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10 Email Marketing Tips for Insurance Companies in 2023

10 Email Marketing Tips for Insurance Companies in 2024

Nobody wants to stress themselves with thoughts that something bad might happen to them. However, when something bad happens, everyone will realize how important insurance is. 

In this part, email marketing is important in offering insurance companies the opportunity to establish relationships with their prospects. 

Therefore, if things go bad, the prospects can immediately remember that an insurance company is backing them up. 

Let’s not wait any further because, in this article, we will dive deeper into learning more about top email marketing tips for insurance companies you can follow. 

The reason you need email marketing for insurance companies

The reason you need email marketing tips for insurance companies

Email marketing for insurance companies is highly important and has an advantage over other marketing forms. It allows you to contact your prospects with their approval directly. 

Once a customer agrees to receive more emails from you, it’s a sign that they want to hear more from you. After you identify this, building a powerful relationship with your prospects will be easier. 

In a few words, email marketing grants you the following benefits: 

  • Customers always prefer personalization. Consumers who receive a personalized experience from a business are more possible—80% more likely—to make a purchase.  Overall, email addresses are tied to one person and are more likely to strengthen positive relationships. 
  • Email marketing is an effective way to send information to your prospects without letting them wait for long periods. 
  • Email marketing is something that you can measure, such as identifying open rates, click-through rates, response rates, and more. 

Consider refrigerated truck insurance. 

Email marketing is highly effective when it comes to insurance for refrigerated trucks. Refrigerated truck insurance is a type of commercial vehicle insurance used to cover refrigerated trucks and their cargo. It accounts for all the damage to the unit and its cargo. 

They’re an important investment that needs to be overlooked, and ensure it’s in undamaged condition so that it won’t disappoint you. It only takes a small accident to damage your refrigerated truck and increase liability for your business.

How effective is email marketing for refrigerated truck insurance? Owners of refrigerated trucks are in trouble many times because any insurance company doesn’t cover them. Therefore, you’re only one email away from letting them know you get them covered. 

10 Email marketing tips you can follow for your insurance company 

1. Welcome emails 

A welcome email is the first impression you give your audience when they hear about your business. Therefore, depending on your strategy, you can include the following in your email body: 

  • What are the type of emails they can expect from you? 
  • Encouraging users to download your app 
  • Thanking users that join your subscriber list 

Always remember that you can’t make a second first impression, so make your first one a good blueprint in the minds of your audience. 

Welcome emails increase revenue rates by 320% compared to promotional emails. Especially when you are an insurance company, you don’t want to sound like you only care about getting a new subscriber, but rather to look like you got your customers back when they need it most. 

2. Pay attention to your subject line. 

The subject line is the introductory part of an email and is the part that allows you to know whether you should open an email or not. However, what’s an ideal subject line for creating an email? Here are some ideas you can follow up with: 

  • Ask a question
  • Try using a number or statistics
  • Make limited-time offers to enforce quick action 
  • Make your subject line clear 
  • Incorporate personalization 

3. Include post-purchase instructions 

Email Marketing Tips for Insurance Companies:- Include post-purchase instructions

After someone has purchased insurance from you, don’t forget that they still need guidance. If you want them to know what they are doing fully, ensure that your email contains the following: 

  • Expressing gratitude that they made the purchase 
  • Instructions post-purchase 
  • Contact details in case the customer faces any issues 

Post-purchase emails have many incredible stats that are worth checking out. Did you know that they have a 40.5% open rateThat’s an excellent open rate and helps users stay updated with the prospect as much as possible. 

4. New product launch updates 

New product launches are highly important for connecting with your audience on a deeper level. In short, you show your prospects that you care about them and want to solve their problems. 

These types of emails should have the following components: 

  • What’s new about the product? 
  • How can they use the product? 
  • What kind of benefits will they receive from the product? 

Even if there’s no new product launch, just a product update, you should still inform your prospects about it. 

5. Include personalization 

Personalization is what helps increase engagement rates. Something you need when running an insurance company. The most important part is to make your clients feel like they are the only ones that matter. 

How can you create a personalized tone in the email content? Here are some rules to follow:

  • Mention your prospect’s first name 
  • Use your first name instead of the companies 
  • Add your signature 
  • Try to include short case studies 
  • Use images and infographics and tell your prospect how valuable they are 

6. Use feedback emails

10 Email Marketing Tips for Insurance Companies in 2024 3

Feedback emails are excellent for guiding your prospect throughout their buyer journey. The most common cases feedback email is used for the following cases: 

  • Post-purchase
  • After customer service interaction 

Feedback emails are important because they can help you with the following: 

  • To reassure customers in case they have any concerns 
  • Collect testimonials from your work and business 
  • Identify pain points and address them

7. Reminders 

Reminder emails are excellent for reminding your customers of things they need to address. These emails can be used whenever a user has an annual renewal or pending life insurance quote. 

8. Cold Emails 

Cold Emails

Cold emails are used when a prospect doesn’t know much about you. Cold emails aim to get your recipients to learn about your business and other things they might not know. Cold emails might get mixed with spam sometimes, and it’s important to remember this. 

However, don’t overuse the power of cold emails because they can sometimes backfire. Cold emails should be sent in a friendly and regular way, avoiding a sales tone and looking like you’re trying to annoy the reader with many emails in a row. 

9. Content emails 

Once you have someone subscribing to your email list, you will expect an email from them and possibly to further connect with your brand. Therefore, avoid having a long list of users on your email and not doing anything about it. 

Therefore, you need to start communicating and building trust between you and your subscribers. This enhances the quality of your emails and improves your relationship. Here’s what your content can contain: 

  • What your brand stands for 
  • Reviews of how your insurance company helped someone 
  • Tips and tricks on how to better use your product 

People might not immediately buy the insurance from you, but whenever they do, they might have made up their minds better thanks to your email content. 

10. Email marketing campaigns 

Email marketing campaigns should not only be one way to generate leads for a company. Instead, they should focus more on branding and creating a consistent experience that clients can follow to build trust and customer loyalty. 

Here are a few techniques to follow for building up your email marketing campaigns: 

  • Writing something that makes your prospects curios 
  • Creating a signature email template 
  • Personalizing your email by mentioning the prospect’s name 
  • Creating urgency 
  • Avoiding spam words 
  • Not forgetting to highlight brand values 

Conclusion: Why you shouldn’t ever disregard email marketing 

Email marketing is an important part of insurance companies. You must show your customers you’re there for them if something happens. Especially if you own a business with vehicles, the risk of something happening is much higher. 

Therefore, it’s always better to be prepared than to not be covered and have something happen. Email marketing is an excellent way of spreading the word about insurance coverage. 

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