Terms And Conditions

Legality Of Scraping Instagram Data Using GrowMeOrganic

First of all , We have to mention one point , Instagram Company is against web scraping through their Official API , That’s mean , if a person is going to use the Instagram Application programming interface (API) to get data from the Instagram servers , this act isn’t legal as noted in Instagram terms of service (TOS) .

For us , We have our own Scraping Framework , GrowMeOrganic Developers team have built a complete Scraping System based on artificial intelligence that allows us to Crawl and Get data Totally legal by interacting on Instagram web interface .
In other words , our system will act totally like a human being using Instagram , it goes to the target profile, click on the request field where the requested data to scrape are , and scrape the “Public” data like “Copy/Past” Act .

Instagram is not illegaling the act of Copy and Past any information from their Public web interface .

That’s why , We Can Confirm you :

Yes, it is 100% legal.

General Conditions
1. By purchasing the license of GrowMeOrganic, you are agreeing to this terms of service. We reserve the right to change the terms of service & pricing at any time without any prior notice.

2. GrowMeOrganic was created to help you building Facebook Custom Audience easily, and finding the right influencer for your marketing campaigns so that you can connect with them through their social handles. We do not encourage spamming or misusing these data in anywayPlease note that we are not responsible for any of your actions and their consequences when you use GrowMeOrganic.

3. GrowMeOrganic is not affiliated with Instagram or any other third-party APIs in any way. 

4.  We are not responsible if your Instagram account is locked, blocked or banned. Hence, we highly recommend using a new Instagram account for scraping.

5. You need to use your login credentials – username and password – to connect to our application in order to avail the services. However, we do not store those credentials in our server, and everything remains on your own local machine. It is your responsibility to keep them safe.

6. Our system servers does not store your password or any account related information, we are not responsible for the consequences that follow the event.

7. Please note that if you change your system, the license will not be valid for the new one. We store your unique machine id with certain expiry date, so it will only work for the machine you have entered your license first. Claiming migration of the license to another system may charge 20% of subscription you have purchased.

9. No refund claims will be entertained if your license has been activated. 

10. The time of voluntary inactivity – if you choose to stop using GrowMeOrganic for a specific period – shall not be compensated.