Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely, click here to download and try the software for free. You can use the software for as long as you want to. But there are following limitations on the free trial:

1. You can only scrape 50 profiles in one batch. To scrape even more, you’ll have to click on “Reset All” button and scrape 50 more profiles in next batch.

2. You will not be able to export or copy the scraped data from the table in free trial. However, you can actually see the data and validate it’s accuracy by typing out the profile on Instagram manually.

3. In premium version, you can pause the scraping process and resume it from the same point without even losing any data or collecting any duplicates. However, it is not possible in the free trial.

Absolutely not, GrowMeOrganic has an extremely easy to use user interface. Most of our customer claims our scraper to be the best software in terms of it’s convenience. 

Yes. GrowMeOrganic first looks for those emails in contact button and then looks for them in the bio if not found in contact button.

To access the Instagram data, we need credential of any Instagram account. However, we strongly recommend not using accounts that matters to you. Also, we never store your credentials on our server. It all stays on your machine’s local database.

The only way to scrape even faster is adding more accounts to “Manage Accounts” dashboard.

GrowMeOrganic is the only software which makes your accounts work in parallel and not in the rotation format. Adding more Instagram accounts on “Manage Accounts” dashboard is like adding more employee to finish the scraping quickly job for you. 

Also, since the task gets divided among a lot of accounts, each accounts get enough delay after every API call they makes to Instagram for the data and that makes account look more humanistic and ensure a better life.

You want to scrape really fast, so you’ve added more Instagram account’s credential to run and scrape in parallel.

But, wouldn’t it be easy for Instagram to detect automation if you’re running multiple accounts in parallel at the same IP Address or you call it same location ? Proxies can disperse the locations of parallel accounts into different geographical location. Even if you’ve added all the accounts in one single application, the proxies will make Instagram think as if all these accounts have been logged in from several different locations in the world

While it may sound extremely complex to use proxies, but it’s actually a piece of cake which takes not more than 5 minutes to set up and it is cheaper as 0.06$. Check out this article on how to buy and use proxies within GrowMeOrganic.

If you’ve upgraded to the premium version, you can do that by pausing and resuming. It means you can pause the scrape at any point and close the app. You can resume from the same point without even collecting the same data that you did scraped earlier.

If you’re already using GrowMeOrganic, you might have seen Max Username & Max Profile Visit. Let me just tell you the difference:

Max Username: Number of users that have been extracted after the the filtration and shown into the table.

Max Profile Visit: Number of users that have been scraped without filters. It is the total number accounts that have actually been visited by the software.


For each Instagram account that you add, you should not be visiting more than 500 profiles every day. It means if you’re adding 10 accounts, you should only visit 5000 profiles a day. However, you can actually increase the number of daily profile visit for each account to 2000 or even more; but these are the practices to ensure that accounts doesn’t get burned/banned so quickly.

Here are list of few reasons why GrowMeOrganic is the best choice for scraping Instagram:

1. Multi Threading Capabilities: It is the only software on the Internet that allows you to add unlimited Instagram accounts and make all of them work together to scrape in parallel. It means you can scrape like 100k profiles in one day if you add more Instagram accounts and proxies. One of our client recently claimed that he scraped over 1 million emails on Forex niche.

2. Best Pricing: No body in the market offers these features at this pricing. 

Few other software like J****e charges 69.95$/month and still lets you add only 70 profiles. On top of that, it’s extremely difficult to use J****e and it doesn’t even support “Scraping In Parallel”.

Another Chrome Extension P******M*** charges 49$/month and only let’s you scrape 10k profiles per day. It also doesn’t support features like “Scraping In Parallel” & “Pause and Resume”.

3. Supports Windows & Mac: There’s no other Instagram Scraper in the market that would support Mac as well.

4. Monthly Upgrades: GrowMeOrganic is the only platform where customers can easily report a bug and ask for new features. We collect the ideas that we receive on [email protected] and keep rolling out new versions based on what our customers are looking for. Also, all updates are absolutely free.

5. Guides And Practices: We keep sharing all the best practices and ideas on our blog for using the software in the optimum way.