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Personalize cold emails, automate follow-ups, and engage with leads across all channels. GrowMeOrganic is your sales automation and cold email software in one.
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Cold Email Platform 1

All-in-one outbound solution

From teams of 2 to 200+, GrowMeOrganic solves every outreach automation challenge.

Cold Email Platform 2

Personalize emails at scale

Increase your reply rates by communicating with every prospect on a 1-on-1 level.

Automate follow-ups

Launch powerful cold email sequences, send follow-ups that don’t feel generic and open more opportunities for your business.
Cold Email Platform 3
Cold Email Platform 4

Sales engagement platform

Close more deals by engaging with your leads across multiple channels on autopilot.

Keep your emails out of spam

Increase your open rates by automatically warming up your email domain with lemwarm.

Cold Email Platform 5

Integrate any tool with API/Webhooks

Use Zapier, Pabbly or Make to connect GrowMeOrganic with your favorite software

Cold Email Platform 6

Learning resources + examples

📩 100+ email templates

Cold email templates you find online almost never have data that prove they work. Until now. After analyzing 50,000,000+ sequences from 30K+ people worldwide, we’ve uncovered the top secrets and proven data on how to get more replies.

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Business Decision Makers: Why They Matter for B2B Sales

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Business Leads Databases: 15+ Websites to Try in 2024

Business Leads Databases: 15+ Websites to Try in 2024

Having a steady stream of high-quality leads is crucial for sales success. While various lead-generation techniques are available, ranging from content marketing to social media, the accuracy and reliability of leads generated through these methods can be a concern.  This is where a business leads database can be extremely beneficial. When it comes to a […]

11 Best US Databases For Effective Lead Generation: 2024 Edition

11 Best US Databases For Effective Lead Generation: 2024 Edition

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Cold Email Platform 7
The platform itself has unbelievable amount of options that are just not available on any other company that I've been using. I tried Lusha, Apollo, Snov.io loads of others and they're just so restricted and limited. But with GMO, for the power of the price you pay everything is unlimited.
James Vinicombe
Founder & CEO @ Palantir Business Group

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Most frequent questions and answers
Yes, you can use our CRM to send bulk and personalized emails to the leads. Please, take a look at the complete guide to use the CRM
If you have extracted emails using GrowMeOrganic, then you can directly transfer the contacts to a new list by clicking “Transfer data to campaign

You can upload the contacts manually through a CSV file.
Sending the same message thousands of times in the fastest way to end up in SPAM folders.

Our Content Spinning feature allows you to create variations on the message in the same template.
Example: {Hi | Hey | Hello}
There’s an automatic email warm-up system in GrowMeOrganic. We exchange emails from your inbox with other customers of GrowMeOrganic to increase your domain reputation.

If your email goes into spam of our customer’s inbox, we automatically put it back to primary inbox to make email providers (e.g.- Gmail) think that it is an important domain.
Yes. Once you’re logged in on a paid plan, you can connect GrowMeOrganic with any app using Zapier or Integromat.