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[Best Practice] Using GrowMeOrganic to Scrape Profiles from Instagram.

In this article, we’ll look at the best practices while scraping emails from Instagram using GrowMeOrganic. Followings are the best practices you need to take care of.

1. Prefer to run GrowMeOrganic on Windows over Mac

Our customers have reported that GrowMeOrganic works way more faster and smoother in Windows than it runs over Mac. 

Windows user also get the advantage of cache login, where they don’t need to login the Instagram accounts again and again while re-opening the app.

2. Unzip GrowMeOrganic zip file on Windows

Make sure to unzip the downloaded zip file and always open GrowMeOrganic.exe from the extracted folder and never from the zip.

[Best Practice] Using GrowMeOrganic to Scrape Profiles from Instagram. 3

3. Do not login with your personal/valuable Instagram account for Scraping.

GrowMeOrganic puts the logged in Instagram account into automation for collecting data. Instagram doesn’t like automation and it may paralyze/action block or ban Instagram accounts if it detects the bot activity. 

However, we do have certain good practices to avoid that. But we still recommend not using your valuable Instagram accounts into automation.

4. Use IG accounts that looks more real and human

If you’ve just purchased Instagram accounts from mass accounts seller. It is more likely they would send you completely blank Instagram accounts. And it would be extremely easy for Instagram to detect accounts that do not have any profile picture, bio, post, and followings. It is recommended that you create a new Instagram account that do have these characteristics.

• Name which sounds real
• Random Profile Picture
• A Bio that doesn’t sound gibberish.
• Follow some really big celebrity accounts.
• Have a few random posts (Can be avoided)
• Account should either be verified with a phone number (More Reputation) or Gmail/Yahoo accounts. 

You can use temporary text verification services like GetSMSCode if you don’t want to use your personal phone number.

Don’t have time to create these accounts yourself? Here’s what you can do:

• Go to any Digital Marketing/Freelance Group on Facebook and put a post to create bulk Instagram accounts with above requirements. Hire 5-10 students and ask each of them to create accounts with the above requirements. (Not more than 5 accounts per person) This is the cheapest technique as we have noticed that people charge close to 0.3 – 0.4$ for each account.

• You can also go to websites like PicoWorkers, MicroWorkers for these small gigs, and hire people from there.

• Buy ready-made accounts from websites mass IG account seller, but make sure these accounts fulfill above condition or at-least have some amount of good score for these accounts.  

• Last but not least, you can send us an email to igaccounts@growmeorganic.com to get a pricing quote & buy these accounts (all the best practices already applied). However, we charge 1$/account if your order amount is less than 100.

5. Add More accounts to keep accounts healthy.

GrowMeOrganic allows you to login with multiple Instagram accounts and it distribute one scraping task among all the logged in accounts. Adding more accounts not just increase the scraping velocity, but it also keep the accounts more healthy by giving each account ample amount of time to sleep for sometime after sending a request to Instagram.

growmeorganic parallel scraping technology

If you have logged in with 200 Instagram accounts, you might see it scraping really fast but internally each account is getting enough amount of sleep to stay healthy and look more like a human. 

6. Use Mobile Proxies with multiple accounts.

Wouldn’t it be easy for Instagram to detect automation if you’re automating all your accounts at the same IP Address (location)? 

Proxies would be extremely helpful in distributing the location of these Instagram accounts across different geographical locations.

While it may sound extremely complex to use proxies, but it’s actually a piece of cake. Check out this article to learn how to use proxies in GrowMeOrganic.

7. Ensure having only 200 profile visits for each account per hour.

If you’re already using GrowMeOrganic, you might have seen Max Username & Max Profile Visit. [Click Here To Know More]

To prevent automation, Instagram has now reduced their API limit from 5,000 calls per hour to 200 calls per hour. That means you should not visit more than 200 profiles per hour per account. 

If you’ve added 10 accounts, you can make 10*100 =  1000 profile visit per hour. And to ensure that, consider keeping the speed bar as low as possible

8. Keep the speed-bar to 0.25x or even lower.

To align with above point of making only 200 calls per account per hour, we want you to keep the speed bar to lowest. If you want to have more speed, consider adding more Instagram accounts instead. 

9. Use Schedule feature to act more like a human.

You cannot leave the software running all the time. Use the schedule feature[Know More] to put the software on 15-20 minute sleep after every 10-15 minute. 

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