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17 Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads with better accuracy

17 Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads with better accuracy

Is your sales pipeline running dry? Have you launched a new product or service but need help to get it in front of qualified prospects?

Don’t panic! Buying verified leads could be the answer you’re looking for. Properly qualified leads can drive serious growth. However, not all lead platforms are the same. You want real sales-ready prospects, not outdated contacts and spammy lists.

This article will uncover the 17 most trusted and effective lead platforms for buying leads today. You’ll learn how each one works, the types of leads they offer, their pricing, and more.

Top 17 Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads


Rating On G2 – 4.1 / 5

GrowMeOrganic’s unlimited credits and over 575 million contacts make it easy to find prospects. It offers features like LinkedIn Email Extractor, Google My Business Extractor, and Email Finder. Also, you can personalize cold emails and automate follow-ups with GrowMeOrganic to boost engagement.

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (1)

You can unlock bulk access to prospects with our extensive database. Get emails, phone numbers, and company details to grow your network. Sign Up for GrowMeOrganic’s Free Trial Today.

You can save more than $1000/month on expensive prospecting and outreach platforms. Brands like Amazon and Google trust GrowMeOrganic. Also, it is one of the only email finders that allows searching for an unlimited number of LinkedIn prospects without limits

Key Features Of GrowMeOrganic:-

Global Database: GrowMeOrganic provides access to over 15M companies globally. With verified professional contacts and company details, it becomes faster and quicker to reach potential prospects. 

Easy Data Exportation: You can perform CSV & XLS export in one click with GrowMeOrganic and increase work efficiency. You can download the CSV file and import all contacts into a desired CRM in seconds.

Contact Segmentation: The platform’s ability to segment businesses based on location, industry, company size, etc., is another advantage. It helps effectively target resources.

Seamless Integration: API and Zapier integrations allow connecting with thousands of apps. It benefits businesses by automating tasks and sharing data seamlessly across multiple platforms. 

Advance Search: GrowMeOrganic converts company names to website names for an easy search. If you have a list of company names, you can find their websites in no time. 

GrowMeOrganic Reviews

Pros Cons
All-in-one lead generation platform with sales automation capabilities.Absence of in-built search and filter option.
Generate leads quickly and accurately.
Allow finding contact details of all employees from any company.
Extract contacts of local businesses listed on Google My Business.


  • Avail the starter plan at $39/month to understand why it best suits your business. 
  • Upgrade to Growth ( 79/month ) or Pro Plan ( $159/month ) for unlimited access


Rating On G2 – 4.7 / 5

The next preferred lead generation platform is UpLead. Companies turn to UpLead because of its access to over 140 million contacts. Their high accuracy rate helps businesses get ahead of their competition. UpLead has access to a diverse database comprising sectors like real estate, construction, web design, etc. 

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (2)

Key Features:-

  • Offers a 95% accuracy rate
  • The contact database spreads across more than 200 countries
  • Enables data exporting to CRM or Excel
  • Get company names, employee numbers, and social links by simply uploading a list of URLs
Pros Cons
Allows you to pay only for verified matchesIt is not General Data Protection Regulation GDPR compliant
Top-rated lead intelligence software with various CRM integrations 
Allows one to target specific demographics
Quickly identifies, downloads, and imports lead into the CRM.


  • UpLead has a free trial that can be upgraded to paid plans. 
  • The basic plan is $99 / monthly. 
  • The plus plan is $199 / monthly. 


Rating On G2 – 4.6 / 5

Get accurate B2B data in a click with Cognism and shorten your sales cycle. Contact qualified prospects and use contextual information about them to engage better.

Over 18,000 revenue teams, including Kelly, Lead Forensics, and Seismic, believe in Cognism’s sales intelligence capabilities. What users appreciate most is the platform’s ability to find quality prospects in the DACH region. 

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (3)

Key Features:-

  • Their global leads database covers NAM, EMEA, and APAC
  • Have around 200M European contacts
  • Notifies their data subjects and also gives them an option to opt-out
  • 98% phone-verified mobile number accuracy rate
Pros Cons
Easy-to-use platformSome contacts may have outdated information
Includes intent data by Bombora for quality B2B leads.
Enriches sales data and syncs it across multiple channels.
The database has been cross-checked with international DNC lists.


  • Cognism offers no one plan that fits all. It customizes your package based on your company’s needs and workflow. 


Rating On G2 – 4.8 / 5  

Reach high-converting prospects for a faster sales process with Apollo’s AI-generated score. Rank leads based on the score and refine them better. Another highlight is their customer support. They always go out of their way to attend to the client’s needs. 

Ease of use, excellent search filters, quality assistance, and speed make Apollo.io a handy lead-generation tool. 

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (4)

Key Features:-

  • Has an updated database of over 275M contacts
  • Provides 65+ search filters to find leads more precisely
  • Offers CRM integrations with platforms like WordPress
  • Chrome extension makes using LinkedIn, Gmail, etc., seamless
Pros Cons
Allows setting up Ideal Customer Profile personas for easier prospectingOnly higher plans offer unlimited data
Sends email alerts when a lead matches your saved search.
It has an intuitive interface.
Excellent customer support.


  • Get started with the free plan and earn 60 mobile credits and 120 export credits yearly. 
  • Upgrade to a basic plan ( $49) for 900 mobile credits and 12,000 export credits yearly.
  • Professional plan ($79) offers 1,200 mobile credits and 24,000 export credits yearly.
  • Get an organization plan ($119) for 2,400 mobile credits and 48,000 export credits yearly. 


Rating On G2 – 4.4 / 5

An ideal early-stage lead generation tool, Hunter.io helps launch perfect email campaigns. With a user base of over 4M, the platform ensures high-quality data and compliance.

Big names like Adobe, Microsoft, and Canva trust Hunter.io for their excellent services. Their proprietary technology and AI help find contacts for enrichment and nurturing. 

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (5)

Key Features:-

  • Allows sending personal emails at a scale
  • Offers precise reports of the email campaigns
  • It reaches inboxes and not spam folders
  • User Zapier integration to send contact from Hunter to 5000+ destinations
Pros Cons
Easy tools for finding reliable emailsThe date of sending emails is invisible
It has a user-friendly interface.
Chrome extension makes it easier to find particular domains.
Offers CRM integrations like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.


  • Hunter.io offers a free plan with 25 monthly searches and 50 verifications.
  • Get the Starter plan at $34 for 500 monthly searches and 1000 verifications. 
  • The Growth plan costs $104 for 5,000 monthly searches and 10,000 verifications.
  • Upgrade to the Business plan and get 50,000 monthly searches and 100,000 verifications.


Rating On G2 – 4.4 / 5

Kaspr helps you hit the sales quota with accurate phone numbers and emails. It eliminates the buggy experience with a seamless Chrome extension. Moreover, it gives you access to bulk data while prospecting on LinkedIn. 

Kaspr also offers a web application to manage targeted leads sort and better. It allows one to create lists, add tags, and assign tasks.

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (6)

Key Features:-

  • Its database has over 500 million contacts and emails
  • CCPA and GDPR aligned
  • It is a part of the Cognism group, which has the You can’t go wrong with Lusha’s qualified leads. The data quality is one reason why 1M users trust it. Its razor-sharp search filters enable you to access a prospect list of 1,000 in a go. Lush’a API, CSV, and Salesforce enrichment boost ROI with faster sales. Besides, their data privacy is hard to beat.  database in the U.S.
  • Allows sales automation tasks like sending LinkedIn connection requests
Pros Cons
Offers unlimited B2B email address optionsAccount management for customers can be enhanced
Verified data is updated in real-time
Easy to set up and use
Has a global sales database


  • Kaspr has a free plan with 5 phone credits, 5 direct email credits and 10 export credits.
  • The Starter plan ($49 monthly) offers 1,200 phone credits, 60 direct email credits, and 3,000 export credits.
  • Business plan ($79 per month) gives 2,400 phone credits, 2,400 direct email credits, and 12,00 export credits.
  • Organization plan ($99 per month) provides 24,000 phone credits, 24,000 direct email credits, and 120,000 export credits.


Rating On G2 – 5 / 5 

With Salesfully’s unlimited search and export features, your B2B marketing is in safe hands. It fulfills all your sales data needs with unlimited B2B and B2C lead lists. Search from over 50,000,000+ leads across US and make your custom lead list. They also offer a money-back guarantee upon dissatisfaction, which is a bonus.

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (7)

Key Features:-

  • Has over 140 million contacts across the USA
  • Tools tailored for small businesses
  • The search filter is based on criteria like age, ethnicity, geography, etc.
  • Data is sourced from new business registrations, utility activation, property deeds, etc.
Pros Cons
Unlimited lead lists can be downloadedAdvanced features like technographic data are missing
Simple interface enabling easy navigation
Enhanced client and contact management
Comparatively cost-friendly


  • Salesfully offers unlimited searches, downloads, data portability, etc., at $ 29 monthly. You can pay as you go.


Rating On G2 – 4.3 / 5

You can go right with Lusha’s qualified leads. The data quality is one reason why 1M users trust it. Its razor-sharp search filters enable you to access a prospect list of 1,000 in a go. Lusha’s API, CSV, and Salesforce enrichment boost ROI with faster sales. Besides, their data privacy is hard to beat. 

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (8)

Key Features:-

  • Sales intelligence solution with ISO 27701 certification
  • It is GDPR and CCPA-compliant
  • Offers 45M contacts from North America 
  • 50M enterprise business profiles and 44M SMB business profiles
  • 21M GDPR-compliant European contacts
Pros Cons
Works well with LinkedIn NavigatorData quality can be improved sometimes
Their data constantly evolves to meet customer needs
Offers enhanced privacy and security with SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and ISO 27018 certifications
Browser extension offers more convenience


  • Lusha offers a free plan for buying leads with 5 credits 1 user.
  • The Pro plan costs $29 per user monthly and offers 480 credits.
  • Upgrade to the Premium plan at $51 per user monthly and earn 960 credits. It is right for small teams with simple workflows.
  • If you want to prospect at scale, contact their sales team for the Scale plan’s pricing. 


Rating On G2 – 4.4 / 5 

Experience better engagement with Zoominfo’s advanced tools like data orchestration and conversation intelligence. Its advanced B2B search engine offers 300+ company attributes for infinite data. Identify, connect, and close more customer leads with Zoominfo.

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (9)

Key Features:-

  • Over 35,000 businesses rely on Zoominfo’s B2B database 
  • Offers MAT, CRM, and more filters for refinement
  • Provides over 135M+ verified contact numbers
  • Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) for real-time data verification
Pros Cons
The data enrichment feature automatically removes low-quality leadsCustomer service can be improved
Ensures data privacy with ISO 27701, ISO 27701, and more certifications
Data sources include niche third-party providers, robust research teams, community contributors, etc.
Hubspot integration saves time while managing data


Contact ZoomInfo directly for pricing information on their products and services. 


Rating On G2 – 4.3 / 5

You can find high-quality leads with BuiltWith based on their existing customer base. Besides, API access and CRM integrations make the platform more dynamic. 

BuiltWith provides you with sales intelligence features that improve conversions. For instance, you can profile an entire website in a single click. Also, it lets you compare competitors quickly and narrow down potential prospects faster.

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (10)

Key Features:-

  • Offers a database of more than 670 million sites and 89,068+ web technologies
  • Provides CRM integrations like Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, etc.
  • Has Google-like search engine capacity
  • Filter searches are technology-based, keyword and phrase-based, and global e-commerce
Pros Cons
Has technology-based filtering options like sales revenue, usage duration, brand followers, etc. Can be expensive for some businesses
All data reports can be exported to CSV and XLS formats
Offers company details outside the EU and CA
Offers a more personalized approach to buying leads with keywords and phrase-based lists


  • BuiltWith’s basic plan costs $295 / monthly for 2 technologies, 2 keywords, 2 retail reports, and 1 system login. 
  • The pro plan costs $495 / month for unlimited technologies, keywords, retail reports, and 1 system login.
  • The Team plan costs $995 / month for unlimited technologies, keywords, retail reports, and system login.


Rating On G2 – 4.4 / 5

Get unlimited contacts and emails with SalesIntel to enrich your company’s data. It is a full-funnel SaaS tool that will get you qualified leads. With SalesIntel, you can easily learn about the technologies your prospects use. Learn how long they have been using them and their purpose to target them accordingly. 

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (11)

Key Features:-

  • Contacts and emails are verified every 90 days
  • Has a team of 2000 researchers that provides accurate information
  • Offers a database of over 100 million contacts and emails
  • Has experience of more than 15 years in collecting data
Pros Cons
Have a team of global researchers for enhanced business intelligenceLoading speed and navigation can be improved
Speedy and responsive search department
Multiple ways to search and filter data based on location, company, size, and more
Offers a free trial


  • Individual plan costs $69 monthly for buying leads and offers 1 user and 100 credits monthly.
  • The Team plan costs $199 monthly for 5 users and 500 credits monthly. 
  • You can also get a customized plan for custom users and unlimited credits.


Rating On G2 – 4.5 / 5

Crunchbase’s automation ensures you refine your prospects better. Its advanced search helps you find quality prospects in your niche and territory. You get signals for accounts that have higher chances of buying. All you need to do is connect your CRM to Crunchbase. With CRM integration, track down companies easily and prevent leads from going stale. 

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (12)

Key Features:-

  • Provides relevant insights like the company’s size, location, and revenue
  • Salesforce and Hubspot integrations are possible
  • CCPA and GDPR-compliant
  • Offers pre-built email templates to save time and effort
Pros Cons
You can add up to search filters for higher efficiencyThe interface on the mobile is complex
Lets one track target companies or industries through custom alerts
Let one add contacts to the Outreach sequence
Contact data is regularly reviewed by a team of experts


  • Crunchbase allows buying leads for free to get started. 
  • To operate better, purchase the starter plan at $29 / monthly
  • Get the pro plan at $49 / monthly. 
  • Contact Crunchbase directly to learn about the enterprise plan pricing. It is usually for large-scale enterprises. 

D&B Hoovers

Rating On G2 – 4 / 5

The combination of intelligence targeting and detailed UK & US company information makes D&B Hoovers stand out. Their dynamic search capabilities will help you quickly build a sales pipeline better. D&B Hoovers provides insights on 500+ global companies for identifying the right opportunities. Use this actionable data to stay ahead of competitors.

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (13)

Key Features:-

  • CRM integrations are available with Microsft Dynamics, Salesforce, Oracle Eloqua, etc.
  • Provides real-time updates and alerts regarding social, business, and digital events
  • It uses intelligence to target
  • Offers analysis and insights for increasing sales productivity
Pros Cons
Offers advanced prospecting but is user-friendlyCan be expensive if you want to download large contact lists
Helps engage more meaningfully
NAICS and SIC codes make it easy to find contacts
Has competitive pricing


  • For pricing information on buying leads, contact D&B Hoovers directly. 


Rating On G2 – 4 / 5

Aerolead’s real-time email validation keeps outdated data at bay. Features, like Add All from Search, allow one to gather thousands of emails in one go. The Pro Plugin version helps automate prospecting with such features. Besides, its free tools like email finder, email verifier, and LinkedIn Chrome plugin make it a win-win. 

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (14)

Key Features:-

  • Has a database of over 750 million contacts
  • Allows adding up to 2500 Sales Navigator or LinkedIn prospects in a click
  • Lets you add your company data to find relevant emails
  • Offers Chrome extension for a seamless experience
Pros Cons
Claims to provide more leads at lower prices than its competitorsMay need to upgrade the UI/UX interface
24 / 7 customer support
Has fully automated options to target thousands of emails in a go
Plans can be customized as required


  • Aeroleads allows you to sign up for free. 
  • The Take Off-plan ($19 monthly) offers 24,000 credits and 9,600 valid emails.
  • Climb plan ($49 monthly) offers 60,000 credits and 24,000 valid emails.
  • The Cruise plan ($79 monthly) has 120,000 credits and 48,000 valid emails.
  • The Enterprise plan ($199 monthly) has 240,000 credits and 96,000 valid emails.


Rating On G2 – 4.5 / 5

Intent data, automated prospect lists, and data quality are why 18 million users trust RocketReach. The platform is compatible with the majority of workflows for a flawless experience. Search from over 700 million professionals and use 100+ search filters for effective prospecting. 

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (15)

Key Features:-

  • It offers 90-98% deliverability on phones and emails
  • RocketReach has a database of over 700 million
  • Contact and email lists are automatically updated based on location. Job, industry, etc.
  • Ensures AI-powered recommendations
Pros Cons
Compatible with integrations and extensionsOnly consists of AI-support
Has a user-friendly interface
Allows extracting information while scrolling LinkedIn or other social media sites
Easy-to-use dashboard layout


Individual Plan Annually

  • Get the individual plan at $39 monthly. 
  • The Pro plan starts at $99.
  • The Ultimate plan costs $199. 

Team Plan

  • The Team Pro plan costs $83 per month.
  • Team Ultimate costs $207 monthly. 


Rating On G2 – 4.6 / 5

Whether you are a startup or a multi-millionaire company, EasyLead’s prospecting tools can help. Their Mr. E extension is their top solution for extracting contacts from LinkedIn profiles and other sources.

Over 280,000 companies trust the platform to find the right prospects. Much credit goes to tools like EasyProspect, which fetches contact numbers of directors not even present on LinkedIn. 

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (16)

Key Features:-

  • Offers quality SME & MSME leads 
  • It is GDPR compliant
  • Has a Chrome extension
  • Provides API integration for more lead accuracy
Pros Cons
Has a massive and accurate databaseSometimes, details are limited to contact only
Instantly finds direct contact numbers
Straightforward to use
Can be installed with a single click


  • The Startup plan costs Rs. 2,199 per month.
  • Scaleup plan costs Rs. 5,499 per month.
  • Growth plan costs Rs. 10,999 per month.
  • Hyper Growth costs Rs. 17,499 per month.
  • Super Nova costs Rs. 32,999 per month.

5%, 10%, and 30% extra credits are available on quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly plans respectively. You can also upgrade to unlimited plans for more. 

Lead 411

Rating On G2 – 4.5 / 5

Lead 411 gives its clients an easier way to find news leads. It has no hidden export fees or download limits. Lead 411 excels when it comes to intent data search. Some of their happy customers include Toyota, Gartner, Deloitte, etc., who say the investment is totally worth it.

Top Lead Generation Platforms for Buying Leads (17)

Key Features:-

  • Offers Bombora intent data
  • Human and location-verified contacts
  • Three steps to verify emails are SMTP, humans, and email open validation
  • Lead lead-scoring feature allows one to sort companies based on their growth
Pros Cons
Easily integrates with more than 25 CRMsPrice may not suit companies on a tighter budget
Comes with a Chrome extension
Its lead enrichment API keeps CRM clean
Provides up-to-date contact information


  • Lead 411 has a free plan for 7 days.
  • The basic plan costs $99 monthly with unlimited email views, 200 exports, unlimited direct contacts, and more. 
  • Upgrade to enterprise plan for everything in the basic plan and Bombora intent. Discuss prices directly for it. 

Why Purchase Leads From GrowMeOrganic?

GrowMeOrganic’s unlimited features to reach out to prospects make it stand tall amongst its competitors. With several tools in the market having restrictions and limitations, clients may feel they need help.

GrowMeOrganic’s unlimited export or scraping feature allows for the desired data collection. You can scrape data from LinkedIn all day to reach ideal customers.

Another factor is the provision of unlimited credits on a single platform. It makes your prospecting experience affordable, quick, and efficient.

Whether you are looking for personalized invitations or human-like automation, you can get it all. Think no more and join GrowMeOrganic to boost your sales process effectively.


Q 1. Is Buying Leads Legal?

Yes, it is entirely legal to purchase leads or clients from businesses. The leads must be acquired ethically and adhere to privacy and data protection laws. 

Q 2. Does Buying Lead Guarantee Sales? 

While buying verified leads can undoubtedly help drive growth, having a solid and effective sales team is crucial in turning those leads into paying customers. A well-planned and executed sales strategy can make all the difference in achieving the desired revenue and improving overall business performance.

Q 3. What Is Meant By Buying Leads?

Buying leads means buying the contact information of potential clients. It can be in the form of phone numbers or email addresses. 

Q 4. How Much Does It Cost To Buy Leads?

The cost varies depending on the quality of leads. The price may increase with features like buyer intent data, human verification, etc. With GrowMeOrganic, you can pay as little as $0.01/lead. 

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