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How to boost GrowMeOrganic scraping speed?

There are 4 factors that affects the speed of GrowMeOrganic. Few of them are controllable whereas few are not. In this article, we will discuss all of them and come up with a good practice to effectively scrape emails from Instagram as quickly as possible.

1. No. of Instagram Accounts you add

It is one of the major cause of the speed. Unlike any other scraper out there, GrowMeOrganic allows you to login with unlimited Instagram accounts. Adding multiple Instagram accounts will exponentially increase the speed. 

Look at the image below to see how you can add instagram accounts. If you don’t have any instagram account, you can create one from here.

How to boost GrowMeOrganic scraping speed? 5

Login Dashboard – Click Manage Account button on top right to open this dashboard

But, It is highly recommended not using your personal account for this purpose. Either create few more new accounts manually or hire someone on Facebook freelance groups or Fiverr or buy accounts from us. 

If you’re getting 1X speed with 1 account, then adding 10 Accounts would get you a speed of 10 times and even more. And adding 10 Accounts is a good number to get started with.

2. Filters that you are applying

In GrowMeOrganic, you can filter those profiles that doesn’t fit your needs. e.g.- Only scrape those profiles that have emails and website in their profile and followers between 100-500. 

GrowMeOrganic goes through each & every profile and check whether the profile is qualifying the applied filters or not. It doesn’t include the records of unqualified filters under the table. Have a look at those filters that you can apply. 

How to boost GrowMeOrganic scraping speed? 6

Login Dashboard – Click Manage Account button on top right to open this dashboard

If you’re applying really strict filters such as profiles having minimum followers 10,000 & contains emails. Then this filter may usually take more time as very less accounts are likely to have minimum 10,000 followers.

3. Type of audience that you are targeting 

You can target your audience in several different ways such as scraping someone’s followers or scraping users who have used a hashtags in their post. As you know, GrowMeOrganic does collect emails either from the profile contact button or bio. 

How to boost GrowMeOrganic scraping speed? 7

Instagram Contact button – Emails & Phone number

If the niche(type of audience) that you’re targeting does have emails appearing in their bio or contact button frequently, then you are most likely to have a great speed.

e.g.- Influencers do really share their contact details in their profile as well as bio. Another example is digital marketers does have emails appearing most frequently.

However, Instagram does have millions of users & there is endless possibilities of scraping emails from any niche.

4. Internet Connection 

GrowMeOrganic is a desktop application and communicate directly to Instagram server, so you can never blame our servers for any latency. Make sure to have a good internet connection, so that it can quickly fetch the data from Instagram.

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