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10+ Best HR Email List Providers to Consider in 2024

Creating an HR email list from scratch is time-consuming. It may not offer a quick solution for using email marketing strategies. So, seeking an online portal for generating HR email lists is more resourceful for sales and marketing teams. 

Filtered emails of HR directors, managers, and other decision-makers assisting in cold calling, email marketing, and ad campaigns. These lists save time and effort in research, data collection, and verification. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from initiating campaigns faster, testing marketing strategies, and adding clients to the pipeline.

Here is a list of the top 10+ HR email list providers for you to begin with.

Top 10+ Websites to Fetch HR Email Lists

Comparison Matrix:-

Website Name Features Free planPricing
GrowMeOrganic (Recommended)⚡Verified database of 575M+ professionals
⚡Email list automation
Free trial for 14 days$99/month onwards
Lake B2B⚡NAICS and SIC codes are available
⚡Data points for email filtering
Free trial availableCustom pricing
Cognism⚡Data points for HR contact info
⚡US and European market focus
25 free leadsCustom pricing
InfoCleanse⚡CASS-certified HR emails
⚡USPS-approved HR database
NoCustom pricing
Ampliz⚡HR email listing automation
⚡Data points available 
10 free credits$50/month onwards
Apollo.io⚡CRM integration
⚡Chrome extension
Unlimited email credits$49/user/month onwards
Hunter⚡AI-driven HR email list formation and verification25 monthly searches and 50 verifications$34/month onwards
RocketReach⚡Intent data
⚡HR email list automation
Free trial period$39/month onwards
BizProspex⚡Instant export
⚡Weekly HR email verification
100 leads$199.60 for 1250 leads onwards
TDInsights⚡Contact verification every 3 monthsNoCustom pricing
Thomson Data⚡70+ core data points
⚡Filters available 
NoCustom pricing
Kaspr⚡Web app and CRM integration
⚡CCPA and GDPR-compliant
5 email credits and 10 export credits$49/user/month onwards


G2 review: 4.1/5

GrowMeOrganic is a leading HR email list provider offering an online portal for creating bulk lists. You can generate pre-build email lists based on criteria like business, location, and industry domain for email marketing and communications. Our HR email lists are generated with data points and filters. You can also scrape emails from LinkedIn with its Chrome extension. 

Get deeper insights with intent data and firmographic filters to generate business-specific HR email lists. Set parameters like job titles, seniority, location, company size, revenue, etc to narrow down the emails you want for marketing campaigns. Get intent data and sale event triggers aligning with technographics to find out current HR emails here. 

Best HR Email List Providers:- GrowMeOrganic


  • Verified database of HR leads: GrowMeOrganic has created a database of 575 million professionals across industry niches covering more than 15 million companies worldwide. 
  • Email list automation: Our tools automate the creation of email lists by setting job titles, seniority, industry niche, and other firmographic elements. You can also use Google My Business Scraper to search for HR emails of local businesses. 
  • Easy data export: Export extracted HR email lists in CSV format for easy integration with leading email campaign tools.
  • Email verification: Scan and verify email addresses to identify unwanted, blacklisted, and inactive emails to obtain higher accuracy in email marketing ventures.
  • Unlimited credits: Every premium plan includes unlimited credits as a bonus for scraping HR emails from Chrome or LinkedIn.

GrowMeOrganic Reviews


Enjoy a free trial for 14 days for every premium plan.

  • Starter: $39/month/user billed annually offering 2000 emails from name and company.
  • Growth: $79/month/5 users billed annually for unlimited emails from name and company.
  • Pro: $159/month/user billed annually offering unlimited emails from name and company.

Lake B2B

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Lake B2B is an HR email list provider offering 504,919 emails in the USA and 362,011 emails worldwide. It offers categorized emails of HR managers, directors, and executives. You can select data points to develop a list of HR professionals for email campaigns.

Best HR Email List Providers:- LakeB2B


  • Filtering options include Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes, North American Industry Classification (NAICS) codes, etc
  • Set data points such as industry niche, HR job titles, location, company revenue, employee size, etc
  • 160+ countries covered


  • Free trial available
  • Custom pricing as per request.


G2 rating: 4.6/5

Cognism is a sales intelligence website that offers business-specific HR email lists. Its contacts comply with the latest GDPR and CCPA regulations. Cognism also integrates with the latest CRM platforms well for implementing email marketing campaigns.

Best HR Email List Providers:- Cognism


  • Generate targeted HR email directory by setting data points
  • Cover US and European markets
  • Advanced filtering options for qualified leads


  • 25 free leads
  • Custom pricing as per requirements.


Trustpilot review: 4.1/5

InfoCleanse offers more than 922,563 active contacts with filtering features to customize a quality HR email list. It claims a 95% deliverability rate with CRM-friendly file formats and follows global data privacy policies.

Best HR Email List Providers:- InfoCleanse


  • CASS-certified HR email lists
  • USPS-approved HR database complying with data privacy
  • Device HR email lists with job titles, industry size, industry type, seniority, etc
  • Trustworthy resources such as business cards, government records, economic papers, etc


  • Pricing as per custom requests.


Capterra rating: 4.5/5

Ampliz is a sales intelligence platform that offers HR email lists based on criteria set on available data points. It offers fresh HR contact data for email marketing campaigns and covers various industries in the APAC markets.

Best HR Email List Providers:- Ampliz


  • Healthcare and APAC-focused HR email lead lists
  • HR email list-building automation features
  • Additional data points available along with emails
  • Chrome extension available


  • Free plan: 10 free credits
  • Monthly: $50/month for 100 credits and access to all features in every month
  • Yearly plan: $480/annum for 100 credits and access to all features every month


G2 Rating: 4.8/5

Apollo.io offers more than 275 million contacts and 65 million accounts worldwide. The filter section allows you to curate an HR email list by setting data points. It also offers a Chrome extension and CRM integration features.

Best HR Email List Providers:- Apollo.io


  • Filter B2B HR email leads with data points
  • CRM integration available
  • GDPR and CCPA-compliant HR contact information


  • Free: unlimited email credits, 60 mobile credits/year, 120 export credits/year
  • Basic: $49/user/month for unlimited email credits, 900 mobile credits/year, 12,000 export credits/year
  • Professional:  $79/user/month for unlimited email credits, 1200 mobile credits/year, 24,000 export credits/year
  • Organization:  $99/user/month for unlimited email credits, 2400 mobile credits/year, 48,000 export credits/year


Hunter.io leverages AI for curating HR email lists and information verification. This sales intelligence platform offers keyword searches where you can use keywords to generate HR email lists by specifying data points.

Best HR Email List Providers:- Hunter.io


  • AI-driven HR email list procurement
  • Domain search for convenient email hunting
  • Email finder and verification tools available


  • Free: 25 monthly searches and 50 verifications
  • Starter: $34/month for 500 monthly searches and 1000 verifications
  • Growth: $104/month for 5000 monthly searches and 10,000 verifications
  • Business: $349/month for 50,000 monthly searches and 100,000 verifications


G2 Rating: 4.5/5

RocketReach offers over 700 million contacts to find and make an HR email list. You can use keywords for searching specific domains. This email finder tool will curate a list of HR contacts based on data points claiming a nearly 98% deliverability rate.

Best HR Email List Providers:- RocketReach


  • HR email list generation automation
  • Intent data available
  • AI-driven recommendations
  • CRM-compatible lead lists
  • API and browser extensions available


  • It offers a trial period.
  • Essentials (only emails): $39/month
  • Pro (emails + phone): $99/month
  • Ultimate (email + phone): $249/month


Capterra Review: 5/5

BizProspex is an HR email list provider that provides extensive information about HR professionals, such as company name, job title, location, revenue, etc. It covers more than 5,000 companies in 30 industries and claims a 98% deliverability rate.

Best HR Email List Providers:- BizProspex


  • Instant export in CSV format
  • Weekly verification of HR emails
  • Covers more than 25 countries
  • Unlimited usage rights


  • Free: 100 HR leads
  • 5000 leads: $499
  • 2500 leads: $299.40
  • 1250 leads: $199.60


Trustpilot Review: 3.8/5

TDInsights offers over 948,926 verified HR emails and other contact information in different industrial genres. It claims a 95% deliverability rate due to its 90% accurate contact information of HR professionals.

Best HR Email List Providers:- TDInsights


  • Contacts are verified every 3 months.
  • Search HR contact database with data points like job title, profile, company size, etc
  • Credible channels for email data collection


  • Custom quotes as per request

Thomson Data

G2 Rating: 2.5/5

Thomson Data offers custom HR list selection services by including data points covering company size, location, affiliations, job titles, and technology tracking. It offers more than 90% accurate and verified HR contact data.

Best HR Email List Providers:- Thomson Data


  • HR list customization criteria
  • 70+ core data points
  • Data export in CSV and XLS formats


  • Seek custom quotes as per usage.


G2 Review: 4.4/5

Kaspr is a bulk HR email list provider for email campaigning and prospecting. It offers a Chrome extension to assist sales teams in generating qualifying HR leads for email marketing. Its free and paid plans allow you to generate unlimited HR email lists.

Best HR Email List Providers:- Kaspr.io


  • CRM integration, Chrome extension, and web app
  • GDPR and CCPA-aligned HR data extraction
  • More than 500 million email IDs and phone numbers across international markets


  • Free: 5 phone credits, 5 direct email credits, 10 export credits for one user
  • Starter: $49/user/month for 1200 phone credits, 60 direct email credits, and 3000 export credits.
  • Business:  $79/user/month for 2400 phone credits, 2400 direct email credits, and 12,000 export credits.
  • Organization: $99/user/month for 24,000 phone credits, 24,000 direct email credits, and 120,000 export credits.

Final Words

Building an HR email list takes time and resources. On the contrary, obtaining a verified HR contact list boosts email marketing campaigns from day one. Follow these 12 service providers that curate HR emails from verified sources to find a suitable option like GrowMeOrganic. Seek email verification and automation tools to curate lists in no time.


  1. How can I find an HR email list?

To get an HR email list, visit online platforms like GrowMeOrganic. Set your search parameters right and procure an email list in no time.

  1. How can I use an HR email list for marketing purposes?

An HR email list can be used to:

  • segment contacts
  • personalize email campaigns
  • to provide value to HR professionals
  • highlight the benefits of products/services 
  • for prospecting and branding.
  1. Why is an HR email list important?

An HR email list provides a verified target audience for email campaigns, product/service promotions, and networking. This list boosts sales and marketing operations related to online branding and business development.

  1. What does the HR Executives Email List contain?

An HR executive email list contains:

  • Name
  • email address
  • phone numbers
  • mailing address
  • job title
  • company size
  • Revenue
  • Location, etc
  1. What should I consider to get an HR email list?

Consider data points, credibility of sources, verification intervals, deliverability rate, GDPR & CCPA compliance, data segmentation, etc. 

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