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Free Online Digital Marketing Course with Industry Based Internship

[Advanced + Professional Certification]

GrowMeOrganic Academy’s online digital marketing course is a free internship-based course that teaches all the major digital marketing modules.
Program Commences: April 10, 2024

Duration: 3 Months

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Digital Marketing Overview

Is digital marketing a good career?

Absolutely! With its ever-growing demand and diverse opportunities, digital marketing offers you a rewarding and dynamic career path

Can I learn digital marketing online?

Certainly! Online learning offers flexibility and accessibility, allowing you to master digital marketing skills from anywhere, anytime, at the comfort of your home

Is a digital marketing certificate worth it?

Definitely! A digital marketing certificate validates your skills, boosts credibility, and opens doors to exciting career prospects

Why pursuing an online Digital Marketing course in India is better than pursuing an offline course?

Online courses offer flexibility, convenience, and access to top-notch instructors and resources, making them a preferred choice for modern learners like yourself

What are the qualifications criteria for a digital marketing course in India?

Most courses require a basic understanding of computers and the Internet, making them accessible to everyone from diverse educational backgrounds

What topics are covered under a digital marketing syllabus?

Digital marketing syllabi typically include topics like SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, PPC advertising, email marketing, and analytics, among others

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Enrollment Deadline: April 10, 2024

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Why GrowMeOrganic?

Flexible Classes

Flexible Digital Marketing Classes

Craft your learning journey, with classes tailored to your schedule, ensuring convenience and ease every step of the way

Doubt Clearing Session

Real-time Doubt clearing sessions with Mentors

You will connect instantly with mentors who provide personalized guidance, ensuring no question is left unanswered and your learning experience remains seamless


Industry Recognized Certifications

Earn certifications that speak volumes, validating your expertise and paving the way for exciting opportunities in the dynamic world of digital marketing

Advanced curriculum

Advanced Structured Curriculum

We will embark on a guided journey from novice to expert, with each lesson thoughtfully crafted to build upon the last, ensuring you a deep understanding of digital marketing concepts

supersessions with experts

Learn From Digital Marketing Experts

Immerse yourself in wisdom shared by seasoned professionals, gaining insights and practical knowledge that can only come from those who have walked the path before you


Work with Realtime projects

Dive into hands-on projects that mirror real-world challenges, honing your skills and gaining valuable experience that sets you apart in the competitive digital marketing arena

Difference that make our course special

Take a Look out our Syllabus

Module 1

Email Marketing Automation

Basics and Benefits of Email Marketing Automation: Understanding Email Marketing Automation: Getting Started with Email Marketing Automation Tools (Sendmails & GMass)
Explanation of Webhooks and TriggersBuilding Your Email List: Strategies and Best PracticesCrafting Effective Automated Email CampaignsSegmentation and Targeting: Reaching the Right AudienceCreating Compelling Email Content for Automation (Routed to Copywriting)

Module 2


Introduction to Facebook Advertising: Why It MattersUnderstanding Facebook Ad Objectives and GoalsCreating Your Facebook Business Manager AccountNavigating the Facebook Ads Manager InterfaceDefining Your Target Audience for Facebook AdsCrafting Compelling Ad Copy and Visuals for Facebook (Routed to Copywriting & Design)Introduction to Google Advertising: Key Concepts and BenefitsUnderstanding Google Ads Campaign Types: Search, Display, Video, etc.Keyword Research and Selection for Google Ads Creating Compelling Ad Copy for Google Search Ads (Routed to Copywriting)Designing Effective Ad Creatives for Google Display Ads (Routed to Design)Targeting Options in Google Ads: Demographics, Interests, Remarketing, etc.

Module 3

WordPress management

Introduction to WordPressSetting up a WordPress websiteCustomizing themes and layoutsAdding and managing pluginsCreating and organizing contentOptimizing WordPress for SEOManaging user accounts and permissions

Module 4

Social Media Marketing Introduction to Social Media Marketing: Importance and Benefits Understanding Different Social Media Platforms Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy Identifying Your Target Audience on Social Media Building and Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles Content Creation and Curation for Social Media

Module 5


Understanding search engines and how they work.Understanding your target audience & niche (Target keyword optimization)On-page optimization: Title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and URL structure.Off-page optimization: Backlink building and its significance.Technical SEO: Site speed, mobile optimization, and website architecture.Local SEO: Optimizing for local searches.SEO best practices and common mistakes to avoid.

Module 6

Graphic Designing

Introduction to graphic design principlesTypography and color theoryImage editing and manipulation techniquesLogo design fundamentalsCreating graphics for social mediaDesigning banners and advertisements

You Will Learn 30+ Digital Marketing Tools

GrowMeOrganic Digital Marketing Training Program will help you to gain hands-on experience with more than 30 in-demand tools utilized by digital marketing experts and agencies. 

google ads certification

Google Ads

Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest

GrowMeOrganic Academy Digital Marketing Course 5

Google Analytics

Google Adsense certification

Google Adsense

GrowMeOrganic Academy Digital Marketing Course 6


Wordpress certification


Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools

Meta Certification


ChatGPT Certification


Grammarly certification



Zero GPT



SEO Site checkup

SEO Site Checkup





Hemingway App


Harpa ai

Harpa ai

GrowMeOrganic Academy Digital Marketing Course 7






Digital Marketing Certificates that you makes you to stand out

After completing our digital marketing course, you will able to get the following skill-based digital marketing certifications as proof of your expertise in the field.


Course Completion Certification


Google Ads Certification


Semrush Certifications


Googly My Business Certification


Hubspot certification


Search Ads Certification

Wordpress Certification Online

WordPress Certification

Canva Certification

Canva Certification


Google Ads Measurement Certification


Google Ads Creative Certification


Google Ads Display Certification


Google Ads Search Certification


Google Ads Video Certification

Meet your Digital Marketing Mentors

You will get digital marketing training from our team of experts, who not only have industry experience but also actively work in the field. Their experience and practical knowledge in digital marketing will equip you with in-demand skills in digital marketing.

Dinesh Sai

Digital Marketing Specialist at GrowMeOrganic

Sonia Sharma

Digital Marketing Head at GrowMeOrganic

Yash Trivedi

Growth Hacker at GrowMeOrganic

Gopu Shivashankaraan

Sales Head at GrowMeOrganic

Prerna Varyani

SEO Specialist at GrowMeOrganic

Career Opportunities after the Course

Here are some of the entry-level & mid-level digital marketing roles that you can apply for once you complete IIDE’s online courses:

Digital Marketing Jobs

Journey at GrowMeOrganic Learning Methodology


Practical Learning

Doubt Clearing Session



group learning

Team Projects

Guest Lectures


Supersessions with Decision-makers of Global Brands

Get insights from Directors, VPs and Heads of top companies and heavyweights of the advertising industry.

Dinesh Sai


Sonia Sharma


Yash Trivedi

Growth Hacker at GrowMeOrganic

Gopu Shivashankaraan


Prerna Varyani


Detailed Advantages from our Course

Industry Experts
Learn under the Guidance of Industry Experts
live projects
15+ Advanced Live Projects Modules
specialised modules
4+ Specialised AI Modules
premium tools
Explore 20+ Premium tools
live sessions
Free Live sessions with industry based internship
case studies
Work on Live Case Studies
10+ Industry Recognized Certifications
course completion
99% Course completion rate by students
Assignment evaluation
Group projects
Work in group projects

Have a Question with Our Digital Marketing Course?

1. What are prerequisites for digital marketing training?

Our digital marketing training requires only basic computer skills, ensuring accessibility for all aspiring learners

2. Who can join a digital marketing Course?

Individuals from any background with an interest in marketing are welcome to join our digital marketing course

3. Can a fresher learn digital marketing?

Yes, our digital marketing course is beginner-friendly, providing comprehensive guidance for fresher learners

4. Can I learn digital marketing in 3 months?

Absolutely! Our intensive course structure is designed to equip you with essential digital marketing skills in just 3 months

5. Is coding required for digital marketing?

No, our digital marketing course does not require coding proficiency, focusing on marketing strategies and tools

6. Which tools will I learn during this Digital Marketing Certification Course?

Throughout our Digital Marketing Certification Course, you'll master various industry-standard tools vital for effective digital marketing practices

7. Is it worth doing a Digital Marketing Certification Course in 2023?

In 2024, the demand for digital marketing expertise remains high, making our Digital Marketing Certification Course a wise investment for career growth and success