Top 11 Affordable ContactOut Alternatives With Feature Comparison

Top 11 Affordable Alternatives of ContactOut

You’re at the right place if ContactOut isn’t entirely cutting it for you or if you’re seeking ContactOut alternatives to complement it. 

Here is our handy list of choices and our justifications for choosing them.

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GrowMeOrganic-Top 10 Alternatives of

GrowMeOrganic offers one of the premier LinkedIn email finder chrome extensions that can be a Chrome LinkedIn email finder add-on. With this add-on, you can extract email, telephone numbers, industry websites, job titles, and other data from LinkedIn with one click. 

LinkedIn Email Finder

It is first-rate clean and 100% secure to apply with LinkedIn. Even with limitless search credit, GrowMeOrganic guarantees that you may seek and export as many authentic emails as you need from LinkedIn.

Extract Emails from LinkedIn | LinkedIn Email Finder

Compare GrowMeOrganic with different famous LinkedIn Email Finders:

LinkedIn Email Finder Comparison

Features include:

  1. Unlimited search and export credits, no string attached
  2. Single-click on bulk export LinkedIn email finder chrome extension
  3. Human-like conduct and quality exercise implementation
  4. Provides Detailed company information of thousands of companies, including the number of employees, industries, and search features.
  5. Offers cold email Response services, email list acquisition, and knowledge base and tutorial videos
  6. Automated call for support Virtual assistant Support services
  7. Schedule a demo call with the team.
Users Allowed15Unlimited
Contact exports/month2kUnlimitedUnlimited
Search/Month15M+ Company search 575M+ People search15M+ Company search 575M+ People search15M+ Company search 575M+ People search
Emails sent/month5kUnlimitedUnlimited
Images, Attachments & Link Tracking
Prospects/monthConnect with 200UnlimitedUnlimited


Wiza makes prospecting less painful. 

Create a collection of confirmed lead emails ready for outreach by combining saved leads and searches from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


We appreciate how easy it is to start scraping by giving it a LinkedIn Sales Navigator URL. 

When it’s finished, an email will be sent to you. 

Additionally, it handles deduplication across several jobs.


On the internet, Hunter.iO Hunter enables you to locate and validate business email addresses from various domains, organizations, or specific professionals.


WR appreciate how Hunter’s email extension displays the organisation’s email format in addition to searching the prospect’s email address.

A SaaS Chrome Extension for B2B networking on business social networks is called Skrapp.


They have a terrific export capability, and the straightforward user interface makes it very simple for newcomers who want to extract large amounts of data from LinkedIn.



A B2B database with a twist is AI. 

Every time someone conducts a search, its AI engine instantly investigates and validates emails and direct dials, which maintains the data up-to-date. 

They furthermore offer a Chrome plugin for email finding.


Although evaluations indicate that the results vary across different niches, they have a unique strategy, so it’s probably worth a go!


GetProspect is an email discovery and generating tool. 

The program will provide you with a list of leads with names, corporate emails, positions, LinkedIn URLs, company names, websites, industries, and more after you enter your search parameters.


We enjoy how a LinkedIn search term can be harvested from numerous search pages and used to enrich LinkedIn profiles.


With the stroke of a button, you may find personal, and business email leads using Nymeria’s browser extension.


It features a convenient add-on feature that displays emails while you browse LinkedIn. Very useful for hiring managers!


LeadiQ, with its millions of emails, phone numbers, titles, and accounts, let you concentrate on your pitch and develop connections without compromising a tidy Salesforce.


They have friendly & helpful personnel who are always accessible to support you, and the UI is clear and straightforward.


Thanks to precise and readily available B2B data, Lusha enables sales professionals to locate, interact with, and close prospects. Over 540,000 sales professionals and 167,000 sales businesses, including Zendesk, Google, Dropbox, and Uber, have joined Lusha’s community.


Using its prospecting feature, you can focus on those who are more likely to buy your product. You can quickly populate lists that will respond better to your sales pitches rather than constantly using the LinkedIn search bar.


Users of the straightforward tool can look for email addresses based on a domain, LinkedIn profile, or business.


For mass email searches, they have a CSV upload and API solution. Your document will quickly be enhanced with contact information after you upload it!

AnyMail Finder

Discover the actual emails of anyone at any company. Hunter’s rival Anymailfinder has one significant edge: it only charges for server-verified emails. Emails that match patterns are free. Free testing is available.


We love live, one-on-one help, and Anymail Finder excels at it, as any of our users will attest.

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