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20+ Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools [Updated List]

Direct phone numbers and verified email addresses of key decision-makers are essential to grow your business. However, connecting with them takes time and effort.  

LinkedIn has become a potential platform for increasing lead generation and engagement. You must invest in LinkedIn prospecting tools to navigate and turn connections into valuable business opportunities.

Reports say 73% of buyers are more interested in salespeople who approach them on LinkedIn, and 44% share LinkedIn connections with the next vendor.

We have selected 20+ LinkedIn prospecting tools to simplify LinkedIn marketing and generate B2B leads.

20+ Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools for 2024

Comparison Table:-

LinkedIn Prospecting ToolsStarting PriceFree TrialKey Feature
GrowMeOrganic (Recommended)$3914 daysUnlimited search & email credits
Dripify$597 daysAdvanced algorithms for prospect analysis
Skylead$1007 daysCloud-based engagement platform
LinkedIn Sales NavigatorContact sales team30 daysAdvanced search and lead generation
Expandi$797 daysAutomated inMail message sending feature
LinkportFree planFree planEfficiently works with Sales Navigator and LinkedIn
Evaboot$39930 daysExtract up to 2500 leads every day
Octopus CRM$9.997 daysImproves prospecting, lead generation, and response rates
Phontombuster$6914 daysExtract information, such as event attendees
We-Connect$4914 daysRun multiple campaigns
LaGrowthMachine60€14 daysUser-friendly interface
Linked Helper$1514 daysEndorse hundreds of contacts in no time
Lempod$3.99NoEngagement driving tool focused on automating LinkedIn posts
Seamless.aiFree planFree planKeeps contact details updated, ensuring access to the latest information
Taplio$657 daysWrite and schedule LinkedIn posts for the entire week and month
Linked Radar$19.930 daysLinkedIn viewer and scraper to scrape prospects and profiles with only URLs and keywords
TexAU$2914 daysTake profiles from a saved Sales Navigator search
Zopto$156NoBulk message-sending feature on emails and LinkedIn
Lemlist$3914 daysWrite, personalize, and send cold emails to prospects
KasprFree planFree planAutomated message and connection requests


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- GrowMeOrganic

GrowMeOrganic is an excellent LinkedIn Email Finder with Unlimited credits for people who want fresh leads to boost sales. We are a one-stop solution for digital agencies, growth hackers, marketing professionals, and start-ups.

Our platform is the best prospecting tool for generating leads on LinkedIn. We simplify the process of identifying and connecting with your prospects.

Through our platform, you can get access to over 15 million companies and 575 million professionals worldwide. Using our LinkedIn Chrome extension, you can extract unlimited phone numbers and email addresses. Moreover, you can send emails directly with one click.  

But what sets GrowMeOrganic apart is its unlimited credits, which assist in exporting verified contacts at affordable prices. Sign up for the free trial now.

GrowMeOrganic Reviews


  • LinkedIn Email Finder – Get in touch with targeted leads and quickly build your network by pulling unlimited emails from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.
  • Verified B2B Leads – Access details of over 15 million enterprises and over 575 million certified experts. Use this information to look up businesses by name, industry, size, or location.
  • Data Export – You can export CSV and XLS files with only one click, which improves productivity. Import each contact into your chosen CRM in just a few seconds by downloading the CSV file.
  • Customize Search – Use their easy-to-use platform to search for businesses that meet your requirements. Sort results by name, location, size, or industry to find the ideal matches quickly.
  • CRM Integration—The platform’s APIs and webhooks simplify integrating with various tools, including Pabbly, Make, and Zappier. This facilitates the smooth automation of business processes.
  • Sales Engagement – The platform helps interact with prospects through multiple channels, monitor lead status, and close sales more quickly.


  • Starter – $39 a month with 1 LinkedIn account
  • Growth – $79 a month with 5 LinkedIn accounts
  • Pro – $159 a month with unlimited LinkedIn accounts


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Dripify

Dripify creates sales funnels in minutes for effective lead generation. It can advance your sales process and develop leads quickly.

It is a cloud-based platform compatible with Free, Sales Navigator, Premium, and Recruiter Lite LinkedIn accounts. It offers total automation and can be used even when switched off the smartphone.


  • Manage every interaction and respond to leads through your smart inbox.
  • Easily create a sales funnel by automating actions as part of the sequence.
  • Automatically obtain data about leads.
  • Uses advanced algorithms to conduct prospect analysis. 


  • Basic – $59 per month for 1 drip campaign
  • Pro – $79 per month for unlimited drip campaigns
  • Advanced – $99 per month for unlimited drip campaigns 


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Skylead

Skylead helps businesses track and convert leads into sales using smart sequence features across email and LinkedIn to contact prospects with its user-friendly platform.

Using its intelligent sequencing, you can send 100s of invites every week. It is excellent for the sales team, founders, marketers, and recruiters to multichannel and streamline their efforts.


  • A cloud-based LinkedIn engagement platform for sales professionals.
  • Easily integrate with CRMs through webhooks.
  • User-friendly platform for all businesses of all sizes and nature.
  • Quickly search and verify potential business email addresses without connecting on LinkedIn.


  • All-in-one – $100 for unlimited email accounts
  • White label – talk to the sales team

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator assists sales representatives in locating, connecting with, and fostering connections with potential customers.

You can find leads by filtering them by job title, geography, company size, etc. The platform also uses personalized algorithms to gain visibility amongst targeted groups.


  • Advanced search and lead generation features compared to standard search engines.
  • Offers 50 InMail messages each month to reach prospects directly.
  • It is an official LinkedIn tool, so there are no disconnecting problems.
  • Easy CRM integration.


  • Core – speak with the sales team
  • Advanced – speak with the sales team
  • Advanced plus – speak with the sales team

Demand AI

Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Demand AI

Demand is a sales outreach platform that focuses on personalization. You can create customized posts with excellent visuals and personalized texts. The platform later sends the messages automatically to all your prospects.


  • Double-ended email verification process.
  • Connects email and LinkedIn to move post-replies to the CRM automatically. 
  • Automatic real-time visitor tracking.
  • Established a Slack channel for reporting and monitoring LinkedIn activities.


  • Sales Acceleration – $59 a month
  • All-in-one – $99 a month
  • Social Selling – $59 a month


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Expandi.io

Expandi is a multichannel outreach tool that uses LinkedIn automation and cold email integration. It allows users to send personalized connection requests, inMails, and LinkedIn sales messages.

It is a convenient and user-friendly platform that can run 24/7 or at specified times. It offers A/B testing to experiment and create campaign strategies.


  • Automated inMail message sending feature.
  • Can create hyper-personalized campaigns with prospect-based follow-ups.
  • It is easy to link the platform with other marketing tools.
  • Smart LinkedIn scraping and advanced filtering. 


  • Business -$79 a month
  • Agency – speak with the sales team


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- LinkPort

With just one click, you can export LinkedIn contact information into your CRM using Linkport. You must download their Chrome extension to use this feature.

It automatically detects and removes duplicate entries, saving time and improving outreach. You can import unlimited contacts and boost your sales.


  • Efficiently works with Sales Navigator and LinkedIn.
  • Imports unlimited contacts in just one click.
  • Easily map contact details from LinkedIn in seconds.
  • Automatically update CRM without leaving LinkedIn.


  • The platform is free to use.


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Evaboot

Evaboot is a scraper tool that downloads leads into CSV files. With this platform, you can clean data, find and verify emails, filter leads, and more. It also offers to build analytical-driven campaigns.

You can use it to scrape data from LinkedIn profiles, company pages, and your leads’ websites.


  • Search from the sales navigator and export in CSV files.
  • Can extract up to 2500 leads every day.
  • It offers data exportation, cleaning, lead filtering, email verifying, and finder features.
  • Connect to unlimited sales navigators without any additional costs.


  • 50,000 leads per month for $399
  • 100,000 leads per month for $799
  • 250,000 leads per month for $1,599

Octopus CRM

Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Octopus CRM

It is a platform for business owners, marketers, and recruiters. Octopus CRM simplifies LinkedIn prospecting and networking while offering a safe environment.

It is a Chrome-based platform designed only for LinkedIn automation. Using this platform, you can create a LinkedIn marketing funnel for any industry and business.


  • Improves prospecting, lead generation, and response rates on LinkedIn.
  • Automatically recommend up to seven skills on your connections’ LinkedIn profiles.
  • Allows bulk message sending to first-degree contacts.
  • Connects with target audiences automatically.


  • Starter – $9.99 a month
  • Pro – $14.99 a month
  • Advanced – $21.99 a month
  • Unlimited – $39.99 a month


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- PhantomBustor

PhatomBuster offers code-free data extraction and automation to generate leads, automate growth, and scrape data. It can scrape data from LinkedIn to Instagram and optimize outreach.

The platform has over 100 ready-made automation sequences and pre-built workflows for automating data collection and outreach.


  • You can extract information, such as event attendees.
  • Automate web actions, schedule tasks, and more using its extension.
  • Design automated flows, such as comments and messages, to convert them.
  • Can run workflows 24/7 on the platform.


  • Starter – $69 for 20 hours a month
  • Pro – $159 a month for 80 hours a month
  • Team – $439 a month for 300 hours a month


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- We-Connect

We-connect is a cloud-based platform for prospecting, nurturing, and closing deals. It provides lead generation with a dedicated IP address, usage limits, and built-in randomization.

You can send personalized outreach, automated messages, and connection requests on LinkedIn. This technology is incredibly dependable and safe for automating business-related LinkedIn networking.


  • Run multiple campaigns per custom target audience.
  • Offers Zappier and API integrations.
  • Detailed analytics report for campaign tracking.
  • View and respond to prospects under one platform.


  • LinkedIn plan – $49 per seat a month
  • LinkedIn + email – $79 per seat a month


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- LaGrowthMachine

LaGrowthMachine allows the creation of outreach sequencing, combining cold emails, LinkedIn messages, and Twitter DMs. The platform allows you to humanize your communication with voice messages to get 2.5 times more responses.

With LaGrowthMachine, you can easily manage your leads and conversations and respond effectively.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Can import leads from CSV files or LinkedIn.
  • It is easy to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts on the platform.
  • Add phone numbers, email addresses, and Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to your contacts’ profiles.


  • Basic – 60€ per month
  • Pro – 120€ per month
  • Ultimate – 180€ per month

Linked Helper

Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Linked Helper

Linked Helper helps boost your brand’s visibility on social media through LinkedIn automation.

It offers functionalities like auto-response to messages, automated connection requests, and an integrated CRM. Recruiters, especially, can build recruiter-based campaigns to manage potential candidates.


  • It is a desktop-based software 
  • It can endorse hundreds of contacts in no time.
  • Exports data easily into CSV files.
  • Processed contacts are always stored in internal CRM.


  • Standard – $15 a month
  • Pro – $45 a month


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Lempod

The tool locates and connects various pods within your industry. Once you post something, all of the users in the chosen pod instantly like and comment on it, thus increasing engagement.

Lempod allows automatic comments and likes from members of the pods. It is the perfect tool for driving engagement through LinkedIn by attracting more views.


  • Engagement driving tool focused on automating LinkedIn posts.
  • Track, monitor, and manage multiple social media channels.
  • Offer space and dashboard for multiple users to connect and collaborate.
  • Customizable filters to filter search results.


  • Private business pod – $3.99 per user in a pod
  • Marketplace – $9.99 per pod


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Seamless.ai

Seamless.ai helps the sales team find verified prospects using its real-time search engine. It can be integrated with your CRM to start generating qualified leads.

The platform increases efficiency and effectiveness by permanently eliminating manual data entry. It also shortens the sales cycle and closes deals faster, thus increasing ROI.  


  • Chrome Extension for finding emails and phone numbers from the internet, including social media.
  • 1.9 billion company and contact records.
  • Firmographic filters to discover target accounts and build sales pipelines.
  • It can improve and clean data already stored in other systems.


  • Contact the sales team for pricing. 


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Taplio

Taplio lets you grow your brand with its all-in-one LinkedIn tool. It enables you to manage professional relationships, schedule content, and monitor metrics from a single location.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to create custom posts and LinkedIn carousels in auto-pilot mode. It provides new ideas through chat support, a library of viral posts, AI-picked inspiration, etc.


  • Write and schedule LinkedIn posts for the entire week and month.
  • Send DMs, build contact lists, and interact with appropriate individuals from one location.
  • Locate posts on LinkedIn and reply to them without leaving the platform.
  • LinkedIn analytics will help you adjust and make a strategy that fits your needs.


  • Starter – $65 a month
  • Standard – $65 a month
  • Pro – $199 a month

Linked Radar

Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Linked Radar

Recognized as a safe tool for automated messaging and LinkedIn lead generation, Linked Radar promises a potential 10x boost in sales outreach on the network.

By sending messages and connection requests automatically, this tool assists in finding and connecting with potential clients. You can tailor your LinkedIn outreach to improve connections and create leads.


  • LinkedIn viewer and scraper to scrape prospects and profiles with only URLs and keywords.
  • Detailed analytics to track outreach campaigns.
  • Customized message templates for automated messaging.
  • Ability to adjust LinkedIn profiles and action activity time.


  • Start – $19.9 per month
  • Biz – $29.9 per month
  • Pro – $69.9 per month
  • Team – $99.9 per month


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- TexAu

TexAu generates leads in minutes by extracting data from the internet. Using their TexAu prospector, you can find key decision-makers across companies with their job designations.

You can also find LinkedIn profiles of anyone you see on Facebook groups. Its integrated data enrichment features allow you to check emails and use it as a CRM.


  • Take profiles from a saved Sales Navigator search.
  • Obtain emails by scraping particular LinkedIn profiles.
  • Choose auto endorse, like, comment, or message for target profiles or posts.
  • More than 180 automation procedures, or “Recipes,” to seamlessly integrate various tools and apps.


  • Starter – $29 a month
  • Growth – $79 a month
  • Agency – $199 a month


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Zopto

Using this cloud-based outreach prospecting tool, you can send bulk invites and 100 InMails to your target audience to start a sales campaign on LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Premium, it offers thorough real-time reporting across numerous channels. 


  • Bulk message-sending feature on emails and LinkedIn.
  • Filter customer profiles by industry, location, etc.
  • Track leads on live dashboards offering detailed statistics.
  • Select the desired level of engagement for different campaigns.


  • Agency and enterprise basic – $156 a month
  • Basic – $197 a month
  • Agency and enterprise pro – $237 a month
  • Pro – $297 a month


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Lemlist

Lemlist helps build a lead list with verified emails to run mass outreach campaigns. The platform works as a LinkedIn automation tool, ensuring emails get delivered and get a response.

It also allows you to send automated connection requests that won’t get banned. You can automatically contact people who accept your requests using pre-set conditions.


  • Write, personalize, and send cold emails to prospects.
  • Select from pre-made templates with higher open rates.
  • Combine phone calls, emails, and LinkedIn into outreach sequences.
  • Use tested scripts and templates to support your calls.


  • Starter – $39 a month
  • Pro – $69 a month
  • Multichannel – $99 a month
  • Outreach – $159 a month


Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools:- Kaspr

Kaspr can prospect, outreach, and generate opportunities all in one location. This cloud-based platform provides LinkedIn automation, CRM integration, and Chrome extension for retrieving real-time information.

You can manage leads on your LinkedIn dashboard or export them on your favorite CRM using Kaspr.


  • You can send automated messages and connection requests.
  • CCPA and GDPR aligned and verified data.
  • Unlimited B2B email addresses.
  • Access to a database of over 500 million phone numbers and email addresses.


  • Free plan – $0 mo/user for 5 direct email credits
  • Starter – $65 mo/user for 5 direct email credits
  • Business – $99 mo/user for 200 direct email credits
  • Organization – $99 mo/user for 2000 direct email credits

What to Consider Before Choosing a LinkedIn Prospecting Tool?

  • Features – Check out features such as lead generation, CRM integrations, and contact information extraction. Select a tool based on how well it fits your workflow and prospecting requirements.
  • Compliance – Ensure the tool abides by LinkedIn’s terms of service to prevent any limitations or account suspensions. Seek for technologies that use ethical and transparent methods for extracting data.
  • Automation and personalization- Choose a solution offering customization possibilities and automation to build more effective workflows. The platform should also provide tailored outreach for optimal productivity and strengthening connections within your professional network.
  • Pricing- When assessing the tool’s overall cost structure, consider its features and potential return on investment (ROI). Consider how the tool’s benefits align with your financial and business goals.
  • Reviews- Examine user comments and reviews to learn about other people’s experiences using the tool. A reputable and successful tool will have a happy user base and a good reputation.


Selecting the appropriate LinkedIn prospecting tool is essential for effective outreach. Some important factors to consider when deciding are user-friendliness, accuracy, compliance, and integration capabilities. 

A LinkedIn tool like GrowMeOrganic will help you balance personalization and automation, ensuring efficient prospecting and maximizing your LinkedIn strategy.  


Q 1. How does the LinkedIn prospecting tool work?

These tools automate contact data extraction, lead searches, and outreach. They use algorithms to find and target possible customers according to predetermined standards for efficient networking.

Q 2. How do you get leads with LinkedIn prospecting tools?

Using the tool’s features and personalized outreach techniques, you can engage with potential customers, create relationships, and convert them into future clients.

Q 3. What are the problems that can be solved by LinkedIn prospecting tools?

These tools can quickly create valuable connections on LinkedIn using the following tools:

  • Automation
  • Improving data accuracy
  • Streamlining outreach
  • Increasing engagement

Q 4. When to use LinkedIn prospecting tools?

You can use it to automate lead searches, expedite outreach, and improve efficiency in finding potential prospects on the LinkedIn platform.

GrowMeOrganic – The Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tool

Getting started with LinkedIn can be challenging. You must develop strategies to search for your targeted audiences from a mixed talent pool.   

Therefore, starting with an all-rounder tool, such as GrowMeOrganic, will assist in managing all your LinkedIn activities. Sign up for the free trial to save more than $1000/Month on expensive prospecting and outreach platforms.

Start 14-Days FREE Trial now and start prospecting.

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