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What is the best way to find someone’s phone number based

What is the best way to find someone’s phone number based on their address?

People don’t like to share their phone numbers and addresses on social media platforms because they are concerned about privacy issues. If someone’s phone number or address appears on the internet, they may receive countless prank calls, which compromises anonymity. 

In many businesses, data collection is essential to success, and so making a list of contacts is part of the task. You can use this to generate leads and make cold calls. Have you ever tried to find the phone number of one of your contacts? 

You probably also tried searching for large phone books or Yellow Pages for numbers. Did you waste so much time and energy in the process? Well, not anymore. With an online tool, you can find someone’s phone number through just one street address!

What are the best ways for a phone number to search by address for free?

Finding a phone number is not as difficult as you think it will be. We will reveal a secret technique that helps you obtain the phone number you are looking for. Do you need any information before finding the phone number? For locating a particular phone number, a street address, city, and state or ZIP code are required.

Lookup phone numbers with a quick Google search

phone numbers with a quick Google search

The easiest and most intelligent method is to simply type in a Google search on the dialogue box before diving into the most complex methods. This will surely be the very first step that people take before using any software.

However, sometimes it is either unlucky or you have no eye for finding phone numbers from addresses. If you find a number from one of the top ten websites, consider yourself lucky. When trying to find the contact details through a google search, many people get discouraged.

Alternatively, you can search through email address, zip code, and personal information such as school, area, or college. Enter the entire address, including the zip code, area, city, and state when searching through an address. Google will then handle the rest.

However, if you still can’t find the number, follow the methods mentioned below.

Find People Worldwide

Find People Worldwide

To find phone numbers based on addresses, you can use the Global People Search.

You can use this website to find addresses located all over the world. The service is free as well.

A phone number and email address can be found through the International lookup facility. 

If you are contacted, you will know the person’s name.

Searching through ZIP Codes

Searching through ZIP Codes

A wrong address has a high probability of making the phone number incorrect. The ZIP code can help you figure out the address, even if you do not have the complete address. Melissadata.com or People.YellowPages.com provide ZIP codes.

If you know the address of the person, People.YellowPages.com might be able to provide the phone numbers.

Moreover, it could show you what can be done in that area; thus, it could also serve as a guide for you.

The White Pages

The White Pages

On certain websites, it would be difficult to find the phone numbers based just on an address. Whitepages.com is a great place to look up the name of the person in such a situation. 

The website provides information on the person who resides at that address. It’s been operating effectively for decades, making it one of the oldest websites.

When you know the name, you can find phone numbers under ‘name’ on Whitepages.com or ThatsThem.com, or any of the other sites mentioned previously.

Tools for Real Estate Search

You can learn more about a property using real estate search tools. Zillow.com has listings nationwide and sometimes includes data on when properties are bought and sold.

Find out who owns a property by checking individual land records offices. Some cities and counties make this information available online. If there are no phone numbers available in land records offices, you can find the owners’ names in a traditional phone book, an online directory, or social media.

Other Tools to Find Someone’s Phone Number


LinkedIn is an essential tool when prospecting. Through the platform, you can connect with businesses and professionals, either directly or via contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses.

How do I locate a phone number on LinkedIn? It’s simple!

  • Sign up on LinkedIn with your email/phone number and password.
  • Find prospects on LinkedIn by researching their profiles/pages.
  • Invite them to connect on LinkedIn.
  • You can increase your chances of getting accepted by following the best practices for making meaningful LinkedIn connections.
  • Go to their profile/page after they have become a connection of yours and click on the contact section.
  • Find contact information such as a phone number or email address.

You can find a prospect’s phone number only if they have added and listed it on LinkedIn publicly. While browsing LinkedIn, sales intelligence tools like RevDriver can collect verified phone numbers of businesses and professionals.



You won’t run out of phone numbers if you have access to an extensive, data privacy compliant, and validated B2B contact database. Connect with prospects faster by leveraging the reach, data accuracy, and comprehensiveness of leading B2B data providers. Partnering with a data intelligence company is an easy way to find verified phone numbers.

SalesIntel is a leader in the industry. It provides 95% accurate B2B contact and company information. Contact data, including mobile numbers and direct phone numbers, are accurate and verified by the tool. In addition, company data provides B2B insights into target audiences.


With InfoTracer, you can search public records and receive results including contact information, such as phone numbers. Through it, you can look up addresses, IP addresses, VINs, email addresses, usernames, deep web scans, rearrange phone numbers, etc.

In addition to this, InfoTracer’s face recognition search functions also enable you to find someone’s contact information using a clear picture of their face.

  • IP address lookups can be used to uncover phone numbers for people using the IP address they own. A reverse DNS lookup can reveal mobile and landline numbers for IP address owners.
  • By looking up the physical addresses of people, reverse address lookup helps you find out their phone numbers, including business numbers, personal cell phone numbers, and home landlines.
  • You can use reverse email searches to find someone’s phone number – work, business, or private – using their email address.
  • Private phone numbers and other hidden contact information can be found by conducting a deep web search.

InfoTracer also provides reverse phone lookups so you can search for people’s phone numbers, get contact information about them, and find other related phone numbers, as needed.

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