on addressing their specific needs. 

A more personal approach increases the chance of building trust and connection with potential clients. Mentioning a recent accomplishment of the prospect can make your outreach more genuine.

Group Dynamics: Active Participation in LinkedIn Communities

Engaging in LinkedIn groups offers a valuable avenue for connecting with professionals. Whether joining existing groups or creating your own, focus on smaller and moderated communities. 

Active Participation in LinkedIn Communities

Take part in discussions, provide support, answer questions, and share relevant resources. Leveraging the 15 direct messages per month allowed in groups enables you to foster connections. It also helps to contribute to customer acquisition through group members.

Engagement within LinkedIn groups can establish you as an industry authority and broaden your network.

Showcasing Excellence: Leveraging LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages are solid tools for highlighting aspects of your business to audiences. They enable you to create and share content tailored to the interests of various groups.

Create Showcase Pages for different aspects of your business, projects, or events. This allows you to cater to different groups and their specific interests. 

If you offer different products or services, you can have a Showcase Page for each. This makes it simpler for customers to find what they need. It helps you connect better with your audience and share information that is relevant to them.

Strategic Targeting: Balancing Precision and Reach

  • Being specific in targeting is crucial, but being specific can cause you to miss opportunities. 
  • Try reaching out to a more extensive and diverse group of potential customers.
  • Avoid excluding groups based on assumptions or incomplete information, as it can increase the cost for each lead.
  • Please select a specific target that still includes various people, considering factors like their jobs and company size. 
  • Start with a more general approach to reach a broader audience. Once you understand more about your interested audience, you can become more specific. 
  • You connect with a broader audience and then adjust based on what works best.

Remember, being too focused might cause you to overlook potential customers. Starting with a broader approach improves your cost for each lead. Think of it as casting a wider net and then narrowing it down based on where you find more interest.

Email Growth: Building a Valuable List Through LinkedIn

Reach more people and grow a helpful email list using LinkedIn lead magnets. Give your customers something for free, like a gift or valuable information. In return, they share their contact details with you. 

Share things like eBooks, checklists, or case studies. It helps you build your email list and talk with possible customers. It’s like giving a little and getting a little back, making connecting with people interested in your product more accessible.

As your email list grows, you have a valuable group of potential customers ready to hear more about your products or services. It helps you build lasting connections and boost your business.

Efficiency Unleashed: Streamlining Lead Generation with Automation

Streamline your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn by incorporating automation tools. Platforms like GrowMeOrganic empower you to book sales and enhance visibility.

Automation eliminates repetitive tasks, saving time, resources, and effort. These tools enable you to execute lead-generation strategies. It ensures a consistent and scalable approach.

10 Best Lead Generation Tools on LinkedIn

Comparison Matrix

SoftwareKey FeaturesFree OptionStarting Price
GrowMeOrganic (Recommended)⚡Unlimited LinkedIn contacts search & export.
⚡Connect with other professionals in automation.
⚡They offer unlimited credits on all its features.
⚡Send automated messages in bulk.
YesStarts at $39 per month
Taplio⚡Advanced content scheduling.
⚡Personal analytics dashboard.
⚡AI-powered content & Chat Assistant.
YesStarts at $39 per month
Expandi⚡Cloud-based software.
⚡Multi-channel outreach.
⚡Engaging actions between follow-ups.
NoStarts at $99 per month
Dux-soup⚡Get fresh, qualified LinkedIn leads every day.
⚡Intelligent campaigns send LinkedIn connection invitations.
⚡Centralized prospect management.
NoStarts at $14.99 per month
Dripify⚡Advanced dashboard & reports.
⚡Complete performance automation.
⚡A/B testing.
YesStarts at $59 per month
Octopus CRM⚡Ability to connect with premium LinkedIn users.
⚡Auto view profiles.
YesStarts at $9.99 per month
Zopto⚡Auto profile views and post liking.
⚡AI-assisted templates, posts, and follow-up messages.
⚡LinkedIn post scheduler.
NoStarts at $195 per month
LinkedIn Sales Navigator⚡Teamlink Feature.
⚡Advanced Search Filters.
⚡New Contacts Feature.
YesStarts at $79.99 per month
Phantombuster⚡Community access.
⚡Priority support.
⚡Unlimited export.
YesStarts at $69 per month
Lempod⚡Automate getting likes from your colleagues.
⚡Manage the group with only teammates.
⚡Analytics and Support.
NoStarts at $3.99 per month


G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Best Lead Generation Tools on LinkedIn:- GrowMeOrganic

GrowMeOrganic stands out as the ultimate solution and is recognized as the best tool to generate leads on LinkedIn. It simplifies the process of identifying and connecting with your prospects.

Users can discover valid and relevant leads. It personalizes outreach with automated follow-ups and tracks results. 

With GrowMeOrganic, you can find potential customers on social media like LinkedIn. You can make things easier by automating personalized emails and follow-up chats.

extract emails from linkedin

Their database encompasses 15 million-plus companies, and 575 million-plus verified professional B2B emails. The platform becomes instrumental in sustaining a competitive advantage within the market. 

GrowMeOrganic is a game-changer in lead generation with its unlimited credits system. It’s a tool that businesses can rely on to generate leads on LinkedIn and beyond, offering a simplified approach to success. 

Key Features of GrowMeOrganic:-

Streamlining Communication:- Simplicity is the name of the game. With the Employee Email Finder, GrowMeOrganic makes connecting with critical decision-makers easy. It’s all about efficient data collection. It ensures businesses can generate leads on LinkedIn and other platforms.

LinkedIn Harmony:- Integration with LinkedIn adds another layer of brilliance. Export unlimited contacts from LinkedIn search results, opening doors to countless opportunities. Automated personalized messages add sophistication to engaging leads with tailored strategies.

LinkedIn Email Finder:- Export contacts from LinkedIn search results. Engage with potential clients and automation professionals using personalized messages without any limitations.

B2B Database Enrichment:- Enjoy unrestricted access to an expansive database. It encompasses over 15 million company profiles and a verified 575 million professional B2B emails. Locate, organize, and connect with your ideal prospects.

Limitless Credits, Limitless Potential:- What sets GrowMeOrganic apart is its commitment to accessibility. Unlimited credits across all features mean businesses can use the platform’s power. It’s all about unlocking the full potential to generate leads on LinkedIn and beyond.

Pros and Cons:-

Pros Cons
Best email finderThe starter pack is only available for one user.
Automated email-sending option


Users Allowed15Unlimited
Contact exports/month2kUnlimitedUnlimited
Emails sent/month5kUnlimitedUnlimited
Prospects/monthConnect with 200UnlimitedUnlimited
SupportDocs and VideoDocs, Video, and ChatDocs, Video, Chat, and On-Call
Active Campaigns5UnlimitedUnlimited
Linkedin email finder comparison table


G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Best Lead Generation Tools on LinkedIn:- Taplio

Taplio is a cutting-edge LinkedIn lead generation tool backed by GPT-4. It leverages artificial intelligence to elevate your presence on LinkedIn. 

With Taplio, craft personalized posts and dynamic LinkedIn carousels and streamline bulk messaging. It helps make professional emails, making Taplio your all-in-one automation solution for LinkedIn growth.

Key Features of Taplio:-

  • AI-powered content creation for impactful posts.
  • Advanced post-scheduling for optimal engagement.
  • Chrome extension for quick and convenient access.

Pros and Cons:-

Pros Cons
Write and schedule posts in a click.No free plan is available.
Build targeted lists based on criteria.Annual billing requirement.
Reply to post comments.It may be expensive for individuals.


  • Starter Plan: $39 per month.
  • Standard Plan: $52 per month.
  • Pro Plan: $149 per month.


G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Best Lead Generation Tools on LinkedIn:- Expandi

Empower your sales teams and agencies with Expandi, a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool. Expandi mimics human interactions by featuring an intuitive dashboard and sending personalized messages. 

Expandi can send over 300 connection requests weekly and automate meeting bookings. It is your go-to tool for effective LinkedIn outreach.

Key Features of Expandi:-

  • Flexible post-scheduling tailored to your audience.
  • Multi-channel outreach for comprehensive communication.
  • In-depth lead generation reports at your fingertips.

Pros and Cons:-

Pros Cons
New IP for each user.Slow customer support.
A/B testing for optimized outreach.Clashes with LinkedIn’s terms.
Advanced targeting capabilities.


  • Business Plan: $99 per month.
  • Agency Plan: Custom pricing is available on request.
  • Annual Plan Discount: Opt for the annual Plan and enjoy a 20% discount.


G2 Rating: 4.3/5

Best Lead Generation Tools on LinkedIn:- Dux-Soup

For a seasoned player in LinkedIn automation, consider Dux-soup. This browser tool integrates with Chrome. It engages your target audience, endorses skills, and facilitates personalized connection requests.

Enjoy easy CRM system integration and unlock the power to automate views and follow-ups.

Key Features of Dux-soup:-

  • Campaign statistics for data-driven decisions.
  • Compatibility with Regular, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter LinkedIn plans.
  • Multi-touch drip campaigns for enhanced engagement.

Pros and Cons:-

Pros Cons
Chrome extension for easy use.Not a very beginner-friendly interface.
Affordable plans for individuals.CRM integration is not available in the Pro plan.
Unlimited campaigns for robust outreach.


  • Pro Dux Plan: $14.99 per month.
  • Turbo Dux Plan: $55 per month.
  • Cloud Dux Plan: $99 per month.
  • Annual Plan Discount: Opt for the annual Plan and enjoy a 20% discount.


G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Best Lead Generation Tools on LinkedIn:- Dripify

Dripify is a LinkedIn automation tool offering multi-step drip campaigns. It has a built-in CRM and email marketing features. Manage, analyze, and respond to leads, all from a single platform.

Key Features of Dripify:-

  • Create and run effective drip campaigns.
  • Personalized sales funnel for targeted outreach.
  • Export leads into CSV for external use.

Pros and Cons:-

Pros Cons
Zapier and Webhook integration.The Basic plan lacks many features.
24×7 live support for assistance.Team management only in the advanced plan.
CRM integration for streamlined processes.


Dripify offers three plans to meet different needs. 

  • Basic Plan: $59 per month per user.
  • Pro Plan: $75 per month per user.
  • Advance Plan: $99 per month per user.
  • Annual Plan Discount: Opt for the annual Plan and enjoy a 35% discount.

Octopus CRM

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Best Lead Generation Tools on LinkedIn:- Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM focuses on relationship-building with potential customers on LinkedIn. Bypass connection limits and send bulk SMS to connections. Evaluate marketing performance with Octopus CRM’s platform.

Key Features of Octopus CRM:-

  • Build a robust marketing funnel for leads.
  • Automated endorsement of skills.
  • Bypass LinkedIn’s monthly and weekly connection limit.

Pros and Cons:-

Pros Cons
Robust analytics for performance evaluation.The starter plan restricts bulk automated messages.
Bypass LinkedIn’s connection limits.LinkedIn profile makeover at an extra cost.
Suitable for businesses of all sizes.


Octopus CRM offers four plans to meet different needs. 

  • Starter Plan: $9.99 per month.
  • Pro Plan: $14.99 per month.
  • Advanced Plan: $21.99 per month.
  • Unlimited Plan: $39.99 per month.
  • Annual Plan Discount: Opt for the annual Plan and enjoy a 35% discount.


G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Best Lead Generation Tools on LinkedIn:- Zopto

Enter the world of efficient LinkedIn lead generation with Zopto. It is a cloud-based automation tool for quick setup and campaign creation. In less than 5 minutes, Zopto streamlines omni-channel sales outreach. It uses intelligent workflows on LinkedIn for simplified prospecting efforts. 

Real-time reporting across campaigns empowers users to evaluate performance and optimize results.

Key Features of Zopto:-

  • Real-time campaign reporting for instant insights.
  • Advanced filtering options to pinpoint prospects.
  • CSV and CRM imports for streamlined data management.

Pros and Cons:-

Pros Cons
Dedicated customer manager for each plan.Expensive for individual users.
AI-based templates for engaging lead interactions.
LinkedIn post scheduler for timely content sharing.


Zopto offers three plans to meet different needs. 

  • Personal Plan: $195 per month per user.
  • Grow Plan: $312 per month for two users.
  • Enterprise or Agency Plan: $780 per month for five plus accounts.
  • Annual Plan Discount: Opt for the annual Plan and enjoy a 30% discount.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

G2 Rating: 4.1/5

Best Lead Generation Tools on LinkedIn:- LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is offered by LinkedIn itself. It is a lead-generation tool for advanced search filters and prospect insights. 

Sales Navigator provides personalized lead suggestions based on your LinkedIn activity. It offers a unique approach to lead generation.

Key Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator:-

  • Advanced search and spotlights for precise prospect identification.
  • Sales tools integration for a seamless workflow.
  • Team collaboration features for enhanced productivity.

Pros and Cons:-

Pros Cons
Organizes leads and clients.Limited InMails with each plan.
Get lead recommendations based on activity.
Track profile viewers for strategic engagement.


  • Free Plan: There is a free plan available for 30 days.
  • Pricing: Custom pricing plans.


G2 Rating: 4.2/5

Best Lead Generation Tools on LinkedIn:- PhantomBuster

b is a lead-generation tool with LinkedIn data scraping and automated outreach features. 

Phantombuster offers flexibility through Phantoms for individual actions and Flows for sequences. Enjoy seamless CRM integration and AI-powered lead organization.

Key Features of PhantomBuster:-

  • Automate lead generation and outreach.
  • AI-powered lead organization for efficient management.
  • Extract lead lists from various social media platforms.

Pros and Cons:-

Pros Cons
Community access for collaborative insights.Limited AI credits with each plan.
Account consultant for personalized assistance.
Get additional email credits for extended usage.


PhantomBuster offers three plans to meet various needs. 

  • Starter Plan: $69 per month for 10k credits.
  • Pro Plan: $159 per month for 30k credits.
  • Team Plan: $439 per month for 90k credits.
  • Annual Plan Discount: Opt for the annual Plan and enjoy a 20% discount.


G2 Rating: 4.1/5

Best Lead Generation Tools on LinkedIn:- Lempod

Boost your visibility on LinkedIn with Lempod, a tool designed to help you stand out in your target audience. Engaging in “pods” allows users to like and comment on each other’s posts. It enhances visibility and encourages interaction for increased lead generation.

Key Features of Lempod:-

  • Advanced filtering options for targeted interactions.
  • AI-generated comments for authentic engagement.
  • Track views, comments, and likes for performance analysis.

Pros and Cons:-

Pros Cons
Priority support for user assistance.Lacks a free plan option.
Promotes posts to relevant LinkedIn users.UI may be confusing for new users.
Affordable pricing plans for budget-conscious users.


  • Private Business Pod: $3.99 per user
  • Marketplace: $9.99 per pod


So, there you have it! These 10 strategies are your toolkit to unlock the vast potential of LinkedIn for lead generation. Remember, consistency is key. By implementing these tactics and tailoring them to your specific audience, you’ll be well on your way to attracting high-quality leads and turning them into loyal customers.

But beyond the strategies, remember: building genuine connections is paramount. Use LinkedIn as a platform to showcase your expertise, engage in meaningful conversations, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. By providing value and building trust, you’ll attract the right leads organically and watch your business thrive.


Q1) Why should I use LinkedIn for lead generation?

LinkedIn boasts a massive professional network with over 900 million users, making it a valuable platform to connect with potential customers.

Q2) Can I use LinkedIn for lead generation if I don’t have a Sales Navigator account?

Absolutely! There are many effective lead generation strategies you can implement without a paid subscription. Leverage the free features of LinkedIn, focus on organic reach, and build genuine connections to attract potential customers.

Q3) Can I connect with people outside my industry for lead generation?

Yes, you can expand your reach to unforeseen opportunities and valuable connections. This can help to contribute to your lead-generation efforts.

Q4) What factors should I consider when choosing a LinkedIn lead generation tool?

Consider these factors:

  • Features: Does it do what you need (search and filter prospects, automate outreach, etc.)?
  • Ease of use: Is it intuitive, or will there be a steep learning curve?
  • Integration: Does it work with your existing systems (like your CRM)?
  • Compliance: Does it adhere to LinkedIn’s terms of service to avoid risking your account?
  • Price: Does its value justify the cost?

Q5) What’s the difference between LinkedIn automation tools and lead generation tools?

  • Automation: Tools focused on repetitive tasks (liking, commenting, following).
  • Lead generation: These also find prospects, but often focus on outreach, nurturing, and data management.

Give GrowMeOrganic a try for free to find potential leads on LinkedIn

If you aim to generate leads on LinkedIn, turn to GrowMeOrganic. Specializing in delivering dependable data, they ensure your outreach efforts hit the mark.

What sets GrowMeOrganic apart? An accurate B2B contact list and its unlimited credits system. Get access to more than 15M+ companies & 575M+ professionals across the world. GrowMeOrganic approaches this with utmost seriousness, ensuring your data remains up-to-date.

Ready to save big on lead generation? Cut costs by over $1000/month with GrowMeOrganic. Start your 14-day free trial call now and step up your lead generation game!

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