Why & how to use proxies in GrowMeOrganic?

Proxies are used to hide your exact location while accessing a website. A website would never know who you are and from where you’re trying to access their website. While it’s really powerful and so useful, they are extremely cheap and easy to use.

Why & how to use proxies in GrowMeOrganic? 1

Why do you need proxy for scraping emails from Instagram with GrowMeOrganic?

In order to scrape emails from Instagram, you need any active Instagram account. And to boost your scraping speed, you’ll need to login with multiple Instagram accounts. [Why?]

It’s safe to use upto 5 accounts without proxies, and let me explain why can’t you add more accounts without using proxies. 

If you open your Instagram mobile app and long press on your tiny profile picture in bottom right corner, then you’ll be able to see that Instagram does allow you to add more accounts in the same app. However, you cannot add more than 5 profiles on your Instagram app.

Why & how to use proxies in GrowMeOrganic? 2

You cannot add more than 5 profiles on your Instagram mobile app.

Now, you may get flagged as suspicious by Instagram if you do login with more than 5 profiles in a same IP Address. 

In that case, you can simply hide the location of a profile by using a proxy. For Instagram, It would be like one account in New York and another in Japan. I know it sounds really complicated, but using a proxy is a piece of cake. And it will not take more than 5 minutes to setup a proxies.

How many proxies do I need to buy?

Number of proxies completely depends upon the number of accounts you’re going to use. We highly recommend to use 1 proxy per account. However, you can still use 5 accounts over a single proxy.

Where & How to buy proxies for GrowMeOrganic?

Instagram does support IPv4 & IPv6 proxies. IPV6 proxies are cheaper as compared to IPV4, so consider buying IPV6 if available. You can buy really cheap proxies from Proxy6 (Alternative: proxy-seller)

Pro Tip: Don’t buy all your proxy from the same country. If possible, try to buy each proxy one by one from different country to avoid footprints. Proxy6 (Alternative: proxy-seller) does allow you to choose from the list of countries.

Why & how to use proxies in GrowMeOrganic? 3

Proxy6 purchase page

In the next page after clicking buy button, make sure you select HTTP(s) and not the SOCKS.

How to use proxies in GrowMeOrganic?

If you have purchased the proxy from this link. Then you’ll get those proxies in the format shown below.

Why & how to use proxies in GrowMeOrganic? 4

Proxy6 dashboard after purchasing proxies

You need to reformat them into http://<Login>:<Password>@<IP:PORT>

For Example: http://oQTZSv:[email protected]:11011

And you can paste the above line within the app as shown below

Why & how to use proxies in GrowMeOrganic? 5

You can enter proxies individually for each Instagram account you login with

Best Practices while using proxies

1. You can export all the proxies in the formatted way in one single click if you have purchased them from our recommended link. Just click on the export button and in the format section write > http://user:[email protected]:port

Why & how to use proxies in GrowMeOrganic? 6

2. It would be better if you assign one proxy to one Instagram account, this will give them a longer life to sustain.

3. Do not buy all your proxies from the same country. Try to pruchase all your proxies from different countries, as it will reduce the chances of getting flagged by Instagram.

4. Import all your Instagram accounts and proxies in a single click, save all your credentials in a file and import them from a “Manage Accounts” dashboard. 

Take a look at how you can save all your credentials in a file

Why & how to use proxies in GrowMeOrganic? 7
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